How To Spy On Someone’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

Today, there is not a single person around without a mobile phone. Moreover, the current pandemic has taught you one thing: surviving without technology has become next to impossible.

Kids are using mobile phones for their online classes. As parents, you want to make sure that your kids are using their mobile phones for the right purpose. 

You want to know what they are doing or who they are talking to. This information can be critical given the rise in the number of cybercrimes. But, it is quite apparent that your kids would be upset if they came to know about you spying on their phones.

Similarly, you may also want to spy on your spouse’s phone for various reasons. Your relationship with your partner is all about trust. However, people whose partner has cheated constantly face the fear of getting duped again. This is a reality where the word ‘trust’ sounds quite fancy. So, even this kind of situation can lead you to spy on their phone. But this does not mean you don’t trust them, but you are doing it for your safety. You are not alone who feels this way.

So, have you ever tried to spy on someone’s phone without them knowing? Indeed, many of you must have tried to spy on your kid’s or spouse’s phone secretly at some point in your life. Several reasons can be there for you to spy on their phone.

But can you do it for free? If yes, what are some of the best ways to spy on their phone for free? Here, you will learn about the methods that will teach you about spying on someone’s phone for free using some of the best spy apps for Android and iPhone. Using these methods, you can find out what your kid or spouse is up to without getting caught.

How to spy on someone’s phone without them knowing – 5 best apps

As already mentioned earlier, people may try to spy on someone’s phone during an emergency or to ensure their loved ones’ safety. But it is practically impossible to stay around them to check out their activities 24×7. However, there’s always a way to overcome this situation. Try to look for ways that allow you to monitor their mobile phones to check on their activity. You can do this for free by installing some of the best phone monitoring applications and freeing yourself from unnecessary stress. In this regard, check out the five best phone monitoring apps listed below.


First, on this list, you have NEXSPY, which is considered the best phone monitoring app. This application specializes in monitoring and tracking tools used for parental control purposes. Parents may use it to safeguard their children from unwanted dangers and various online dangers. They are the industry leaders in developing and designing top-grade monitoring apps. NEXSPY is among those few spying applications that offer cross-platform solutions for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. The features of this app are continually updated to keep the user upgraded at all times. In addition, it has a clean and user-friendly interface that allows you to use the app easily and effectively.

Nexspy Dashboard

With this app, you can check out your kid’s activities to see what they are doing online or who they are talking to. This app will help you keep an eye on your kid’s phone even when you are not around. As a result, you can make them safe from inappropriate content and cyberbullies. Not only this, but business owners can also use this app to keep a check on the company devices used by their employees. You can supervise your employees and keep a tab on them. If they are misusing the company’s device, you can take timely actions accordingly.


  • You may track the target device’s current position and view its location history.
  • Get keyword alerts so you’ll know right away if your child types, sends, or receives an inappropriate message on their smartphone.
  • Access all communications across all messaging platforms.
  • This function allows you to view all multimedia files on your child’s phone.
  • You may even create limited zones and get notifications. 
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Choosing the best parental control app may not be a simple task. That is why; it is recommended that you use commendable spy apps like mSpy. It is among the top monitoring applications on the market. It has successfully helped to make the lives of many parents easier. With the help of this app, they have been able to save their children’s lives from the dangers of cybercrime.

mspy control panel

mSpy is the finest spy app for iPhone and the best parental monitoring software that allows you to monitor your child’s device activities from your smartphone or computer using a mSpy account. Text messages, location, phone numbers, and various other behaviors are among them.

mSpy gathers data from your child’s phone, such as location, text messages, and call records, and sends it to your mSpy account. To check the information from the device you’re viewing, log in to your mSpy account using any browser on your smartphone or computer. The mSpy software is not visible to the average user on the target device, unlike other phone tracking apps. They won’t be tensed if they notice a strange app logo on their phone and wonder whether they’re being followed.

This program may be used to monitor any device with an Internet connection. So if you install mSpy on your child’s phone, for example, you may examine the information on it from your phone or computer as long as it’s connected to the Internet.


  • Monitor your kid’s calling activities and check their call duration;
  • Track all their text messages;
  • Investigate all their messaging app activities like Instagram and Whatsapp; 
  • Track the location of the device around the clock and create geofencing if necessary; 
  • You will have access to their contact list and calendar.

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The covert spy program Hoverwatch, successfully spies on someone’s phone or computer. In addition, it offers several low-cost alternatives and valuable capabilities such as geo-location tracking, SMS tracking, and even tracking for Viber, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Hoverwatch control panel

Hoverwatch is a free trial version of one of the best applications for spying without access to the target phone. It also has a parental control feature. Parents may use this software to keep track of their children’s phone and internet usage daily. Parents are concerned about their children’s usage of telephones since they have become an inextricable part of our everyday lives. Therefore, parents might use this surveillance software as a data bank.

Hoverwatch does a fantastic job of giving you a complete picture of the target user. This is done by taking screenshots of user activity and sending them to the dashboard, where you can see everything that’s happened. So while this program is designed to keep track of your child, it may also be used to keep track of your significant other.


  • This app enables you to record all the call conversations.
  • It can also restore the search history even after it has been deleted.
  • It can monitor all the conversations taking place over any social media platform.
  • Also, spy on the text messages received, sent, or deleted. 
  • It can also help you to track the location of the phone.


The XNSPY spy software was designed with business needs in mind. Although it is costly, this software is a wonderful solution for companies that need to keep track of their employees. Calendar entries, browsing history, and app usage are just a few things it keeps track of. It’s even capable of tracking your location. Although this program is intended for businesses, parents concerned about their children’s safety may find it helpful.

