How to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing?

How to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing 

We have all been fascinated by the idea that what if we could know the whereabouts of a person every time. Well, it is no more rocket science with cell phone tracking. The cell phone tracking methods you see in web series and criminal justice films are now accessible to anyone and everyone who wants to do so. If you want to stay updated about the location of your children, or your employees, there could be just no other better option than cell phone tracking. 

Many parents are unable to stay with their kids all the time but they wish to monitor the activity of their wards by tracing their exact location all the time. For them, this is the best option. Also for employers of the sales representatives, they can keep a check on their employee’s location during work hours and see if they are performing duties appropriately.

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Even when you are concerned about your elderly family members’ wellbeing, you can know their status in real-time by tracking the exact location of the target phone every time.  For criminal justice, cell phone tracking can be a brilliant idea. The basic challenge of cell phone tracking remains how stealthily one can perform it and the task is indeed challenging. 

NEXSPY – The Best Way to Track a Cell Phone

NEXSPY is one of the best applications to spy on a cell phone without the owner knowing about it. NEXSPY opens a whole new dimension of a better monitoring experience.

NEXSPY is one of the best family tracking app for you to track a cell phone. It is the best keylogger that is helpful for parents to keep a track of their ward’s performance, for company heads to supervise the performance of their employees and for the younger ones to know about the status of their elderly family members.

Location tracking is one of the fundamental components of cell phone monitoring and NEXSPY helps you to accomplish the same in the best possible way.

By using the best phone tracker app without permission feature, you can know precisely where the target phone is at any given time with accurate location tracking. Not only does NEXSPY allow you to locate the target momentarily, but it also helps you to keep track of the individual steps of the target with detailed location history logs – through the Location History feature of NEXSPY.

Under the GeoFencing feature of NEXSPY, you can now monitor specific locations where your target goes and also stay notified about the target each moment. 

How to Secretly Track a Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing?

You can now use NEXSPY to track cell phone location without them knowing. To track a cell phone location using NEXSPY, you must have the NEXSPY Premium license. You can easily get a subscription or premium license through a simple online purchase method.

It is best to use an officially authentic email address for the purchase process because it helps in receiving updates and more information about your account. Once the purchase is completed, you will receive your login and user credentials in your officially registered email address. Using these account details and the details of the license you have purchased from NEXSPY, you can log into your account. 

Locations tracking demo features 1

Many people get confused in the beginning by looking at the excessively simple interface of the portal, but the real game starts when you successfully install the app on the target device.

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You can redeem all the information about your purchase, license, and documentation details from the Account Menu. You have to now install the NEXSPY app on the target android device. You can do this easily within no time.

For further settings for the setup of NEXSPY in target Android devices, you can follow our previous article. You have to make a couple of settings and in a few simple steps, the victory is all yours. You can now have complete access to your target device. 

Once the monitoring process is on the way, you can easily track the location of the android device through live location tracking, GPS tracking, and the GeoFencing features of NEXSPY.

NEXSPY not only helps you to get a live location tracking of your target device but also helps to have a detailed view of the location history of the target device. So, you can easily know where your children are moving across throughout the day, or whether your partner is lying to you, and many other details that are going to be of immense hello to almost every individual.

How to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Installing Software?

Previously we focussed on how to track someone’s cell phone location with the help of an app, that is if they are android users. But you might think that this tracking becomes impossible if one is using an iPhone. However, that is not the case. You can even track iPhones if you know the correct steps. 

Steps to Track an iPhone Secretly

Register with any spy software or keylogger that offers tracking services for the iOS platform. In most cases, you need a subscription for this purpose. Once you get a subscription for iOS devices you can track the location of not only iPhones but also iPads with the same subscription. 

The next step will be the verification of the iCloud credentials of your target device. This process is completely secured and there is no possibility of any data leakage. The cloud ID of the target device shall get verified in this step. 

Once you’re done with all of these, the third step is to just click on the start button and  get started with the tracking of your target iPhone Device. The common type of phone locking systems that exist in Android phones is mostly absent from Apple phones. 

Here is a summary of the steps you can follow if you want to track an Apple device through NEXSPY:- 

Purchase the paid premium license from NEXSPY. Once the purchase is completed, you can easily access all your login credentials and documents from the Account Menu of your NEXSPY dashboard. 

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The next step is to install NEXSPY on the target iPhone. You have to ensure that the target iPhone runs on a compatible iOS version. For those of you, who do not know, for installing any such spy app on the iPhone, you need to perform specific activity commonly called Jailbreaking. You can perform it easily and quickly. 

  • Now click on the Cydia icon and once it opens up tap on the Sources option.
  • From the next menu tap on the Edit option followed by the Add option. 
  • After you click on the Add option, a dialogue box appears and you have to type in it followed by the add source.
  • After completion of these steps return to the Cydia icon.
  • You will see the new source has been placed in the new list. 
  • Now tap on utilities followed by system core.
  • Next press the install icon and tap to confirm the installation.
  • Next click on the Restart SpringBoard option. 
  • Once the Restart is completed, the device will display the Activation Screen and all you have to do is enter the License Key and tap on the OK option. If you want to keep the icon visible then tap on Yes and if not then click on No. 
  • Now press the Home button on the iPhone to complete the software setup process and exit. 

That is all and you are all set to use NEXSPY for the live tracking of the target iPhone’s exact location. You need to now login into your NEXSPY account through the login credentials that you already have while you purchased the license. So, you can monitor all the aspects of the target iPhone including live location tracking and tracing the location or check-in histories.

Using these features of NEXSPY is pretty easy and you don’t need to have any experience with keyloggers neither do you need to be tech-savvy to access the features.

NEXSPY is an extremely easy to use application and even the technological laymen can easily follow the usage pattern and interface of NEXSPY.

If you have yet not used NEXSPY, then opt for the free trial of the application right away. You are surely going to experience one of the best technical spying experiences.  

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How to Track Someone by Cell Phone Number Without Them Knowing?

Till now we have talked about multiple processes to track a cell phone location and get the updates from time to time but imagine a situation when you want to track somebody’s cell phone location that you don’t even know. So how will you get the credentials of the target phone and how will you track the phone?

There are many processes through which you can hack someone by cell phone number without them knowing that means you don’t have to have the access to the credentials of the target phone. You just need the phone number and you can start the tracking.

If you see multiple phone calls on your children’s phone from a specific number, you can choose to work it out this way to know what is cooking up. Even for employers, it is easy to get access to the suspicious activities of your employees if you can track someone just through their cell phone number. 

Zosearch – Track Anyone Just Through the Number 

Many people do not even know that there is plenty of information that exists about them on the internet. The quantum of such information is enough for any spying app to get track of their phone.

If you have never heard about it, then get introduced to Zosearch. Zosearch is a unique concept. It is almost like those age-old manual telephone directories that existed and offered you the phone numbers of any person that you wanted. Zosearch is the 21st-century modification of the telephone directory. 


Zosearch is an online directory platform that contains various information about individuals on the web platform. Each of this information is interlinked with other information and most importantly with the phone number of the person So, you can easily get hold of all the information about the target device only if you know the cell phone number of the person. 

Zosearch is an easy to use interface and operates just like a search engine. You will also be surprised to know that Zosearch is a completely free platform and accessible to anyone and everyone who wants to use it. If you do not know how Zosearch works, then here are a few quick, easy and simple steps to operate Zosearch and get your deemed results out of it:- 

How to Track a Cell Phone Number Using Zosearch 

  • Reach the homepage of Zosearch and click on the Phone Lookup Option. You can also initiate the search by the person’s name, address, or even the email address. 
  • The next step is to enter the cell phone number of the person you are looking for.
  • Click on the Start Search option and now it is the turn for Zosearch to provide you with a surprising rest. Out of the billions of people on the earth, Zosearch will do the amazing task of connecting you with that one individual.

App to Track Phone Without them Knowing

To track your kid’s phone without them knowing, you need to have access to a cell phone location tracking app. Though you can track someone’s phone through this app, you cannot trace the location of any person’s phone only through the phone number.

You will also miss the additional features that reputed and paid keyloggers as NEXSPY will offer like exclusive live phone tracking.

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Find my iPhone – Track an iPhone Location for Free

Enable the Find My iPhone option on the target iPhone that you want to track. To enable this option all you have to do is go to the Settings menu and tap on the topmost option of the screen that has the Apple ID of the particular phone written within. Next, you have to go to the iCloud Option and click on the Find My iPhone option to enable the feature.

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Now you are all set to track the target iPhone from any other iOS device. From your device, download the Find My iPhone application and simply enter the Apple Id of the target Apple Phone that you wish to track. 


Once you enter the Apple ID, you will witness a list of devices on the screen. This is the list of all the devices that are connected with the particular device of which you have entered the Apple ID. Select the device you wish to track and the location map will instantly pop up in front of you.

Find My Device – Remote Android Location Tracker

Find My Device is an age-old feature in the Android device and it was previously called the Android Device Manager. If you have your Google Account ID and Password, then you are all set to operate the remote android location tracker. Here is a quick summary of the steps to track your android phone:- 


Install the Find My Device app on your phone. You can easily access it from the Google Playstore.

Once you install the app, launch it on your phone and enter the Google credentials of the target android phone that you wish to track. On your screen will pop up a menu that will list all the devices associated with the particular Google Account. Next, you can click on the device that you prefer to track. 

After selecting the device, a map will appear on the screen with the location tracking of the device. 

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How to Track an Android Phone?

If you are looking for an easy and cheap way to track your Android phone, NEXSPY is your ultimate destination. NEXSPY is extremely easy to use and even easier to install. With a few simple steps, you can now track an Android Phone with complete privacy and security. If you have yet not checked out the features of the app, here is a short tutorial for you on how to track an android device using NEXSPY:- 

Steps to Track an Android Device

Get your NEXSPY license and login into your account. (The details of the process has been explained in the previous section of the article)

Install NEXSPY on the Target Android device in a few quick and easy steps. If you don’t know how to set up NEXSPY on an android device, check our previous article on the same. 

Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days
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Login to your account portal and view all the monitored data including live location updates and location histories of the target android device without them knowing. 

Which Location Tracking Method Should I Use? 

NEXSPY is the best application to use for location tracking. It is easy to install, simple to use, and comes with a user-friendly interface. NEXSPY offers a large number of advanced features at affordable prices hence is the best hidden android spy app for location tracking.

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