How To Track Cell Phone Location By Text Message?

What is the most effective method of tracing the location of a text message?

If you’re receiving frequent text messages from a number that you don’t recognize, a reverse lookup service can assist you in identifying the sender. With young children who are incredibly active and refuse to stay at home, keeping track of their locations becomes an essential task that you must complete daily.

It means that not only do you need to track down your children, but you may also need to track out the whereabouts of your relatives and elderly relatives. Instead of searching for a person’s phone number by using their name, a reverse lookup service lets you search for a person’s phone number and address by using their name. Please remember that using reverse lookup services to locate a cell phone owner will cost you money because this information is not included in the regular phone book.


What is the purpose of wanting to know where a message is when it is being delivered?

Safety. Right now, that’s the essential issue on everyone’s mind, and nothing else matters. Children will likely have a great deal of access to websites that are judged inappropriate for them, which may lead to communication with individuals they do not know, and you do not know. It is likely to be the catalyst for the first stirrings of skepticism to appear in your mind. A clear conscience can be achieved knowing that this worry will immediately disappear if you use a reputable tracking tool.

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Additional benefits of using a child tracking app include the following:

It has what it takes to be used as evidence and proof if something suspicious happens.

If you choose, you could discuss the situation with your child and find out more about the persons they are conversing with.

It is possible to use it discretely, which is beneficial to your relationships with your children. 

It is not harmful to your relationships with your children. It means you will not have to be concerned if you are working late at the office because it is accessible at any time and from any location.

It is possible to obtain any information you choose regarding individuals with whom your child is interacting, and you may dig deeper into their background if you so desire.

If any unusual behavior is discovered, it allows you to establish boundaries with your children and provide them with some advice and cautions.

If a beyond your control situation emerges, you must have access to real-time information to make the best decision possible.

The technique of mobile localization

It consists of the following steps:

Mobile localization approaches in an outside environment have gained a considerable lot of attention in the research community. In particular, we will examine an application significant to search and rescue operations and electronic monitoring in metropolitan areas in this study. It is necessary to achieve high accuracy localization, on the order of 10 meters, despite additional constraints, such as the inability to communicate with other neighboring cellphones or cellular ground stations, in this case, even in the face of other obstacles, such as obstacles in the path of the signal.

A preliminary analysis of RF-based localization systems reveals that none of them fits the requirements for the criteria that must be met. It is followed by the description of an innovative approach that incorporates fingerprinting and polarization diversity. The effectiveness of this strategy is then assessed using field measurements.

The method by which location information is obtained

When it comes to gathering location information, using a GPS device is considered the industry standard.

The gadget receives signals from the global positioning system (GPS). 

Position-determining approaches that can be used in conjunction with other methods are described here.

The following are some instances of such approaches:

Cell phone towers (also known as cell phones) are structures that transmit and receive phone calls. The GPS satellite signal is unable to be acquired when it is needed. If the gadget can penetrate the surrounding area and communicate with the receiver, it may collect location information from a cell tower if one is available. Making phone calls from a base station is what it is called. It takes place in enclosed chambers that are surrounded by reinforced concrete walls to keep the environment safe. As compared to the prior process, this one is less accurate. But GPS positioning is superior in terms of accuracy.

Wi-Fi access points:

In the case of a wireless access point (also known as a router), even though it involved the use of an active Wi-Fi “hotspot,” this method is correct.

Geolocation based on an IP address is as follows:

As a result, the accuracy of this procedure is dependent on the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that is being used (ISP).

User-defined location:

The following is the location supplied by the user. When a user registers for a service, the address of the user’s home, which one can use to determine the user’s geographic location, may be requested.

One can track down text messages to their source:


NEXSPY is one of the most amazing phone tracker app without permission available for tracking someone’s location through text messages. It allows you to track someone’s whereabouts through text messages. We protect what is essential to you, whether your family or your business, by using the No. 1 monitoring app in the world. NEXSPY offers a free 3-day trial period.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

Downloading and installing NEXSPY on your iPhone or Android smartphone is a simple and effective way to track your kids phone. You can have complete control over your phone, allowing you to remain on top of things regardless of where you are.

Because of its more than 40+ groundbreaking features, NEXSPY is, without a doubt, the complete surveillance tool currently available on the market. When using the NEXSPY app, there is nothing that you will not be able to find out about. It includes phone conversations as well as SMS monitoring and location tracking. It also consists of the Facebook spy app, WhatsApp, photos, emails, and many other things.

Method of getting started

You must first purchase a NEXSPY Premium subscription plan to access the program’s licensing system. Then, on the target phone, download and install the program you just downloaded. As a result, you may covertly watch everything that happens on the phone, for example — snoop on text messages — without having to interact with it physically. As soon as NEXSPY is installed, you will be able to track another person’s whereabouts without them being aware of it. To accomplish your objective, follow these easy steps:

  • Decide on whether or not to subscribe.
  • Complete the billing information and then click “Submit Payment” to make a payment.
  • Follow the installation instructions sent to your email address to complete the process.
  • Go to your Control Panel if you want to make any modifications to the program.
  • Start tracking your whereabouts as soon as possible with your mobile phone.
Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days
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What makes NEXSPY the best monitoring application available?

