How To Track My Kid’s Phone For Free?

Are you one of those parents who is worried about what their kids are doing while online and who are they in contact with? You are not the only one as there are many people worldwide searching for the most effective solutions to protect their kids from different online dangers.

We are living in a modern era in which we are all connected through smartphones. We are all using them for all kinds of purposes besides calling and texting, and they have become integral parts of our lives.

The new generation of children is all having their own smartphones, which they use to contact their parents, friends and relatives. However, children can sometimes be reckless when surfing the internet and get exposed to adult content or get approached by online predators. Therefore, you need an app that will protect them from such things.

There are many apps out there that offer child phone monitoring free, and we are recommending the following for your everyday use.

Apps to track your kids phone for free

Family Locator – GPS Tracker

This is a highly demanded app for tracking that will simplify your digital life. The app makes it very easy for you to stay connected with your child at all times.

There are all kinds of things you can do with this app. For example, you can create your own private groups, called ‘Circles’ which you will put your children in and always chat with them for free.


You can also view their real-time location on a private family map that will only be visible to you. Receiving alerts and notifications in real-time is also possible every time your child arrives or leaves specific destinations. In case your kid’s phone gets stolen or lost, you can quickly check out the exact location where that happened.

If you ever asked yourself how I can track my kid phone, now you have the answer with this excellent app that works both on Android devices and iPhones.

Real-Time Location Sharing is one of the top features of the app with which you can always stay connected with your family members. This feature will alert you every time your kid checks in to a specific location and thanks to the robust GPS Sensors, it will also advise you if some of your children are running late.

The GPS location technology used for reporting real-time location is fantastic. All you have to do is just install this app on your phone and invite your kids to join-in to get their positions. As soon as you register on the app, every member receives a unique icon that is presented on the navigation map, so you will always know where your kids are.

As soon as your kids arrive at a specific location, you will instantly get notified about that. The app locates your children on a single map, which is very quick and accurate.

Family Locator – GPS Tracker also has a lovely feature called Driver Care Support. With this feature, every time you push a button, you will be connected to a live representative through your phone. The live representative can quickly assist you in any unpleasant situation you may find yourself in a while driving towards a specific location. They also provide an emergency response if there is an accident or something similar. This is a really unique feature that is rarely seen at other applications.

My Kids GPS Phone Tracker

Another app through which you no longer have to worry about how to track your kid’s phone for free is My Kids GPS Phone Tracker. This is a very accurate and robust GPS tracker that will immediately help you locate your kids and their phones.


The app is specifically designed to help you find your kids’ phones by their mobile number in a fast way. There is a private network created between parents and their children and everyone in the system is tracked very accurately.

The great thing about this app is that it has been translated to over forty different languages, and it serves millions of users worldwide. Some of the best features of My Kids GPS Phone Tracker are the following. All features are free for an endless number of users.

  • Checking out complete location history is also free, powerful GPS Notifications every time your kids are nearby.
  • Optimized battery usage and excellent app accuracy, easy find of stolen or lost phone, works on all mobile network operators.
  • Pinpoints exact location of kids and provides navigational help for an easy return on the right path, and powerful finder that shows your kids location on the map.

Using this app to locate your kid’s phone requires following simple steps. First, you need to install the app and then register by using your phone number. Then you should open the app and send an invitation button to your kids. That is it. Your children then need to follow the invitational link and accept the button that is sent to them. After they do that you will be connected inside a private network.

A thing you should know about My Kids GPS Phone Tracker is that this is not a spy or surveillance app. It cannot be installed on your child’s phone, secretly or remotely. It must be installed manually, and the phone owner has to know that the app is on their phone. If you ever wish to stop tracking and monitoring your children, you can easily disable the app by pressing a single button.

Using NEXSPY to track your kid’s phone

Among many other monitoring apps for kids, NEXSPY stands out with its quality options and powerful features. Unlike the previously mentioned kids’ trackers, NEXSPY belongs to apps to track a phone location without them knowing category. This app can be installed remotely and secretly on your kid’s phone, and then you can monitor everything that is going on.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

Not only you can track the exact location of your child through the GPS Tracking and Geo-fencing feature, but you can also see everything else, including send and received text messages and calls, social media activity, instant messages, shared photos and videos and many more other things.

It is a powerful app that thoroughly monitors all activity on the tracked phone. If you want to monitor and track everything inside your child’s phone, then there is no better app for such thing than NEXSPY.

Why you should use NEXSPY to track your child’s phone

We can think of numerous reasons why you should use NEXSPY to track your child’s device. Many children do not want to be monitored by their parents. Especially young teens who are rebellious and cannot stand the idea of knowing that their parents are following every step they take.

Instead of arguing with your children about whether they should be set under control, you can just install NEXSPY on their phone and track them without them ever knowing about that. This will save you lots of trouble and problems with your child, and you can still protect them quickly in case there is a need for that.

One of the greatest things regarding NEXSPY is that this is an excellent GPS locator app without permission. It precisely tracks your child’s phone and all other activities. You will never have to worry again who your kids are talking to or whether they will get into some kind of trouble.

Location controls demo features

Another great reason to use NEXSPY for monitoring your child’s activity is that this app offers by far more features than any other apps available on the market. It truly delivers everything that it promises.

The app works perfectly in silent background mode on the device, and it can never be discovered by your child. You can check everything remotely through a web portal no matter where you are and no matter when. Security and data protection policy offered by NEXSPY is hard to beat, while their customer support is also excellent in case you ever need them.

All in all, NEXSPY is a complete package when it comes to monitoring software. You would be surprised by the numerous great features that can come handy in times of need.

Therefore, we highly recommend you get this app as soon as possible and get a peace of mind that your children are well protected by knowing where they are at all times.

Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days

Ensure your peace of mind

Now you have a clear overview of different apps for monitoring children. All of them provide something useful and unique, so consider all the options and things mentioned here before choosing which app to use. We have done extensive research and have compared all of them so your choice would be much more comfortable.

Truth is that you will not make a mistake if you pick NEXSPY for tracking your kid’s phone. Great features and the high value of this app makes it stand out from all other available apps on the market. Check all details and features and make a wise decision by choosing NEXSPY for your monitoring needs.

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