How To Track My Daughter’s Phone Without Her Knowing?

The advent of social media has not only helped people express themselves better, but it has exposed people to many social ills. For example, children can be bullied online, or your child can be the bully terrorizing another child.

Apart from bullying, your children can chat to a stranger trying to lure them away from home. These are several motives why parents choose to be aware of what their children get up to on their phones.

Tracking your child’s phone can seem like an invasion of privacy, but it is one of the easiest ways to know your child’s location at all times. There are several ways to monitor your child’s phone without them knowing. This article will introduce you to the safest and most affordable way to track your daughter’s or track your son’s phone without their knowledge, of course.

Why do you need to track your kid’s phone?

Many parents wonder if they should be tracking their children’s phones, but at the same time, they are afraid of what they may come across.

Unfortunately, following your child’s phone is the best way to know any trouble your child is getting up to. Even when your child is in the same room as you, it might be challenging to figure out what it’s doing on its devices. Here are several reasons why you need to track a cell phone location without them knowing.

Social Media Monitoring

On the internet, children unwittingly expose more information about themselves and their surroundings than they should. It makes it easier for potentially harmful “digital strangers” to track them down in the real world. Because kids are prone to divulging excessive information, it is simple for someone to take your child’s identity and use it to create credit card accounts or commit other types of fraud in their name.

social media app on phone

The majority of parents who monitor their children’s social media are more aware of how much time their kid is spending online, and they are thus more willing to set and enforce time limits for their children.

Kids require time to be physically active and to challenge themselves in various ways mentally. By monitoring your child’s social media, you are aware of the information they are sharing with strangers online but what information they receive. It can also help you discuss being safe online and equipping your child with the knowledge they need to deal with predators.

Content Blocking and Filtering 

There is a great variety of content available on the internet; some aimed towards adults. Children are already using cell phones as young as two years old. Content may be blocked or monitored to ensure that crucial talks don’t take place. To protect your children, consider banning all websites that include sexually explicit content, as well as any content that purposefully or inadvertently promotes drug use.

Inappropriate and Dangerous Content

Some youngsters should not be allowed to use applications that connect to their credit cards for obvious reasons. However, it is possible to find gaming apps that would enable children to purchase goods for gameplay and other online shopping possibilities that you may or may not find appealing.

These applications are frequently exploitative and can have a terrible effect on your financial situation. Filtering the content that your child is exposed to will help you teach your child about addiction and financial fraud that can happen because of carelessness.

Location Tracking 

Parental surveillance is not about protecting the privacy of children but rather about ensuring their safety.

For example, some of your child’s peers may be attempting to persuade your child to do drugs or miss lessons and go to places you forbid your child from going. Tracking your child’s location will assure you that your child is where they say and are doing what they should be doing. The best family tracking app can also come in handy if ever your child losses their phone.

Text and Call Monitoring

As a parent, you need to know who your child is talking to. You need to know the friends they have at school and even online. Monitoring the calls and texts that your child sends will keep them out of danger. Sexting is considered a federal offense. Despite this, some students continue to mail and collect nudes.


On the one hand, that is deemed child pornography, resulting in legal ramifications for the youngster. Yet, teens in relationships may feel compelled to post nude photographs of themselves or mistakenly do so.

Even though these photographs appear benign at the moment, there is always the possibility that the relationship could end badly, and the photos will be released online in revenge. To protect your child, monitoring and blocking calls and texts will save them a lot of trouble.

Real-Time Notifications 

If your child is dedicating a lot of time to their phone, the easiest way to know why they are glued to it is to get real-time notifications. These inform you what your child is looking at as they sit across the room and ignore you. It is convenient to have real-time notifications because you are always up to date about what is happening in your child’s life. 

Content Blocking and Filtering

Not all content on the internet is suitable for your child. You would be shocked to see the content that circulates between teenagers and the sites that they visit. To keep your child safe, you can filter the content that they engage with online. You can also block certain content to ensure that your child is not exposing themselves to content that can harm their mental health.

Ten best family locator applications for iPhone and Android 

Children and mobile gadgets may be a dangerous combination. Consider the vast range of applications and tools, both free and commercial, that you may use to monitor and control your child’s mobile activity, whether it is a toddler who is just learning to use the family tablet or iPad or a teen with a new device.

The use of these applications may be beneficial if you want to enable your children to be online but are concerned about cyberbullying and how much time they spend online. Ten of the best locator apps include:

Google Family Link– the cost-free version of Kaspersky Safe Kids provides parental control software offered by Google that enable parents to set restrictions on children’s phones and monitor their usage. Parents may use the application to filter material and approve or reject apps while keeping their children safe.


