How to Track an iPhone using Android Phone

We all have tiny devices and items of technology that we treasure these days. These tiny devices are indeed elegant pieces of technology that allow us all to feel fully engaged in the twenty-first century. They also store a wealth of essential information about us. In this age and days, phones and tablets carry a lot of our private, recreational, and professional life, so they’re more than just entertaining little gadgets.

Would you want a working tracker, which can track an iPhone: an online GPS tracker and learn how to monitor an iPhone over the Web with programs? Do you need to see the best family tracking app? Here, we’ll go over all you must understand about tracking an iPhone using several techniques. So let’s get started.

Is it possible to track an iPhone?

Yes. Even though iPhones have quite a reputation for being safe and difficult to hack, one may still remotely track an iPhone with the help of the best phone tracker app without permission. NEXSPY is one such app.

The iPhone has nearly become a necessity in daily life. Personal information, emails, WhatsApp, pictures, and so much more are stored there. It is a doorway into the user’s private life. As a result, monitoring an iPhone is critical to delete data, restrict access, track iPhone messages, and retrieve it in the best-case scenario.

How to Track iPhone from an Android Phone?

Nowadays, nearly all people carry a smartphone, such as an iPhone, Android, or Windows device, with us for the ease of our everyday lives. All of these cell phones are expensive, and we save our critical information and papers on them. Losing these phones for whatever reason (including falling somewhere or being stolen by a thief) generates mental strain and headaches. When we lose our smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc.), we lose more than just our phone; we also lose critical information, contacts, and documents. That is why we need an excellent app to track an iPhone.

When you own an iPhone, you are acquainted with Find My iPhone. This popular iOS software allows you to effortlessly locate and monitor your iPhone from these other Apple products and is the best app to monitor a child’s iPhone. People may use a plethora of additional applications or software to distinguish one iPhone from the other. However, if your relatives or friends do not have an iPhone, the tracking work gets laborious. In this instance, tracking the iPhone from an Android phone can be largely beneficial.

Track iPhone from Android phone using Android browser

For tracking an iPhone from an Android smartphone, you must first enable the appropriate setting. Follow the directions outlined below to find your missing iPhone using the best phone tracker app without permission.

If you’re using someone else’s Android smartphone for tracking iPhone from Android, make sure the Android browser is in an incognito (private) state. As a result, no personal data is kept in the browser app.

  1. Sign in to com using your Apple ID.
  2. Choose the Find iPhone tab from the menu list.
  3. Choose the device you want to locate.
  4. Select one of the three accessible methods for locating or controlling your lost phone:
    • Play Sound: Even when the phone is off, it emits a loud audible sound. If the gadget is close, you can locate it using its audible sound.
    • Lost mode: Activate this option to prohibit intruders from compromising your device.
    • Remove iPhone/iPad: This selection will instantly erase your device’s data, protecting it from being abused by others.
  5. When you’ve finished your search, log out of all your accounts and exit the tab (incognito browser)

You can use it to track an iPhone, and it is the best phone monitoring app to monitor a child’s phone.

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Finding Lost iPhone with Google Maps

This approach ONLY works if you’ve already used Google Maps and have Location Services turned on for the app. If you have both these items, Google Maps will show you your iPhone’s last known position before it went black, thereby tracking iPhone from Android. It can be the best child tracking app or the simple and best app to monitor a child’s iPhone if it has lost it due to carelessness.

  • Go over to Google Maps Timelines and choose your last location or the day your iPhone went lost.
  • After completing this, Google Maps will display your most recent location because this should refresh your memories. If that is a physical structure or a friend’s home, you can go over there and look for your phone.
  • However, since your phone is turned off, you won’t be able to get one to produce a sound, so you’ll have to go back to the beginning of your search.
  • The position should be pretty precise; it will display your iPhone’s last known location before it knocked out power. In addition, if the smartphone is lost, this is valuable information to discuss with the police.
  • Once your iPhone is turned back on if you have to Find My enabled, you may use the find My app to more precisely locate the phone. However, if you don’t configure it, you will be unable to access, view, or locate the iPhone within the app.

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How to Track iPhone by Phone Tracker App?

If you’re seeking a technique to trace an iPhone by phone number online without alerting the authorities, there are several methods you can use to trace a lost phone without involving the cops. An online tracker service can help you discover your iPhone’s current position.

Monitoring and following your children online and in real life is a concept that all parents have, but let’s face it: only just a few people have time. And, because no one is perfect, innovation comes to your aid. Parental control software is available to assist you and ensure the safety of your children. NEXSPY is the most excellent parental control apps to select.

NEXSPY allows you to view the target phone’s exact GPS location at any moment. Connect to your NEXSPY profile on the parenting app, and then select Real-time Location. Then you will see the precise location of the target device on the map. You may also view the target device’s location history or establish a geofence to receive notifications whenever the target device departs or enters the defined region.

Location controls demo features

NEXSPY, as a parental control app, is not restricted to location tracking. It includes a lot of features that will help you safeguard your kids from any threats.

