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Do you want to know the activity of your children on their phones? Now get the best way to track every stroke that your children make on their phone with the help of the best keylogging application – NEXSPY. NEXSPY offers you the feature to SMS spy Text Messages on the target device. If you want to read the text messages or intercept text messages of the target device, you can use the SMS Tracker feature of the keylogging application NEXSPY.

With this feature, you can read text messages from another phone without them knowing. Not only sent or received but NEXSPY allows you to trace even the deleted messages. Right from text messages to messages sent through various applications (WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Line, etc.)

NEXSPY allows you to have a glance at all of it. So, in a nutshell, you can now have a proper track of who connects with your children or your employees, whether your employees are frauding you, whether your kids are going astray or getting into some kind of cybercrime. Never before was spying on text messages easier. 

NEXSPY SMS Spy Text Messages Feature

Mobile spy apps now becomes manifold easier with NEXSPY. NEXSPY is one of the leading keylogging software that helps you to track both Android and iOs devices maintaining complete privacy. Now you can track your children’s phones and your employee’s devices with the NEXSPY application.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

NEXSPY is extremely easy to use. You don’t have to be tech-savvy or a real gadget freak to use it. NEXSPY has been built in the most user-friendly and easily accessible interface to make it adaptable for all. 

You can install NEXSPY on your android phones and apple devices just by following a few easy steps.

All you have to do is, get a NEXSPY premium license, access the target phone, and give 10 minutes installation time.

That is all and you are done with it. You can now easily and stealthily spy on the target phone be it your kid’s pr your employee’s.

NEXSPY also offers a free trial for users to explore the application before investing in it. However, NEXSPY offers a wide range of premium services and is loaded with fantastic features that will keep you awestruck and open up various new avenues in the world of phone spying. 

View All Sent, Received, and Deleted Text Messages

NEXSPY is the best way to trace the type of messages your children and wards are sending or receiving. You can easily find out the people they are connecting with. In the modern world of digitization, things on the web have got worse especially for children. Kids are falling into perilous traps of cybercrime and going astray that can immensely affect their career and their future life.

As parents, it is always better to have close monitoring of their activities on the internet. Not providing your kids with cell phones is not an option today because it is the utmost necessity of the hour. Under such circumstances, the best you can do is, keep a track of their activities. NEXSPY is all set to help you out with it. 

If you have employees working under you, there arise situations when you need to track the messages they send or receive because employees are the pillar of the company. To avoid a breach of data, fraudulency, and threats to the company, you can now track all the messages that your employees send or receive by using the message tracking feature of NEXSPY

SMS Messages demo features

NEXSPY SMS tracker feature is extremely easy to use and you can avail the detailed functioning in just a few easy steps. Here is a glance at the activities that you can carry out with the message tracking feature of NEXSPY:-

  • Read all the received and sent SMS Text messages on the target phone with the help of the NEXSPY Message tracking feature. 
  • Not only SMS Messages, but NEXSPY also allows you to remotely and discreetly view all MMS Messages that have been sent and received
  • If you intend to target an iPhone, NEXSPY is the ideal platform. You can easily view and track all incoming and outgoing iMessages made on any iPhone or iPad. 
  • NEXSPY offers you the amazing option of reading all the emails received or sent from the mailbox or the target device. 

Spying on WhatsApp Messenger

There is hardly anyone who does not use WhatsApp these days. Even the small IDs have their own WhatsApp group which they use to communicate with their friends. But how do you know what kind of conversation they are having in the groups?

NEXSPY – whatsapp spy feature can help you out easily. Now you can view all messages, call logs, multimedia shared, received, and deleted content from WhatsApp. 

whatsapp messenger demo features

Spying on Facebook Messenger

NEXSPY – Facebook spy app allows you to read all the chats and call logs from Facebook Messenger App including Group chats. So, you can easily find out if your children are getting into the wrong company, being part of harmful groups. A scrutiny of the content of the messages gives a crucial insight into their intent. 

You can practically monitor the messages sent and received from all the popular messaging apps like:- 

  • Skype – Access all Skype conversations, call logs, and multimedia files
  • Viber – Access all Viber call logs, texts, and sent or received photos
  • Line – Read all incoming and outgoing LINE messages and call logs 
  • WeChat – View all the incoming and outgoing WeChat Messages including Multimedia
  • Instagram – View all the photos uploaded and received/ sent. Also, track the direct messages sent through Instagram. 
  • Tinder – Read all the inbox messages and chats on Tinder
  • Telegram – Access all the outgoing and Incoming Telegram conversations
  • Google Hangouts – Read all Google Hangouts incoming and outgoing messages
  • Kik Messenger – Access all the message sent or received on Kik Messenger
  • Hike Messenger – View, store, and download all the Hike messages sent or received. 

Due to such a wide base of applicability NEXSPY is one of the most widely used keylogger applications today. NEXSPY performs best as the SMS tracker to spy on text messages without installing software.