However, for better performance, you should choose a paid parental control app

NEXSPY– The interface is straightforward to use, but the features are next level. These are a few of the best ways to keep your child safe online and monitor its movement. The live updates make it easier to track your children as you watch them in real-time.

MamaBear– As a parent, your child’s safety comes first, and you want to ensure that its information is kept safe. MamaBear allows you to monitor your child’s movement and whereabouts and be at ease.

Bark– This child tracking app allows you to monitor more than just your child’s location. You can watch their text messages and social media usage.

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Findmykids– This app sends you notifications to inform you where your child is. This way, you can ensure that your little one is at school or wherever it says it is.

Life360 – A built-in messaging service is included in the software, accessible for both iPhone and Android smartphones. Additionally, it has the SOS function, which can notify your circle members anytime there is an emergency. It will also inform your circle of friends and emergency contacts of your whereabouts.

Glympse– is the ideal location-sharing app for Android and iPhone if you want to track someone’s position without providing any personal information such as a phone number or email address. Most tracking applications need you to join up to use their app; however, you can use the Glympse app to broadcast your position in real-time with or without signing up for anything. The length of time that your location will be shared is also up to you.

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FamiSafe– If you want to keep your family safe and ensure that you constantly know your daughter’s position, this is the app for you. 

Geozilla– is a popular free GPS tracker application for iPhone and Android devices available. With this software, you can follow the position of your friends, family members, or girlfriend in real-time on a map using GPS. In addition, it is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. The app’s user interface is tidy, and all of its functions are straightforward to access.

iSharing– This app enables the sharing of information with family members. This app will allow you to keep tabs on your child as it provides live location sharing.

How to track my child’s phone without it knowing?

Of the many best phone tracker apps without permission that you can use to track your child’s activity, NEXSPY is the best app that you can use. Unlike other apps that only track locations, NEXSPY allows you to track everything your child does on their device.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

What is NEXSPY?

NEXSPY allows you to use stealth mode as you explore what your child is doing on their phone. You can monitor your child’s social media and even get keyword alerts when viewing content it should not be looking at. NEXSPY allow you to monitor Snapchat, Facebook, Hangouts, iMessage, Skype, Telegram, and Instagram.

You will be capable of reading the messages that your child receives and filter what you consider inappropriate. You can track the real-time position and check the location history of the target device so that you know your child’s exact location. You can also view the multimedia files that your child sends and receives to see if they are naughty. NEXSPY allows you to restrict sites your child visits and get alerts when it tries to access them.

Advantages of using NEXSPY

NEXSPY has a high-quality tracking application that has advanced features. You don’t require to download multiple apps to keep up with your child.

They provide 24/7 customer service support to ensure that you have someone you can talk to around the clock if you have a problem.

The interface is easy to use, and it has a detailed online dashboard with secure access. 

Before engaging in a purchase, you can try out NEXSPY for free and see if it meets your needs.

Unfortunately, using NEXSPY will require that you jailbreak iOs devices before you can start using it. It is the price you will be required to pay to keep your child safe. 


  • To use NEXSPY and keep your daughter safe, all you need to do is follow these steps:
  • Visit
  • Select and purchase a subscription that fits your needs
  • You will receive a message from NEXSPY on your email
  • Get a hold of the device you want to monitor and install NEXSPY following the guide you got in your email.
  • Log into your user dashboard and start monitoring the online activity of the phone you have under surveillance.
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How to track my daughter’s iPhone without her knowing?

Apple allows you to have parental control over your child’s phone without it knowing what you are doing. You can set content and privacy restrictions to prevent or limit the use of particular applications or services on a device that belongs to your kid.

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You may also establish regulations on your child’s phone and block specific sites. To ensure that your little one is safe online, you can monitor the activity and the sites that they view. You can also make it a point that your child does not purchase online with your credit card.

apple family sharing

As a parent, you desire to make sure that your child is safe, and you may be considering if you should snoop on your child’s phone. By monitoring what is happening on your child’s phone, you may gain valuable insight into their lives and ensure that they are not in any potentially harmful circumstances.

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However, due to the numerous risks and inappropriate information available on the internet, parents must exercise extra caution while monitoring their children’s online activities, especially if young. While you can keep an eye on them when using their computer at home, it is much more challenging to keep track of what they are doing when using their phone. NEXSPY lets you keep an eye on your child anonymously and ensure their safety. 

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