The Best Teen Monitoring Apps in 2021

Have you recently started suspecting something fishy with your teen that has you looking for a phone monitoring app? 

The internet and mobile technology are pretty revolutionary. However, every coin has two sides. What comes with this revolutionary technology is an equally dark side. After all, there is no telling what kind of information one could access without raising any alarms!

But if you underestimate the horrors of this dark side, it will not take long for trouble to come knocking at your door. Sometimes, you need to ensure that your teen does not involve in unhealthy behavior or shady business.

This is where teen phone monitoring apps come into the picture. The rising parents’ concern has further led to an increase in the development of these apps. 

But how do you know which one is reliable? We’ve put together the best teen monitoring apps in 2021!

Why Should You Consider Monitoring Your Teen?

Research shows that an average teen ends up investing nine hours of screen time throughout one day. Given the pandemic and online schooling, we could understand the astounding hike. However, what about the remaining hours?

The justifications behind monitoring your teen’s phone can be various, a few standing out more predominantly than others.

As a parent or guardian, nothing matters to you more than your child’s safety. You need to make sure they are out of harm’s way. It is not necessarily the case that they intentionally surround themselves with danger. Sometimes, they do not know any better. 


They come in contact with several adults, be it their teacher, coach, babysitter, or even relatives. While we can vouch for some of their characters, you never know about the others. 

In such cases, incidents of abuse and such can rattle your child out. It could scare them and render them helpless. With the help of a teen phone monitoring app, you can always have their backs.

Besides, monitoring their interactions with others need not be immoral though it breaches their privacy. 

The larger picture is to keep them away from sexual, physical, emotional, and verbal abuse. 

How Can You Monitor Your Teen’s Phone?

Although monitoring your teen’s phone can seem intrusive, it is a necessary step to ensure they’re safe. You may allow your child privacy online, but you never know when things might take a wrong turn. The worst part is your teen may not even be aware of it.

Thus, you must look for a teen phone monitoring app that is not only effective but also reliable. After all, you do not want to end up compromising your child’s information to a shady website. It would defeat the whole purpose!

You can then check their texts, social media accounts, call logs, and photos. 

5 Best Apps To Monitor Your Teen’s Phone

Are you wondering how to monitor a kid’s iPhone, or maybe how can I monitor my child’s text messages on Android

Well, this list has got your back regardless of what you want to monitor and on which phone. Be assured as these are a few of the most reliable apps out there. So, go ahead and get your hands on one!


NEXSPY is one of the most effective applications when you want to find out where your child is or where they are going. You can also keep track of whom they are contacting or what their activity on the internet is. 

With NEXSPY, you can keep an eye on your child without alarming them. Besides, they do not necessarily have to be around you. You will still have access to the services while your child is away from you.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

You can track their call history, GPS location, text messages, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, web history, and more. All you need to ensure is that the NEXSPY monitoring app is running on their phone. 

This way, you can keep online threats like cyberbullying and inappropriate content from their reach. Moreover, NEXSPY has the following benefits:

  • Works in the background so that it does not show up on the screen of the target device
  • Easy to install, which leads to user-friendliness for you
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Free to try 
Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days
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Next up on the list is FamiSafe. As the name probably suggests, their mission lies in keeping your family, and in this case, your child safe. Of course, this safety pertains to their activity on their phones, tablets, or computers.

It comes as no surprise that most kids have their gadgets these days. If your child is not over 13 years old, you should take preventive measures like setting screen time. 

FamiSafe helps you come down to a reasonable screen time adjustment. As a result, your child develops a healthy digital habit and finds the right balance.

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The monitoring app also helps you keep track of their whereabouts. As your children start to become more and more independent, you need to ensure if the place they end up in is safe. FamiSafe further helps you guard your child against any online danger or harassment incidents.

Severe cases could impact children over a long period, and FamiSafe realizes the gravity of the same. 

FamiSafe monitoring apps have some impressive key features:

  • It gives you a detailed activity report. It includes information about the installed and uninstalled applications. FamiSafe also tells you how much time your child spent on any given app.
  • FamiSafe’s app blocker allows you to create a wall around the apps that your child can access and not. You can also do that temporarily not to get distracted while studying or before going to bed.
  • This monitoring app also provides you access to their web content. It allows you to restrict or block certain web pages. Moreover, you can view their deleted browser history too.
  • The best feature yet is FamiSafe’s Parental Alert. As soon as there is some suspicious activity on your child’s phone, a text, or a message, you will receive an alert.
  • Its multi-device support allows you to keep five devices secure on a monthly plan and ten on an annual plan.


mSpy is yet another renowned teen phone monitoring app that could serve as the best app to monitor child’s iPhone. The reason behind its popularity begins with an easy installation process for even the remotest monitoring. 

