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WhatsApp Spy App – How To Spy On Whatsapp Messages 2018

WhatsApp is currently one of the most popular instant messaging applications in the world. In many countries, it’s even more popular than the default texting service coming with each phone. It’s easy to tell why – apart from messages and unique features, you can also send multimedia files, make calls and even video calls. For this reason, the possibility to WhatsApp spy is priceless. Our NEXSPY monitoring software is here to give you this opportunity, whether you want to spy on your child or employee.

Understanding WhatsApp Spy Apps For Android & iPhone

You don’t have to be a hacker to spy on WhatsApp. You don’t need to know how to code or use sophisticated software that may or may not work. Instead, our NEXSPY monitoring software gives you the opportunity to be like one. You gain access to literally everything that’s going on WhatsApp with only a few clicks away.

Sure, there are other applications that can help you spy on WhatsApp. Many of them are based on nothing but expensive fees and fake expectations. Ours is different – you pay an extremely small amount of fee, install the software on the target’s smartphone and start getting the data you are looking for. It does all the work for you and displays all the messages in your own portal for you to view. If you don’t happy with the software or any feature that does not work as you expected, you’ll get your money back, simple as that.

What NEXSPY Can Actually Spy On WhatsApp

Our application provides access to any detail you can think of. Once installed on your target’s device, it will capture every action and store it on your personal NEXSPY portal. You’ll have private access to such details by logging in. You won’t need to check your target’s smartphone. Even if they delete conversations, it’s too late – they’ve already been uploaded to your account.

You’ll have all the chats – including group chats, as well as the date and time stamps. Not sure who a particular contact is? You’ll gain access to the exact contact number, not to mention the profile picture and the address book name. Even if you’re not 100% sure about who it is, these details will give you some hints about the interlocutor.

Our WhatsApp tracker also captures multimedia files. Any emoticon or sticker used will be captured, not to mention photos and videos shared. Even audio messages will be instantly uploaded. All these details go to your portal before the target can even read them. It’s that instant.

You can access your account portal from any device using your web browser, or even better – our exclusive mobile PortalViewer app. Log on to your portal from your smartphone via our application or get online on your computer and the data is all yours.

How To Spy On WhatsApp Messages

Curious how to spy on WhatsApp? Using our app is a piece of cake and doesn’t require any experience or knowledge. It’s compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, yet they must be rooted or jailbroken. You can do it yourself with a little experience, but you can also reach to a professional and get it done within minutes only. Our WhatsApp spy app for Android and iOS will install in a few seconds then.

Getting your hands on the smartphone is the most challenging part. However, you can do it with a little creativity.

If it’s your child’s smartphone, ask for it back for an upgrade. You can also get them grounded for a reason and take the smartphone away for a few days – more than enough time to rig it. Upgrades also make a good reason for employees. Ideally, you should do it before buying or offering them a smartphone, yet you can still do it even if it’s too late.

Purchase NEXSPY and install it on the device once you get it. It will start monitoring WhatsApp immediately. Conversations are uploaded to your account portal as soon as they occur. To check them, simply log on and you’ll gain access to all the data and many more settings inside your portal. Get to the Data tab and choose IM (Instant Messaging). You’ll find a list of apps there – choose WhatsApp and there you go.

You can use the search function for inappropriate words, but you can also get all the required details about interlocutors. If something looks interesting, you can star the respective conversation and get back to it later. We also recommend deleting innocent and harmless conversations because they’ll clog your list and make it confusing.

Don’t worry – no matter what you do on your portal, it won’t reflect over your target’s smartphone. Even if you delete messages to make it more convenient for yourself, they’ll still be stored on the rigged device.

Why You Need To Spy On WhatsApp Messages

There are more reasons to spy on WhatsApp messages and most of them relate to the safety and security of your loved ones.

While it may not feel too moral, you want your child to be safe. You don’t want them to engage in fishy activities or talking to random people. No matter how useful it is, the online environment also hides potential dangers, such as sexual predators or pedophiles.

Monitoring employees are just as handy. You don’t want them to text while they drive or use the work phone to chat with friends instead of actually working. You may also find relevant information about how they perform at work – things that they might actually hide from you.

No matter who you want to keep track on, make sure they’ll never find out. Our app is completely invisible and won’t show up no matter what, but try to never mention your activity, even if you actually have a reason to bring it up.

Bottom line, spying on WhatsApp messages is one of the best ways to ensure your loved ones are safe. It adds to your peace of mind that everything is alright when spying on your employees too.