WhatsApp Hack Conversation: The Best Ways to Hack WhatsApp 2021


If you have been looking for the most effective ways to hack WhatsApp in 2021, then you are reading the best article online that will show you how. In the past, a WhatsApp hack conversation was a very difficult thing to do but not anymore. Today, there are advanced applications and innovative ways to perform a WhatsApp hack.

In this article, we will review one of the most effective ways of doing so.

Why NEXSPY is the best app to hack Whatsapp Conversations

NEXSPY is one of the best hack tools used for hacking WhatsApp conversations. Since the app was launched on Play Store and Apple Store, many users have used it on Whatsapp effectively. NEXSPY is easy to use and has advanced features that only very few instant messaging hacking tools can boast of. 

Keylogs demo features

With this software, you can monitor your child’s conversations on Whatsapp to ensure that they don’t put themselves in harm’s way. As an employer, you can use this powerful instrument to monitor what your employees do behind your back. The amazing thing about NEXSPY is that you can use it without the target ever knowing that their Whatsapp has been hacked.

Here are some key reasons why this Whatsapp hack conversation tool is the best.

Track all Whatsapp Chats

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app with conversation done through chats or calls. However, most communication on the app is done via chats between two or more people. NEXSPY has powerful tracking features that allow you to track chats sent to and from the target phone.  The application displays all chats, including the identity of the other party involved.

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See the time and date for each conversation

Tracking the time a conversation was made is equally as important as tracking the conversation. Although conversations between two people may happen intermittently, they tend to follow a time pattern. If there is a need for you to respond, you will need to establish the time pattern and prepare your response in advance. The When is equally as important as the What, so NEXSPY keeps you up to speed.

Access collected data remotely from your online cloud

You don’t have to be anywhere near the target phone to collect and read conversations. The only time you’d need to be anywhere near it is when you want to establish contact with the target phone. Once you’ve done that, you can be far away from the phone but still be able to collect and read conversations from your NEXSPY online cloud. What NEXSPY does is that it collects all the chats and calls and stores them in a cloud. When you want to access them, you just log into your account and navigate to the designated files.

More features of NEXSPY

Do you know that you can do a lot more than just spy on WhatsApp messages with NEXSPY? This phone tracking software offers you a holistic tracking experience that only a few other apps can rival. This app offers so much more.  Here are some of the other things you can do with NEXSPY

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Monitor incoming and outgoing calls

Besides being a very effective Whatsapp hack conversation tool, you can equally use NEXSPY to monitor incoming and outgoing calls. Once a call is made by the target phone or a call is received by it, you will know. NEXSPY stores call conversations in a portal for you to access at any time.

View texts and multimedia messages

You can track incoming and outgoing text messages as well as multimedia messages in real-time. With NEXSPY, no message passes through without your knowledge. In addition to that, every single message has a timestamp attached to it.

Track website history

While some Whatsapp hack conversation tools focus solely on WhatsApp tracking, NEXSPY takes it a step further by tracking the websites visited by the target phone. Every visited website is documented. Every bookmarked site is saved for your future perusal. This way, you can tell for sure which websites your child is visiting and at what time. By extension, this allows you to track their browsing activities remotely.

Block inappropriate contents and applications 

Any website that you term inappropriate can be blocked remotely from your device. They may be websites or applications; it doesn’t matter. If they pose a risk of any sort to your child or your business enterprise, you are at liberty to block them before they cause harm.

Track current GPS locations

NEXSPY lets you know where the phone has been and at what time using its advanced GPS locator. So you see, there is more you can do with this app besides Whatsapp hack conversation.

Monitor all other instant messages

It doesn’t matter how many instant messaging apps are installed and used on the target device.  The good thing is that you can monitor them all—snap chat, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, etc.  NEXSPY offers a complete monitoring package for all instant messenger apps used on the device you have linked with your NEXSPY account.

How does a Whatsapp hack tool work?

Contrary to popular belief, a WhatsApp hack conversation tool is very easy to use. That a tool performs a complicated task doesn’t mean that operating it has to be equally complicated. In fact, NEXSPY is user friendly and boasts a highly intuitive interface that brings all your collated data to a single control page.

Here are the 3 simple steps to use NEXSPY

First, purchase a NEXSPY license

The first step to take is to purchase a NEXSPY license. Before you make the decision to do so, NEXSPY offers users a three day trial period. Unlike other apps that offer limited access to their packaged features under a free trial agreement, NEXSPY offers you full access to all advanced features for as long as the trial period lasts. After which, you will be prompted to buy a license to continue usage.

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Download and install NEXSPY on target phone

The next step is to download and install NEXSPY on the target phone. This action will take only a few minutes. Once the installation process is complete, you will have full and unrestricted access to the device.

After downloading and installing NEXSPY on your device, the next step is to log in to your account on the phone you want to hack. The idea behind this is to create a pathway for you to access the target phone on your NEXSPY interface.

Read Whatsapp messages from your account 

With access ready established, you can now read all WhatsApp conversations sent and received from the Whatsapp account you have hacked. NEXSPY collates all WhatsApp messages, calls, audio messages, and videos and stores them in a clouded database. Anytime you want to access them, just log into your NEXSPY account from your device to access the files.

whatsapp messenger demo features

Why do you need to hack someone’s Whatsapp messages?

The thought of hacking another person’s phone may appear unethical. Worse off is the idea of having your own Whatsapp conversations hacked by a familiar person or a total stranger. So if you have reservations about using a Whatsapp hack conversation tool, your worries are understandable. While we agree that criminal elements have used hacking tools to steal others’ identities and perpetrate fraud, we also know that it can be used for good.

There are ethical reasons why you may need to hack someone else’s messages. We give you two good reasons below.

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To protect your children 

These days, many kids experience bullying online, particularly from other kids or individuals with hidden identities. Throw into the mix the prevalence of child pornography, and you have a real concern on your hands as a parent.


To protect your children, you will have to monitor what they do online. Who they talk to, the websites they visit, and their general online activity. It is your moral responsibility to do so as long as the child owns or uses a phone.

To monitor your employees 

Suppose you run an organization or you own a business that communicates with customers and associates through an official WhatsApp number. In that case, you run the risk of a staff member using the WhatsApp account for the wrong activities, such as posting X-rated contents or sending abusive or fraudulent messages to customers.

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Such unscrupulous activities may end up damaging the reputation of your business in irreparable ways. How your organization relates to customers and responds to their inquiries is key to its long term survival. With NEXSPY, you can monitor employees and protect your business interests even when you are far away from your place of business.

If you must perform a Whatsapp hack conversation at all, you should do it right using an application that is reliable and stealthy. NEXSPY is both a tested and a trusted application for your phone hacks.

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