All you need is less than seven to ten minutes to install it on the necessary devices. Just like NEXSPY, this teen phone monitoring app also works in a clandestine background mode. Meaning, the user of the target device will never find out about anything suspicious from your end.

As mentioned earlier, you can utilize its free trial services. However, you will have to subscribe to a plan after that. 

The good news is, mSpy is extremely affordable! So, you can accomplish Android or iPhone monitoring for not more than $1 per day.

mspy cost

If how to monitor kids iPhone has riddled you, mSpy is a secure and reliable option. All the data and information on the target device remains to be under encryption and protection. 

An interesting feature with mSpy is that you get alerts and information about your child’s activities every five minutes. You can make customizations to these settings so the ball is in your court.

Lastly, you would appreciate mSpy’s round-the-clock support and assistance. The support team is also multilingual. So, language no longer creates a barrier between you and your child’s safety. 

To summarize, here is what you should know about mSpy:

  • After the free trial, the price of keeping your child safe is as low as a dollar per day.
  • You can access your child’s media storage as well as social media accounts.
  • mSpy gives you access to every call and text your child sends out or receives. You can take the precautionary steps as necessary. 
  • It allows GPS tracking of the target device.
  • It sends you frequent alerts so that you can monitor potential dangers and keep your child out of harm’s way.

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Next on the list is the MMGuardian teen phone monitoring app. While there are similar features across the list, MMGuardian offers one like no other: access to deleted messages. 

So, you get full access to any text, message, photo, a video that your child sends out or receives. And that is regardless of whether it still exists or not.


Another significant feature of the MMGuardian phone monitoring app is the instant safety alerts that it sends you. So far, this app has alerted parents against:

  • 82,000 incidents of potential child predator threats
  • 398,000 incidents alerting possible cyberbullying
  • 604,000 incidents indicating suicidal tendencies among other serious mental issues
  • 4 million+ incidents relating to drugs and such

The remaining features of this phone monitoring app are pretty much like the others on this list. 

You can also check out their success stories through the testimonials of previous users. Several parents in the same position as you have found the app extremely promising.


Lastly, we have Qustodio, a teen phone monitoring app launched back in 2012. 

Just like other apps on this list, this one also offers full visibility of your family’s devices so that you can ensure their wellbeing. It helps you build a safe, secure, and productive environment on your child’s phone, tablet or computer.

Through its powerful monitoring tools, Qustodio lets parents control their child’s screen time. You can also keep a check on how much time they spend on which app. Besides, if any activity suggests adult content, it will alert you.


Kids of this age are usually also heavily invested in games and phone arcades. So, monitoring these activities and keeping them under a limit is equally important for their productivity. 

Qustodio allows you to adjust time constraints to games and apps too.

Other interesting features of the teen phone monitoring app are as follows:

  • It alerts you in case of cyberbullying or other similar threats your child could be facing or imposing on someone else.
  • The app also allows you to block certain website pages that could contain inappropriate content.
  • You can have access to all their social media accounts and the activity that goes on across these platforms.
  • It allows you to monitor and block calls that could impose potential danger.
  • You can track your child’s GPS location at any given point in time to ensure that they are safe.

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Conclusion: Pros And Cons Of Teen Phone Monitoring

Finally, it all comes down to how the pros weigh against the cons of teen phone monitoring or vice-versa. 


By now, it must be clear to you what the aim of these monitoring apps is. All of them largely focus on helping you keep your child out of harm’s way. 

Through their special features, you can monitor their location, activity on the internet, texts and messages, and various forms of media. Moreover, you can keep a check on their screen time too. This ensures nothing comes in the way of their productivity. 

These monitoring apps further provide you with access to their web activity. With this tool, you can ensure that your child is not accessing any inappropriate content. Even if certain pages have pop-up advertisements, you have the option to block them out completely.

Lastly, and most importantly, some of them instantly alert you in case of bullying, predatory or suicidal tendencies. 


Every coin has two sides. The other side of monitoring your child’s phone is all about how it might affect your relationship with them.

Over time, your child might lose trust in you, and there will not be an open or free line of communication between you two. At times, your child might even go to extreme lengths and do something impulsively without getting caught by the app. 

So, you must evaluate if your monitoring is worth the risk that it poses.

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