10 Best Keylogger For Android

How do Keyloggers Work?

In very simple words, a keylogger is an app. The purpose of the app is to record the activity of an individual on their phone or computer and convey the information to the person using the keylogger app for tracing. With the help of a keylogger app, you can record every single keystroke a person makes on their phone or computer.

Now, you might be thinking that what if the other person finds out and becomes conscious of your activity? The answer to this is – keylogger apps are designed in such a way that the entire activity of tracing and recording is done while on a stealth mode so there is the least possibility of getting revealed. 

Keyloggers when used on android can give you not a mere sneak peek but an entire panoramic view of the persons’ data – who the person is talking to? What are the messages, social media login credentials? You can also have a look at their search histories, passwords, web searches, messages, calls, the people with whom they interact, and how often.

At the first glance, this might seem to be a bit unethical or illegal but as we move more into it, you shall know that tracing through keyloggers might be a due necessity at times. 

What are the Uses of Keyloggers?

Ensures the Safety of Your Children

Parents and guardians can use keyloggers to have a look at their children’s activity on the internet. This era of digitization is also an era of drastic cyber crimes. Children these days cannot be kept aloof from the internet because internet use is the call of the hour and every single person right from 5 years of age requires the help of the internet at some point in time.

Under such circumstances, it is mandatory to monitor the activities of children on the web platform because they are often unaware of the crude scenario and may fall into traps of cybercrime or go astray. 

Improve Your Staff’s Work Efficiency

Many corporate houses are using keyloggers to monitor the activities of their staff. When the employees are given complete freedom to use the internet at their offices, they often end up using the internet for all sorts of personal work and unlawful employees can also indulge in cybercrimes.

As the administrator, it is always better if the employee’s office work on the web platform can be monitored regularly. The employees on knowing that a keylogger is being used will abstain from any inappropriate activity and it shall all lead to better output and efficiency of the staff. 

10 Best Android Keyloggers Without Root

Let us have a glance at the 10 best Android keyloggers without Root.


What can you not do with NEXSPY? Probably nothing. NEXSPY is the best spying app which is your one-stop solution for a better monitoring and tracking experience.

Want to know what your kid does on the internet? Want to track your employee’s activity? Then Switch to NEXSPY because it is the most powerful and compatible android keylogger for non-rooted devices.

Keylogs demo features

It can be used for various types of comprehensive monitoring activities ensuring complete privacy. Here is a small look into the powerful features that NEXSPY offers:- 

  • Have details of all the call log
  • Have complete insight into the contacts list of the devices 
  • With the help of facetime spy cam, you can hear and see the surroundings during a call
  • Record the call and all other audio files and listen and use them later
  • Track the content of all messaging apps like SMS, MMS, emails, and iMessage
  • Get a detailed record of the content from all types of messaging apps used on the device like WhatsApp, Messenger, We chat, Instagram, Tinder, Telegram, Google Hangouts, Skype, Hike, and many more 
  • You can have a track of browser history, bookmarks, media files, and all the applications used on the mobile device 
  • Track the media sections like photos, videos, screenshots, audio clips, and many more

The best part is that you can install the app and easily check the features for free as NEXSPY offers the amazing features of the free trial. Log in to the cloud portal at my.nexspy.com for having a better understanding of the application. 

Step by Step format to install NEXSPY:

  • Download the application
  • Install the application
  • Accept the installation terms
  • Insert a SIM card. For dual SIM cards phones, only a single card can be supported
  • Activate the device administrator
  • Allow the Software to optimize the battery consumptions and run on it continuously
  • Enter the license code and tap on activate 
  • Clear the browser and search history for better results 
Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days
Ensure your peace of mind

Kid Guard

As the name suggests, it is best to keep proper track of your kids devices. The application is super easy to install and offers you plenty of quick, easy, accessible updates. The smooth and flexible interface of the application has made it extremely popular among all sections of keylogger users.

The application is not only swift, but it is super accurate and works in a hidden mode. Kids Guard Pro also helps you track the clipboard of the android user. All the captured and recorded data will be presented in the most sorted way. 


If you are in love with speed and want a swift keylogger interface, this one is perfect for you. Spyic comes with an enormously big list of features. The updates and accessibility are really swift and perfectly operable. .


You can have the updates from social media platforms, online and offline chat platforms. You can access all the search histories of the various search engines like Chrome, Mozilla, opera, and so on. You can know whether your wards are watching any abusive videos or any illegal content and can save them from falling into traps of cybercrimes, 


Do you want a keylogger application with exact tracking and mind-blowing accuracy? Be it knowing about your employees’ or your kid’s activities, uMobix is one of the best keyloggers for non-rooted Android devices.

