Spy On Someone Else’s Text Received & Sent Messages

Learning how to read someone’s text messages without having their phone is something everyone wants to do at some point or another, yet most people cannot. Unless you’re a hacker, your options seem null. Wrong! With NEXSPY, everything becomes much easier. Once installed on the target’s phone, our app will record any message going in or out and store it to your online account, even if the target deletes it. So, what else should you expect from it?

Discovering How to Spy on Text Messages with NEXSPY

Our application gives you access to someone else’s message folders. You can read the incoming messages, as well as the sent ones. Everything is displayed like on their phone. Click on the message you want to read and you’ll get the full content.

You’ll also see who the text message was sent from, as well as the contact name and number. Time and date stamps are also included.

The only thing you have to do is install the application on the target’s smartphone. While it’s challenging to do it with certain people, you’ll have no issues doing it with your children or employees (considering you provide work phones).

Exploring the Functions of NEXSPY

While most people would use our app to check on text messages, the functions go further than that. Apart from default text messages, you’ll also be able to read messages received and sent via most applications. As long as an app allows text messages, they’ll be recorded. You can spy on WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, Line, Hangouts, Snapchat or Kik.

Call logs are instantly uploaded too. Get access to all the call details – incoming, outgoing, missed and even date and time stamps or call durations. If the location is on, you can even track it down – a useful feature to monitor employees, and your children.

Apart from learning how to spy on text messages, you’ll love the possibility to record phone calls, play them anytime and even record and listen to the phone surroundings. Find out what your target is doing or who they’re talking to in real time.

Other handy features include remote data wipe and phone lock. As if all these were not enough, the app is invisible and undetectable.

How to Spy on Text Messages

Our app allows spying on text messages with no prior experience or coding knowledge. You don’t have to be a hacker. There are three simple steps – purchase, download, and check.

Purchase the application and keep in mind you can use one download for three different devices.

Download it and install it on the target’s device. That’s actually the challenging part. When it comes to children, you can ground them for a bad grade in school and take the phone away for a couple of days. As for employees, you can ask the work phone back for an upgrade.

Our app starts working as soon as it’s installed. The third step implies logging to your online account and checking everything you need.

Spying on Text Messages Gets Even Better

As if learning how to spy text messages with our app wasn’t good enough, we have also implemented a series of small features to make your life even better.

You don’t have to refresh the dashboard every few hours to download the latest text messages, as you can also set up watch list alerts. These alerts save lots of time, as you can filter through tons of information. You can highlight specific words to appear in any kind of message (regular texts, app texts or emails). You’ll come up with all kinds of keywords for protection. Monitor for inappropriate content and behavior and get notified if it occurs.

You might feel a bit overwhelmed at first. Once you log on and go to the data IM list, you’ll find all the texting apps. Click on the one that you’re interested in and you’ll find all the messages in list view. Too confusing? Click one more time and you’re in conversation view – reading is much easier and convenient.

You’re also able to search for particular keywords in order to find important things. Your keywords depend on who you’re spying on – be it your child, or your employee.

Why You Need to Spy on Text Messages

Spying on text messages is not too moral, but after all, safety comes first. You want safety and then morality. When you have a kid or a teenager, you want them safe. You don’t want them in a bad entourage, exposed to drugs or approached by sex predators over the Internet. Their innocence can easily turn them into victims. From this point of view, knowing what’s going on will help you react fast and ensure your little one is safe.

When it comes to employees, giving them work phones is a sign of trust. Unfortunately, some of them will take advantage of it. Whether they spend more time texting than working or they text as they drive, this isn’t how you want to run your business. You can also find out things related to your business or customers that you should know, yet they hide from you.

No matter who you’re spying on with NEXSPY, make sure they never find out. Even if you have to take action, come up with a different reason and don’t let them know that you’re saying or you’ll ruin their trust in you.

In the end, our app is designed with peace of mind at heart. We know you want a safe environment for yourself and those around you, so we give you the opportunity to peek into their private lives without them to know.