How To Track My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

Children are like the modeling clays who should be shaped by the elders or their guardians and teachers. They hardly know what is good for them and what is not.

Their capacity of distinguishing between right and wrong is too poor to trust them with the evil world outside. Admit it, no matter how hard you try, you cannot be with them guarding them constantly.

In this modern tech-savvy world children are more prone to adapting technologies and they become pro at using and managing gadgets better than their elders.

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The internet world allows access to infinite knowledge but the problem with this knowledge source and reservoir is that they don’t have filters. Whatever pops up into the screen you are accessing that. But for children, the hidden things are a kind of mysterious black hole that they always want to ponder.

There should be a screening of data that are to be shown to me and moreover, the GPS system allows the parents to track their locations as well. This might sound really cool but this might turn out to be a matter of domestic chaos with your kids as no one likes to get monitored all this time. Therefore today we are going to learn how to.

App to track phone without them knowing

It would have been better if you had a kid tracker phone app, or if you have questions like can I monitor my child’s text messages without them knowing?


Well, bring a smile to your face because this possible. And the answer to all your questions is NEXSPY. Before moving on, there is something you need to know about NEXSPY.


NEXSPY is an effective software for monitoring which is made for computers and tablets. This is very much reliable and helps the parents to keep a track of their child’s location, messages, calls, and many more.

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This software is easy to use, loaded with quality features and reliable and trustworthy developers have created it. It delivers everything that it claims.


In terms of what are the options that it offers, it offers a complete set of tracking all calls both incoming and outgoing from your target phone. You see, staying attached all the time isn’t a big deal for technology.

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With the help of NEXSPY, you can even know the exact time and date of the call and you might also overhear the live conversation though it is unethical.

Not just calls, it also keeps a record of your text messages along with the sender’s name number and time. Basically, you get a copy of your child’s phone in your hand and they will never know of it.

NEXSPY also gets access to monitor the camera and multimedia files which means every time your child clicks a picture that is directly sent tour phone.

Above all the most important feature is tracking the exact location of your child. Mobile phones are a staple nowadays and that is why you know your child is where his phone is.

Lastly, you can keep track of what your child is browsing on the internet. His activity on social media will also be monitored and everything your child is accessing will be in your knowledge.


For the safety of your child, the app to monitor iPhone without them knowing is the best option.

To pay for the exclusive service of NEXSPY, there are three payment options available. You can either pay it monthly, quarterly or yearly.

The prices of monthly, quarterly and yearly are $39, $29, and $19 respectively. Choose a plan for your own Operating System and enjoy the benefits of it.

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Ensure your peace of mind

Track your child’s phone without them knowing using NEXSPY

Before starting the procedures, all that you need are a NEXSPY Premium membership, you must have access to the targeted phone and lastly ten minutes in hand to install it.


Use your authentic email address to register. After registration, you will be automatically directed to the pricing page where you are told to choose a plan according to your own preference.

Now that you have selected your plan and purchased it successfully, watch out for the login credentials that will appear in the inbox of your email. You are now ready to log in.

Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days

Ensure your peace of mind

Keep an eye on the left side where you will find a Help menu which will contain all the manuals and the Account menu will contain your account information as well as your License key.


Do make sure about the fact that your device is compatible or not to support this software. For that, you can check the compatibility list to see if the targeted device is compatible or not.

Next, you need to download the application from a given link and install it into your target device. Accept the installation agreement and next activate the device administration.

Next, you need to enter your License key and click at Activate. Wait for the software to activate and tap at Yes to hide the icon. There you are done with installing the software and the software is ready to use.


Lastly, you can monitor the targeted phone or device. To do that, you just need to log in to your account portal and access it online at using a web browser of your own choice that too from any device.

Location controls demo features

It must be remembered that it takes some time for syncing all the data so be patient. In this way, your child is safe from any unwanted harm and danger and he also doesn’t feel like he is being spied all the time.

NEXSPY is a great solution for parents who are constantly worried about the child’s whereabouts. Until they grow up, they might see and learn a lot of things which will have a positive and a negative effect but through this software at least you know your kid is safe.

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