You will get the exact details of the keystrokes with the corresponding date and time to help you keep an exact track. You can initiate a search by appropriate keywords and get the exact matching search histories. The app sorts out those hundreds and thousands of keystrokes you are planning to track to save your energy and time. 


The undetectability feature of this application will win over your heart. It collects every bit of information from the device being tracked in the most hidden way and presents them. The app icon can be hidden as well. You can appropriately track your kid’s, or employees’ device with this app and you can get the information from the usage of almost every app.


You can even get a record of the things being searched on the online e-commerce sites. You are alerted by the application in case something unlawful, abusive, or inappropriate words appear. 


It is one of the highest-rated spying apps for the android platform. You can track all types of modern smart devices. You can track down the calls, device locations, messages from social media platforms, and instant messaging apps – online and offline. You can get plenty of freedom while operating this app. It is even compatible with the iOS platform.


It comes with an easy and fast installation process. It allows tracking the calls, messages, search histories, photos, videos that are captured or shared, and so on. You can track apps like WhatsApp and also check email messages through this app.

You need to purchase the app for being able to use it. After buying and installing, you can easily use the app most stealthily. It gives real alerts and notifications. 


mSpy was developed in London and it was 10 years back. It has now become one of the most used android keyloggers that the industry literally cannot do without.

mSpy is the most important keylogger for parents to keep track of their ward’s internet usage. It is quite a powerful application. But the disadvantage in real terms is the alliance of price and features.

Various other applications offer greater features at low prices. You have to sign up to have a look at the cost packages. The best part is the unique customer support of mSpy. Here are the basic functions of the application:- 

  • Capture the information from social media
  • Track GPS
  • Check website search history
  • Block the websites
  • Check captured photos and videos


This is the real competitor in the market and is winning the game of popularity because of the amazing features it offers at an affordable price. Call recording is one of the unique features that is an additional takeaway from this keylogger.


You can get information about facetime and also capture WhatsApp messages. It is the best keylogger with the maximum features. You have to be tech-savvy to handle this one properly. Here is a summary of the functions of FlexiSpy:- 

  • Capture and record all the major keystrokes
  • Capture and record all the microphone audio
  • Trace all the social media and personal chat accounts
  • Capture, record, and track all calls and VOIP communication
  • Track the Android’s camera and images


It is one of the most trusted parental control and non-intrusive spying apps widely used across the world because of its easy accessibility and highly rated performance. You can monitor the Phone calls, logbook, and contact book of the device, and spy all the messages sent through the various messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Line, and skype.


You can track and monitor and record all the shared and received multimedia files like images, videos, recordings. XNSPY also offers provision for access to GPS location, Email chats, and so on. XNSPY delivers instant alerts in case of any inappropriate word usage. 

Which App has the Best Remote Keylogger?

NEXSPY is the best remote keylogger for the non-rooted android platform because:- 

  • It has Multiple features
  • NEXSPY is Compatible with all popular device
  • NEXSPY is easy to install
  • NEXSPY is Free to try

Keylogger for Android FAQs

What is a keylogger?

A keylogger can either be hardware (a tangible physical piece) or software that shall convey your communication with your phone or keyboard to a third party. You can use the keylogger app to trace someone’s activity on their android. It is almost like electronic spying.

You can witness every keystroke that the person makes on the phone or computer. So, you can monitor their web searches, social media activity, login credentials, literally every stroke that they make on their device. 

Are keyloggers illegal?

Keyloggers can prove to be illegal when they are used for criminal activities like stealing anyone’s personal information. As long as you are using keyloggers on the authorized computers for tracing your child’s activity on the internet or monitoring the computer usage of employees, it is not at all illegal. Now, the basic thing you need to understand is, you can fall 

A victim to the keylogger and someone may be illegally spying on you to dig out and steal your personal information. If the situation is so and you are falling into a trap, you have to take help from the police.

Can keyloggers be used on cell phones?

Yes, you can use a keylogger on a cell phone. The keylogger for an android being used on a cell phone can be a really helpful tool. As a parent, you can supervise your kid’s activity on the internet and can also prevent the kids from falling into the traps of cybercrime.

The law of the state can also use keyloggers for tracing the personal internet usage of any person under appropriate legal provisions as and when the situation demands it. Many Keylogger apps are specially designed for cell phones and you can easily reap their benefits. 

Can you install a keylogger remotely?

Yes. You can install a keylogger remotely. You can use Linux or virtual box to run your keylogger remote install. Though the best way to install a keylogger is through direct access to a computer, you have multiple options to carry out the same chore remotely. Many apps can do this in the safest and easiest ways.

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