You can opt for NEXSPY to experience a wide range of features and facilities at affordable costs. NEXSPY is the Easy and simple solution to SMS spy text messages. 

GPS Location Tracking

NEXSPY not only helps you to track the messages on the target phone but instead it also offers a lot of other features. Among these, GPS Location Tracking is one of the best features.

Locations tracking demo features 1

It was impossible even a few years back, to know the exact location of a person at any particular time. But this is now possible with the Location tracking feature of NEXSPY. With the GPS tracking feature, you can know precisely where the target device is at any given time with accurate location tracking.

The best part is that the person will never know that you are spying on them. This is especially beneficial for parents or employers. Parents can now know the timely update of their wards. If you are a parent and worried about your ward’s safety, you can track the exact location of your children even when you are not around them by using NEXSPY.

By using NEXSPY, you can not only track a person’s exact location, you can also know the location history of the target device. You can keep an elaborate track of the target’s every step with a detailed location history log.

Another amazing utility of the NEXSPY is made through the Geo-Fencing feature. You can monitor specific locations with NEXSPY Geo fencing and stay notified about the target all the time. 

Location controls demo features

Even for employers, the GPS Location Tracking of the target device is extremely important. You can easily make out where your employees are all the time with the GPS Location Tracking feature of the NEXSPY Application. This is an amazing feature to keep an eye on the employees. It improves the working relationship and also helps to build a clear image of the employee. 


In very crude language, a keylogger is an app. The purpose of the app is to record the activity of an individual on their phone or computer and convey the information to the person using the android keylogger app for tracing.

Keylogs demo features

With the help of a app to see other peoples text messages, you can record every single keystroke a person makes on their phone or computer. Keylogger apps are designed in such a way that the entire activity of tracing and recording is done while on a stealth mode so there is the least possibility of getting revealed.

Browsing History & Bookmarks

NEXSPY is a true all-rounder in all aspects. You can monitor the internet activity of the target device by using this application. Track all browsing history details including visited websites, time and date of each visit

Keep track of the websites that your children or employees visit regularly. You can have a detailed bookmarks list of the target device through NEXSPY. Through this feature, you can easily have closer scrutiny at the things your kids are getting into. You can easily monitor whether your kids are getting into bad company or browsing through stuff that they should not. 

More Features

Apart from tracking the messages or location of a target device, one can use NEXSPY for availing the following features:- 

  • Calls:- You can monitor detailed call logs of any target device. 
  • VoIP Call Logs:- You can monitor call logs of many popular VoIP Applications.
  • Address Book:- You can use NEXSPY to get all the contact information from the target phone.
  • FaceTime Spy Cam:- Now you can hear and see an iPad’s surroundings using a secretly answered FaceTime call.
  • VoIP Call Recording:- Using NEXSPY, you can remotely record VoIP calls made through various VoIP applications.
  • Ambient Recording:- NEXSPY is an appropriate platform to record calls and you can listen to the recordings later.

How to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages

For spying on a cell phone remotely, you can take the help of any efficient keylogging software. NEXSPY is one such efficient keylogger that can help you to SMS Spy text messages. Here are the simple steps to do so using NEXSPY:- 

 Here are the three primary requirements that you shall need:- 

A NEXSPY Premium License:

You need to have a premium license to use NEXSPY. A user must buy a subscription for NEXSPY to be able to use all the features of NEXSPY. You can visit the website for more details on the pricing list. The subscription cost is minimalistic and you can easily purchase it while availing of various discount offers.

Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days
Ensure your peace of mind

Access to the Target Phone: You must have access to the target android or iPhone or iPad

Adequate installation time. Though this is not much, only around 10 minutes. 


Once you buy a premium license, you have to log in to your account. While filling in details you must make sure to use an authentic email address because the same will be used to verify the account and your login credentials will be sent to the same account.

Once you receive the login credentials, you can use this information to log in to the dashboard of your NEXSPY account. Your License Key will be displayed on the Account Menu

The next step is to install NEXSPY on the target Android or iOs device. The primary requirement is to ensure that the device is using a compatible version of Android or iOs.

You have to root the device only if you avail only certain specific advanced features. You can visit the NEXSPY official page to have a detailed stepwise tutorial on how to install the NEXSPY application on an android or iOs device. 

When you are done with the installation, all you have to do is login into your NEXSPY account through your login credentials and access all the data of the target phone. You can opt for the SMS spy text messages feature of NEXSPY and also avail of multiple other features of the application. 

NEXSPY dashboard

Why Do You Need to Track Text Messages From Another Phone?

Ensure the safety of your children

NEXSPY is one of the most comprehensive parental control and Employee monitoring solutions around you. NEXSPY is all you need for a better monitoring experience. 

Improve Staff Efficiency

When you monitor your staff’s performance on such an intricate level with the NEXSPY application, it induces a sense of responsibility in the staff to work better and keep up his or her image.

Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days
Ensure your peace of mind

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