How to Find Someone’s Location By Cell Phone Number?


Have you ever wondered how to track your daughters phone? Or want to reach a relative’s place, but don’t have the exact address, and just the mobile number is available? If yes, then you will be surprised to know that it is possible to track a cell phone location by its number. 

Several child tracking apps and tools can help you to track your daughter or track your son’s phone location. All you need to do is to prepare your equipment and follow the steps. A simple procedure can deliver the expected results without any trouble.

Why Might You Need to Know Someone’s Location?

The first question that comes to everyone’s mind is why there is a need to track other person’s locations without installing software. The answer can be different for each individual. 

For parents, it may be an excellent tool to find out whether their children are safe at a location or not. This can also help them to know that their child is present at the appropriate location, especially at the time of studies.


This technology is extremely beneficial for employers who want to gather information about the performance of their employees working in the field. These purposes vary from person to person. This modern generation needs flexibility and capability in its every operation and also wants to locate their closed ones in several technical ways.

Can You Find Someone’s Location by a Cell Phone Number?

The advancements in technology have made it possible to track a cell phone location by number. This has reduced the need to have an exact address of a person. The presence of a mobile number, the phone tracker app without permission, and the internet can help in accomplishing this purpose easily and quickly. The Apps store and the internet are filled with free number lookup services and apps.

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You will also encounter various websites on the search engine claiming to provide this tracking service for free. However, there are bleak chances that you will get what you wanted. This is because many of them are malicious sites that gather the user’s personal information for selling them on the internet. Hence, the best and secure way is to go for a third-party website or application. It can help you to locate a cell phone number effectively.

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How to Track a Phone Location by Number?

Now, the question arises of how an individual can track a cell phone location by number only. For this, it is essential to follow some steps and prepare the mobile for it. In the phone, it is essential to install compatible software that can furnish precise information and serve the user with the location data he/she wants.

NEXSPY is among those apps that perform well when it comes to location tracking. It is the next generation mobile spy app that allows you to track someone’s location and also lets you monitor the target user’s messages. 

Locations tracking demo features 1

It is an excellent parental control app . You can find the existing location of a device. Even it can provide you with all locations visited by the targeted mobile in the past time. Due to this reason, NEXSPY is effective software that can easily track a phone location by number.

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What Impressive Features Can NEXSPY Provide?

1. Calls 

  • Call Logs: This allows you to monitor the detailed call logs of any mobile phone. 
  • Address Book: You can gather all the contact information from the targeted phone. 
  • VoIP Call Logs: You can monitor the call logs of several VoIP applications. 
  • Ambient Recording: This feature records voices in the surroundings, to which you can listen later on. 

2. Location Tracking 

  • GPS Tracking: You can precisely know the location of the targeted mobile at any time using the accurate location tracking facility. 
  • Geo-Fencing: It allows you to monitor the specific locations of the target mobile. It will also notify you about the target’s position every time. 
  • Location History: It helps to keep track of the target’s each and every step and provides detailed logs of location history. 

3. Messages 

  • SMS Messages: It can read all sent and received SMS messages on the targeted phone. 
  • Emails: It allows you to read every email received or sent from the mailbox. 
  • MMS Messages: You can remotely and secretly view all MMS messages received and sent. 

How to Setup NEXSPY on an Android Phone?

You need to follow the step-by-step guide for setting up the NEXSPY on your Android phone:

Step1: Get the NEXSPY license and login to your account

In the first step, you have to obtain a NEXSPY Premium license. This premium license will allow you to use every feature provided by the software. For this, you have to visit the company’s official website and complete the buying process. It is better to use the authentic email address as you will receive all the login credentials in the mailbox only.

After receiving credentials, you need to log in to your account. You will be able to find out all the documentation, account details, license information, and manuals after a successful login.

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Step2: Install NEXSPY on the Android phone

Firstly, you have to check whether NEXSPY supports your existing android version or not. It is compatible with Android versions 5.0 and above. Then, you have to need to make some changes in the settings. It includes disabling security settings, enabling the unknown sources option, and disabling Google Play Store Notifications.

After this, you need to install the software on the targeted Android mobile. You have to download the application from the website and choose the Android option from the list. Then, you have to install the app.

After the installation, click on the Open option when it occurs. Then, accept the installation and license agreement terms. After this, you have to activate the device administrator and stop optimizing battery usage. Lastly, you need to put your license code for activating the account. You can also hide the software using the No option of the ‘Application Currently Visible.’

Step 3: Viewing monitored data from the account

In the last step, you will be able to view the monitored data by simply login into the account portal. You can easily access your account using any web browser from anywhere.

How to Setup NEXSPY on an iPhone?

The procedure for setting up NEXSPY on an iPhone is very much similar to that of an Android mobile. The first and third steps are the same as of Android phone. There are some changes only in Step 2.

First of all, it is better to check the compatibility of the iPhone version with NEXSPY software. In a jailbroken iPhone, you have to choose the Cydia icon. In the Sources tab, you have to add a source using the link 

You have to install the new listed in the Sources section. After successful installation, it will display the activation screen in which you have to enter your license key.

