10 Best Snapchat Monitoring Apps in 2021

Does your children’s virtual presence worry you? Then, learning about the 10 best Snapchat monitoring apps in 2021 can help you save them.

Be it a teenager or a kid, Snapchat monitoring should be emphasized more than ever now. If parents want to control what their kids are getting themselves engrossed in, then tracking what they are doing on Snapchat is the need of the hour.

How to monitor someone’s Snapchat?

Snapchat monitoring is made easy with the best Snapchat spy app. From Snapchat messages to other noteworthy Snapchat activities, the best Snapchat spy app is all that you will need to find out all about your child’s usage. So, finding a safe, secure, and reliable Snapchat spy app will make the ultimate solution.


The best Snapchat spy app can monitor everything on Snapchat effectively. It will make one of the most comprehensive and affordable parental monitoring options out there. The app comes with powerful tracking features so that parents always know where their child is at, or else what he has been doing on their Snapchat.

Whether, as a parent, you are worried about cyberbullies or cyber predators, knowing “how to monitor Snapchat” the right way is important.

10 Best Snapchat spy apps for Android and iPhone

Do you want to know how to monitor Snapchat on iPhone and Android?. Then, we have got you covered. Now, you can use the below-mentioned 10 best Snapchat spy apps for Android and iPhone for a seamless phone monitoring app experience.


NEXSPY is one of the best Snapchat monitoring apps. It is a great parental control remedy due to its powerful features and benefits. From protecting children to families to business, the NEXSPY app has more to it than just Snapchat monitoring.

App screenshots demo features 1

With the NEXSPY app, parents can monitor their child’s phone calls logs, contacts, and get Caller ID alerts. The app providers its users with all the text message details including pictures and GIFs being shared. The best part is that parents can easily view messaging apps. Be it Snapchat monitoring or Instagram monitoring, with the NEXSPY app you can:

  • View all incoming and outgoing calls
  • See all photos, videos, emojis, and stickers
  • View all contacts and profile pictures
  • Search for specific phrases in messages

The app can also track GPS location such as location history and geo-fencing. It can record key logs, provide access to emails, calendars, and notes. It can monitor internet activity, control apps and programs, view multimedia files, provide additional system info, stay completely hidden, and also provide some utilities and extras. 

Here’s how to install NEXSPY:

  • Install the NEXSPY spy app onto the phone that you wish to monitor. Snapchat messages can then be captured and uploaded to your secure online dashboard for viewing.
  • NEXSPY will capture both sides of the Snapchat conversation. It will include important details such as contact name, message sending, and message receiving time.
  • NEXSPY makes an affordable solution.
  • NEXSPY works in the background mode and will not be visible on the target device
  • NEXSPY is super-easy to install and remotely monitor the target
  • NEXSPY is free to try
  • Compatibility: Android and iPhone
Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days
Ensure your peace of mind


FamiSafe is a great and reliable Snapchat spy app. The valuable parental control and phone monitoring app address well all the parents’ security concerns. The app is known for its seamless features such as screen time control, inappropriate content detection on the device, tracking real-time GPS location, and much more.


The best part about using the FamiSafe Snapchat spy app is that parents stay completely informed about their kid’s whereabouts. Parents can then set a borderline according to what they believe will be best for their child’s virtual freedom. And whenever their kids try to cross that borderline, the parents will start receiving active alerts right away.

Parents can not only monitor any fishy messages but also block any apps. Apps they believe will be risky for their children’s mental health and well-being.

CompatibilityWindows, Mac, Android devices, Kindle Fire tablets, and iOS devices

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mSpy makes one of the most essential Snapchat and Instagram monitoring apps to date. The app’s innovative dashboard, intuitive user interface, fast downloading and installation procedure, and consistent operations add more essence to it.

mspy cost

Parents can view all the features of the app pretty securely. Some useful features of the mSpy app include monitoring SMS messages, phone calls history, web browser, and social media applications. It provides a seamless and in-depth overview of the target device as well.

mSpy software requires jailbreak and root to function on the target device. However, mSpy software only takes 5 minutes to fully set up on the target device. And, all the information collected from the source will also update remotely every five minutes.

Compatibility: iOS with jailbreak, