10 Best Apps To Spy On Text Messages For 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our dependence on cell phones has increased manifold. All the students are studying online using their cell phones. Employers and employees are also interacting with each other through online channels. With the increase in the usage of cell phones, the misuse of the phone has also increased.

Though most modern smartphones have high-security features still there are chances of many cybercrimes like phone hacking, cyberbullying, and other security-related issues. So, the need for a high-quality spy app has become increasingly important.

There are many apps to spy on SMS. These spy apps can spy on the text messages sent or received on the spying cell phone. They can also track the deleted message. Besides, these spying apps also have keyword alerts for specific keywords pressed on the device.

These apps help you to spy on the target device remotely through a control panel. They not only spy on the text messages of the target phone but also spy on every activity on the target phone such as social media activities, text messages, photos, videos, emails, etc. 

NEXSPY – Read other people’s text messages 

NEXSPY is one of the most useful spying apps of all. It can track all the call logs, chat conversations, social media activities such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, Twitter, etc.

NEXSPY can also record the calls and keep track of all the deleted messages. It can track key logs and give a keyword or keystroke alert message.

The app is very easy to use and simple to operate. There are many unique features of NEXSPY that provide full support for spying on the target cell phone.

How to spy on someone’s text messages?


NEXSPY is very easy to install and comfortable to operate. But before using the NEXSPY you should purchase a Premium subscription to use the complete features of this excellent spying app. You can also go for a free trial version if you want to analyze the utility of its powerful features. 

Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days
Ensure your peace of mind

How to Install NEXSPY

On Android Phone

  • Sign up free to register the license of NEXSPY
  • Provide a valid email id and receive login details
  • Download the app and install it on the target phone
  • Enable the Unknown Sources in the Setting Tab and now install the app
  • Activate the app by giving the registration code that received in your email
  • When you finish the installation, delete the browsing and downloading history 

On iPhone

First of all, Jailbreak the target device before installing this spying app. After jailbreaking, you need to follow the same steps as with the android operating system.

Start Monitoring the Text Messages

When the installation is completed on the target phone you can start tracking all the text messages on the target phone through the dashboard in a few simple-to-follow steps:

  • Login to NEXPY account through its official website.
  • You can use any of the browsers for login
  • After login to the portal, a dashboard of the NEXSPY will open for tracking text messages. 
  • You can start monitoring the text messages through a control panel.
SMS Messages demo features

NEXSPY – The best app to see text messages on another phone

Yes, NEXSPY indeed is one of the best apps to read someone’s text messages on their phone. It has many features and it is very simple to work with it.

You can access all the data of the target phone such as call logs, Facebook, chat, WhatsApp activities, photos, videos, and much other information especially text messages that are very important from a parent’s and employer’s point of view.

NEXSPY dashboard

It can keep a record of chat conversations and monitor all photos and videos sent and received through the target phone.

You can read all types of messages through a control panel without even touching the phone.

If you are a parent you need to keep an eye on every single message on your child’s phone to protect them from any type of cyberbullying, sexual abuse, and all types of cybercrime.

If you are an employer you need to keep track of the phone of your employees to ensure the confidentiality of the company’s documents and other information.

NEXSPY primarily works on this security issue. It maintains the overall privacy and security and securely encrypts the Data.

It is very easy to install. It has many features with its premium subscription. Despite having so many features, the app is very simple to operate.

Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days
Ensure your peace of mind

Best 10 apps to monitor text messages


If you want a perfect spying app for both Android as well as iOS then NEXSPY can offer you a great alternative. It is not only simple and easy to operate but also has multiple features to have all the applications in one spying app. 


  • Records text messages
  • Tracks call logs
  • Records calls
  • Monitors sent and receive emails
  • Tracks locations


mSpy is also one of the most popular apps for spying on iPhone. You can spy on text messages of the target phone even without touching it. mSpy is the best solution available for parents as a hidden android spy app.


It acts as an eye for parents to monitor every activity on child’s phone including reading text messages, keep a history of deleted messages, record keystrokes while typing messages on the normal phone applications as well social apps such as Snapchat, tinder, telegram, skype, and many more chat apps. It is a complete parental control solution that protects your child from any kind of cybercrime and cyberbullying.


  • Spies on text messages
  • Keeps chat history
  • Saves deleted messages
  • Tracks location
  • Records sent and received mails 


MobiStealth is a great spying app that works stealthily on the target devices. It spies on every activity of the target phone without touching it. It can keep call recordings, call logs, messages, WhatsApp chat, Facebook messenger chats, skype conversation, tinder data, and other information of the target phone. It has very simple but attractive features. The application is easy to install and use. Keeping your data safe and secure is the key feature of this app. 


  • Monitors Texts & emails
  • Keeps Chat history
  • Keeps browsing history
  • Keylogging
  • Keeps a record of photos & videos


Blurspy is an excellent spying app. It tracks all the messaging activities of the target phone. It is one of the most effective solutions for parents to monitor their kids’ activities in stealth mode. It silently keeps track on the child’s phone and records every activity and saves it on the control panel of the Blurspy in the form of an excel file. You can access all the data through the dashboard. 


  • Tracks call logs
  • Monitors text messages
  • Keeps chat history 
  • Geofencing
  • Tracks location


iKeyMonitor is one of the most reliable spying apps available in the market. It is a great app to spy on the target phone.


iKeyMonitor helps to keep your kid secure from unwanted intruders, cyberbullying, and cybercrime. It keeps track of all call logs, messages, chat history, location history, and current location updates. You can download the free app from its official website.


  • Social media chat history
  • Records calls
  • Keeps calling logs
  • Location tracker
  • 30-days money-back guarantee


It is one of the most useful spying apps of all. It is very popular among employers and parents. Parents use this app to hack a text messages of their kid’s cell phone and employers spy on text messages of their employee’s phones. It works in stealth mode. You don’t need to touch the target device to read the messages. 


  • Monitors text messages on the phone
  • Tracks sent and received emails 
  • Tracks location through GPS
  • Geofencing
  • Chats history of all social media apps


The TruthSpy is a very safe and simple app to spy on a target device. It comfortably works on iPhones as well as Android phones. It keeps records of all the social media chat and also the deleted messages history. It can also block the phone numbers and website for the target phone. The app get a text messages from another phone and sent to control panel. The TruthSpy is a very useful app for the parent as well as the employer to keep track of all the messages sent or received on the target phone.


  • Saves the call logs
  • Remotely monitors the activities
  • Keeps the record of deleted messages
  • Keyword and keystroke alert
  • Location tracking through GPS

SurePoint Spy

SurePoint is also a tracking software that spy on the target phone to record the messages on the phone. It is very useful for parents who want to watch their teenage kids’ activities without knowing them. SurePoint is the perfect spying app for this purpose. It works in stealth mode without touching the target phone. The app records all the activities of the target phone and saves all the data on the control panel. Parents can control the activities through the dashboard without the knowledge of their kids.


  • Saves the text message without touching the phone
  • Location tracking through GPS
  • Geofencing
  • Records chats of all social media apps
  • Works in stealth mode


Minspy is one of the best parental control apps that provide full support to spy on text messages on a kid’s cell phone. It ensures full protection of data while spying on the cell phone.

Working with Minspy is very easy. It has many features to monitor call logs, social media messages like Facebook messenger records, WhatsApp chat history, Viber data, skype conversation, etc. It can keep a record of all incoming and outgoing messages or emails. Deleted messages can also be saved with this spying app.


  • Tracking of social media messages
  • Monitors incoming and outgoing messages
  • Location history
  • Saves all videos and photos
  • Limits internet usage


Hoverwatch is a free spying app. It can monitor all types of activities going on in the target device without touching the phone.


It keeps track of chat and text messages exchanged with the target phone. Hoverwatch can watch photos, videos, and media files shared through different social media apps like snap chat, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.


  • Records chats and general text messages
  • Monitors transfer of videos, photos from social media apps
  • Highly secured and safe to use
  • Full protection of data
  • Keeps a record of browsing websites

Why do you need to track text messages from another phone?

Following are the main reason to track text messages from another phone:

Ensure the safety of your children

Excess use of cell phones can deviate children from their main objective. There are many lucrative websites and apps which are very easily available on the cell phone. So, the kids get easily attracted to these websites. Some of the apps are very useful and informative while others are very harmful to the kids. But a kid can’t discriminate between the good and the bad sites.

So, parents have to keep a watch on their kids’ activities to know that. But they can’t monitor their kids all the time. A spying app is the best solution for this purpose. It can monitor all the messages including the chat history of the kid’s phone and provide you a control panel so that you can easily monitor the activities without the knowledge of your kids.

Improve your staff’s work efficiency

This is one of the most important aspects of using a spying app by an employer. Cell phone users generally waste their vital time-sharing unnecessary information on various social media platforms. Sometimes the employees also share the confidential documents of the company. To keep watch on employees’ social media chats and other cell activities employers generally require a spying app that can spy on their employees’ text messages and to ensure their high efficiency.

Final Thoughts

Spying on the text messages on kid’s phones is very important to ensure their security. Similarly, to ensure the high efficiency of the employees, employers may need to monitor their cell phone activities.

We have discussed her 10 popular spy apps and their features. You can choose the one that best suits your needs. But remember to have the consent of the user. Also, check the legal rules of the respective region before starting to spy on someone’s phone.

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