Type in Phone Number and Find Location Free

In case you want to find the location free using the phone number, then it is better to go for another alternative phone lookup service, ZoSearch. It is capable of providing information about the US-based landline or mobile number. It can also give details about the owner of the cell phone.

Use ZoSearch to Find a Cell Phone’s General Location

It is easy to use the ZoSearch phone lookup service. You have to only type the phone number, and the rest of the work is done by the software. It compares the phone number with that of entries present in its database. 


Then, it provides the owner’s background details, including the criminal records & financial details, and the location is made available to you in the form of a report. It is a good solution for tracking the location of an unknown cell phone number.


  1. Easy to track US-based phone numbers by entering them on the ZoSearch website.
  2. It is a reliable, fast, and free to use phone lookup service.
  3. It doesn’t hinder your privacy, and your personal details remain secured.
  4. ZoSearch provides discreet service, which means that the owner of the targeted phone won’t know that they are being traced.

Caller ID Name (CNAM) Look Up

Caller ID Name (CNAM) lookup is a useful tool that allows you to find someone’s location using a cell phone number. You can easily identify a caller’s location using this tool. It provides all the essential information of the mobile owner, including the name, the city, and the state in which he/she is present. But you have to pay a small amount for obtaining the information.

The two disadvantages of using this method:

  • Robot-operated calls– This CNAM lookup service doesn’t show the details of unknown calls. 
  • CNAM Blocker– A mobile with a CNAM blocker doesn’t identify the call and hides the caller’s name and phone number.

It is one of the easiest ways to track a cell phone location by number. Facebook and Google can help in achieving the location results. The results indicate whether a particular phone number is connected to any of the social media platforms. If it is linked, then you will be able to track the phone number’s location by visiting his/her profile, if it is public.

Search via WhitePages

WhitePages is a service that shows the person’s home address linked with the entered cell phone number. It makes use of the phone number to provide the owner’s information and reveals the details in a secured and legal way.

How to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free with the Number of the Cell Phone?

Find My Device for Android

The ‘Find My Device’ feature of Android phones helps to track the mobile remotely. It is provided by Google Play Protect to secure the device from malicious apps and unauthorized accesses. It is compatible with Android version 4.0 and more.

Follow these simple steps to download the application:

1. Search the ‘Find My Device’ option in the Google Play Store. 

2. Install the result appearing on the top. Then, sign in to it using the Google Account. 

3. You have to give location access for using this app. 

4. Now, you can track your mobile and use additional features such as locking and removing the data of the phone remotely.

  • Find My iPhone for iOS

The working of ‘Find My iPhone’ is similar to that of ‘Find My Device.’ It allows you to trace your iPhone’s location. You can also lock and erase the data on the phone. It is already present in the iPhone, and there is no need to download it from the iOS store.

You can activate this app using these steps:

1. Select the settings option. 

2. Click on your name and Apple ID present at the top. 

3. Tap iCloud. 

4. Choose the Find My iPhone option and enable it.


Best Cell Phone Number Tracker Without Your Child’s Permission

NEXSPY is a mobile spy app suitable for parents who want to track their child’s location. It is an ultimate phone monitoring solution that helps parents to keep an eye on the activities happening inside their child’s phones.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

The app is designed in such a way that it can be used through any web browser and is compatible with all popular devices. It is easy to install this spy software, and you can begin tracking the targeted mobile in less than ten minutes.

Multiple Features

NEXSPY’s Features allows the user to track the location of a specific cell phone number in real-time. It means that it is possible for parents to notice the recent mobile activities of the child. 

It provides every necessary detail, including the street address and neighbor information. 

The parents can even notice the SIM card. In case of the number changes, they will be notified about the same. 

It provides an up-close look of the existing address with the help of an integrated Google 3D Street View.


1. The NEXSPY app is user-friendly and has an intuitive interface. It is compatible with all browsers and popular devices, such as Android and iPhone.

2. The online dashboard remains updated. It means that you will get the latest location and other updates on your dashboard directly. It further protects the user data from getting into the hands of a third party.

3. No jailbreak or root is required. It is easy to install the NEXSPY app. You can install the NEXSPY app in a few minutes and can use it for tracking immediately.

4. It is an easy to use and straightforward phone monitoring app. It means that it can provide precise results without any hassle.

5. The family tracking app is completely confidential, and thus, undetectable. It does not let the child know that his/her parents are tracking the phone. It helps parents to check every activity happening inside the child’s phone.

6. It is possible to sign up for a free trial NEXSPY account. You have to just use your existing email ID for the sign-up process.

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To Sum Up

Now, you have acquired the entire information about how to track a cell phone location by number. Every solution is effective and can provide accurate results related to location and mobile activities. 

You can use NEXSPY for real-time tracking and ZoSearch to track cell phone location when you don’t have access to the phone. Moreover, for Android and iPhone users, it is possible to access location using a few easy steps.

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