  • NEXSPY enables guardians to monitor and block unsuitable websites on their children’s devices, protecting them against online predators and phishing.
  • Parents may also create multiple plans to limit device usage for specific functions depending on time and place.
  • It is the best app to monitor a child’s iPhone and can help track iPhone messages. When your kid has an iPhone, they can request that you share your whereabouts with them.
  • They monitor for suspicious photos in your child’s album and inform you if any pornographic images are there on the phone.
  • If you are concerned about needless in-app transactions caused by your child’s inappropriate operation, you may stop in-app transactions with a single click.

Using a phone number tracker app

If you utilize a mobile number tracking program, you will be able to counteract a phone number. NEXSPY is the most excellent app to use, which can help track an iPhone from Android. If you use this software, you will learn the name, location, and even the information of any provided phone number.

It is accessible for both Android and iPhone, and it is also quite simple to use. You have to do is to input the number you want to track and hit the button. After you’ve done this, the program will look for the number in the database. It is the best phone tracker app used without permission.

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Here’s a look at several of the things you can do with NEXSPY:

  • You can trace the real-time location and check the location history of the target device.
  • Get keyword alerts and notifications. When an irrelevant message is typed, sent, or received on your child’s device, you’ll know about it immediately.
  • Track iPhone messages such as your child’s social messages, including Snapchat, WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Skype, Hangouts, Line, iMessage, Telegram, Tinder, Viber, Instagram, and Kik.
  • See the stored multimedia files.
  • You may also establish prohibited zones and be informed when they are violated.
  • Complete stealth mode. Children won’t know that you’re using NEXSPY to track them. Therefore it is the best phone tracker app that you can use without permission.
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  • Stable, high-quality monitoring program with extensive capabilities. 
  • Excellent 24/7 customer assistance in case of a problem. 
  • Best family tracking app
  • Simple to use, with a complete online dashboard with safe access.
  • Free to try


  • Jailbreak is required for the iOS version

Tracking your child’s phone using NEXSPY

NEXSPY is the best app to monitor a child’s iPhone and is undoubtedly the best phone tracker app used without permission. Just follow these steps:

  • Go to Choose and buy a subscription.
  • Go to your mailbox, and then find a letter from NEXSPY. Please open it and carefully read the installation instructions.
  • Access the device you want to monitor and install NEXSPY according to the guide from the email.
  • Log in to your user dashboard and start tracking another person’s online activity.


You may be confident that NEXSPY is a dependable phone tracking app. It has around 35 phone tracking capabilities that make tracking the iPhone from Android simple.

Furthermore, NEXSPY has over one million users worldwide. Parents, couples, and company owners are among the users. Parents buy NEXSPY to monitor their children’s internet activity, while business owners monitor their staff. It is the best family tracking app.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

A few of the features included with NEXSPY are as follows:

1. Monitoring of a person’s whereabouts

NEXSPY helps track an iPhone with the help of location services. It offers you real-time access to your iPhone’s position via GPS and SIM card. NEXSPY offers information like GPS coordinates.

You also get data like Google Streetview and a street address to help you find it. To begin tracking an iPhone, log in to the NEXSPY dashboard using any browser on your Android phone.

2. Calls log and contact management

With NEXSPY, you may remotely monitor the target iPhone’s call records and contacts. The application provides you access to the target iPhone’s call log, including all outgoing and incoming calls.

It displays information such as the duration of calls between both the target iPhone and some other contacts. You will also have access to contact information such as the contact’s phone number, name, and even address.

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3. Monitoring of social media

The social media spy tab in NEXSPY helps in tracking the most prominent social media networks. It can track iPhone messages, including WhatsApp and Snapchat activities on the targeted iPhone.

The app allows you to monitor all conversations going place on these sites. You also learn about all of the posts posted on social media applications. You can analyze iMessage here on iPhone in addition to social networking applications.

4. Monitor browser history

You may use NEXSPY to monitor the sites viewed on the target iPhone as this informs you of what iPhone user is doing online. It allows you to view all of the internet history and web pages accessed on the device.

So you’ll know whether the target apple device is on dating websites, for example. It gives a complete package and the true meaning of tracking the iPhone from Android.

5. Keylogger function

NEXSPY includes a fantastic keylogger function that records all keystrokes on the targeted iPhone. Using the iPhone keylogger, you may track an iPhone and spy on your target’s login details for numerous websites.

It saves all of the user credentials that your target iPhone owner uses to access various websites. The keystrokes are classified according to the app in which they were made. Thus, it can be used as the best phone tracker app without permission.


Because of the user’s significance and privacy, tracking somebody’s phone should be done with their knowledge and agreement. Because it requires the consent of another person to follow them, a program like NEXSPY is a suitable choice. It is also the best family tracking app.

Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days
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Users may forget to turn off the device tracking function; in this situation (while the tracking option enables), you can track them. You may monitor them by sending a text message or calling them and politely asking them to engage their device tracking function.

As a result, you must utilize the right technology to track your kids phone and keep they safe. If you want to find out the specifics of a certain phone number, you could use NEXSPY. If you’re going to keep track of your child’s whereabouts, NEXSPY is the way to go. When you utilize applications like these, you can rest sure that they are secure and do all possible to keep a close eye on them.

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