The alert and watch list functions of XNSPY are two of its most significant features. You may specify certain contact numbers and phrases, and XNSPY will notify you when they are activated.

One of XNSPY’s strong qualities is analytics. The program gathers a lot of data that summarizes the behavior of the target device, such as call records and screen time.


  • You can keep track of the mails
  • This app enables you to track the user’s location
  • You can record calls and messages
  • Best spy app for iPhone and Android


FlexiSPY is undoubtedly one of the most well-known names in the market as an industry pioneer. FlexiSPY knows its game, having invested decades of experience in monitoring, recording, and app control into its software development. However, the sheer quantity of functions in this espionage tool is its most significant selling point. FlexiSPY can do a wide range of tasks, from the mundane to the unusual and then to the extreme.

FlexiSPY can track SMS, calls, contacts, social media, instant messaging, location, and applications, among other things. However, it ups the ante by allowing users to record conversations, video chats, Face-Time, and even ambient noises in real-time.

Through a remote command, you may also instruct the phone to manage the app itself, such as deactivating, uninstalling, updating, or altering it. You may even use a built-in command to restart the device whenever you wish. Finally, unlike other spy programs on the market, XNSPY includes valuable functions even if you don’t have root access to the target device. You can remotely lock the phone and track its position, even if you don’t have root access.

FlexiSPY is compatible with desktop and mobile operating systems, allowing you to monitor your children’s online activity more effectively. In addition, it comes with two subscription options, each with a different fee depending on the device you wish to use it on.


It provides a lot of recording options. Regular conversations, video calls, FaceTime, and even the device’s surroundings may all be recorded using FlexiSPY. It can even snap images invisibly. Of course, all of this happens without the target device’s owner being aware that you’re watching them.

It enables call interception in real-time. So you won’t have to wait for something horrible to happen before taking action with this surveillance software. Instead, you can monitor (record/take images) even as it’s occurring.

It contains a feature that allows you to control your phone from a distance. You may handle many aspects of FlexiSPY from your platform, including uninstalling, deactivating, updating, and even modifying the software.

The Best Spy Apps to Spy on Someone’s Phone

The advancement in technology is beneficial to human needs, but it also has drawbacks. For example, excessive phone use in youngsters might lead to addiction. This might lead to various major health problems in children and teenagers. Consequently, a spying app will satisfy their needs and help them watch and safeguard their children from online predators.

Spy software may be used to access a phone’s text messaging and recover deleted messages. The functional scope of espionage apps extends significantly as technology progresses. These applications let users access other people’s text messages and other activities such as web surfing, photos, and emails on the targeted phone.

Call records, text messages, GPS coordinates, internet surfing, browser history, social networking, YouTube videos, keylogging, and more may all be intercepted with these applications. It assists in the thorough monitoring of the activity of the targeted phone.

You can instantly see any text messages sent, received, or deleted on the target phone. In addition, it displays the number of MMS messages sent and received. NEXSPY software is one of the most impressive solutions for reading someone’s text messages on your targeted phone in this regard. It gives users the best possible experience and effectively meets their needs.


NEXSPY is the greatest surveillance program for Android and iPhone devices. One of the most incredible parental control applications available is this one. NEXSPY has risen to the top of the best spy app without a target phone because of its strong and dynamic features.

Here are amazing features that make this application one of the best on the market. 

Easy Installation

Installing and setting up NEXSPY on the target phone takes less than 10 minutes with their detailed installation tutorial 

Powerful Features

There is an Instagram spy app, a Tinder spy app, and other unique features. This software will provide you with precisely what you’re looking for.

100% Undetectable

The NEXSPY app is completely undetectable and runs in the background. It’s like a gone installation of a phantom program.

Affordable Price

You can monitor your child’s phone or your company’s devices for less than $1 per day. NEXSPY is an excellent investment.

Secure & Reliable

All data is encrypted, and you are the only one who has access to it. They do so since your privacy is essential to them.

Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days
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Spying software is a savior in today’s world. Finally, you can use another device to obtain whatever information you require without touching it. Isn’t it wonderful? Installing a spy app on the phone is the correct answer if you want to spy on them.

If you suspect your kid or employee is misusing their message or Internet rights, phone tracking software may be an option. You can keep track of every message sent and received on the target device with it. You may also see the deleted messages in the control panel.

Identity theft is among the most serious threats on the Internet. If cybercriminals can access your financial information, it might be disastrous.

Mobile devices account for a significant percentage of Internet traffic in today’s world. As a result, mobile users are at risk in the same way that PC users are. Scams and malware targeting mobile devices are on the rise, and con artists are growing more creative in their attempts to convince you into giving over your personal information.

Frequently Asked Question 

Is there a free app to spy on someone’s phone without touching it?

It’s possible to install the best phone tracker app on your Android or iPhone, which will allow you to monitor your activity discreetly. Even if you have access to your phone, you may check their activity without touching it.

Can you spy on someone without access to their phone? 

Some applications may not require authorization to run on a smartphone. For example, you can monitor an iOS device if you have the login and password credentials for the user’s iCloud account. You do not need the authorization to use an Android phone, but you will require physical access.

Is it possible to spy on a cell phone without installing software?

To spy on the target phone, you’ll need to install an app on it, regardless of whatever technique you employ. So software that promises to be able to spy on Android phones without having to install an app is misleading.

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