The process of installation is straightforward. It takes almost 10 minutes to install and configure NEXSPY on a target smartphone when following our comprehensive installation guide.

Several features are pretty compelling. Among the many unique features included in this package are the Instagram spy app, Tinder spy app, and many others. You will precisely discover what you want on their website.

To the greatest extent feasible, remain undetectable.

To remain invisible to the user, the NEXSPY application runs in the background. Like a ghost, she had appeared and vanished after the completion of the installation.

The price is reasonable. For less than $1 per day, you can monitor your child’s phone or your company’s devices. NEXSPY is well worth your money.

Safe and dependable. All data is encrypted, and only you have access to it. We do this because your privacy is essential to us.

Exceptional assistance. Our skilled support team is always there to assist you with anything. We guarantee customer happiness 100 percent of the time.

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Advantages of NEXSPY

Sign up for keyword alerts. You’ll be notified right away if your youngster types, sends, or receives an inappropriate message on their smartphone.

Examine your social media messages. Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger, Viber, Relay, etc., are among the apps that fall under this category.

Check out the multimedia files.

You can even create limited zones and receive notifications.

Full stealth mode is available.

Using NEXSPY for tracking

More than merely reading what’s within a message is possible with the NEXSPY SMS spy app. It can provide vital information about them, such as where and when it was sent or received. Aside from that, you’ll be able to look over previously deleted messages and get more details about them. All of this may be accomplished rapidly and without being discovered remotely.

Option for invisibility

The invisibility option in NEXSPY is available to ensure that the device owner’s application is not seen. The NEXSPY program icon and current and future notifications vanish from the list once it is active. Unless the observed person is aware of the entire premises, this is advised to turn on permanently.

Tracking Social Media and Online Messaging

SMS communications are now second only to social media and online messaging systems in terms of popularity. Anyone with a mobile device can use internet messaging services because they are instantaneous and free. NEXSPY can help you go incognito and monitor your target’s chats on Facebook Messenger, Line, KIK, and WhatsApp if they utilize these platforms.

Geo-fencing and GPS tracking

Today’s mobile devices come equipped with GPS tracking, which NEXSPY the best family tracking app uses to pinpoint the target’s exact location. NEXSPY can correctly locate the area of any device it is installed on based on various factors such as internet connection and signal strength

Location controls demo features

The capture of information

NEXSPY is more than a tool that allows you to “get text messages from another phone and send them to mine.” It’s also a stealthy and useful Keylogger that lets you see the target device’s inputs in real-time. It’s an essential data-gathering tool that’ll come in helpful in a variety of scenarios. SpyCam can also capture the surrounding environment or only the region where the iPad’s camera can see if the target is an iPad. You can also use this method to record videos. It is, however, data-intensive, and processing and uploading it takes time.


When we hear terms like location tracking and location sharing, the first thing that comes to mind is Google Maps.


When we need to determine the best route to a location, Google Maps is without a doubt the most popular and reliable software. It’s also an excellent app for finding out where someone else is. So, let’s have a look at how Google Maps may send you a text message with someone’s location.

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We’re assuming you’re curious about the other person’s whereabouts. You must persuade that person to follow the instructions. 

Tap the hamburger symbol in the upper left corner of the Google Maps app on your Android smartphone.

From the list of options, select the Location sharing option.

GET STARTED with sharing your current location with friends and family.

Choose Messages from the list of mediums that allow you to share your Google Maps position.

When that person selects the Messages option, a message with a link is automatically prepared. This link contains the target cell phone’s current location.

You can tap the link and open it. You’ll now be able to see that person’s current location.


Is your location tracking to keep an eye on your children? If that’s the case, then doing this much won’t make a difference.

Children are far more vulnerable to physical threats, and their chances of becoming lost are incredibly high. When your youngster is in danger, Qustodio will allow them to send you a pre-written note. As soon as the youngster presses the SOS button, this message will arrive in your mailbox. All of the contacts you add to your trusted contacts list will receive this message, along with a link to track the child’s whereabouts. 

So, even if you miss it, it’s pretty improbable that the message will be missed by all of the contacts added to the list. One of Qustodio’s most impressive features is location tracking. Other remarkable features of the app combine to make Qustodio a comprehensive software for monitoring children.

Final verdict: The Best Option for Parents

When someone is visiting your home for the first time, location tracking via SMS is proper. However, when it comes to your child, who needs to be observed regularly, you should abandon this approach. You’ll need something that can do more than that for them. That something is referred to as monitoring apps. It’s tough to keep one’s gaze fixed on the phone screen while searching for the teen’s position. Spying applications relieve you of this anguish by allowing you to not only follow your child’s position but also alert you when the child is in danger.

NEXSPY turns out to be one of the best covert Android spy apps for reading someone’s texts without having to install software on their phone. NEXSPY’s features are all ahead of the competition in the industry. They’re all designed to work on a variety of devices.

Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days
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NEXSPY raises the standard for spying apps by not compromising security and prioritizing user privacy over all else. Some of its strengths include reasonable pricing and an easy-to-use website, making it a sensible investment. NEXSPY is an Android and iPhone spy app with a slew of handy features. It runs on various operating systems and is known for its ease of use and accessibility. All of this is done while NEXSPY protects your data and privacy.

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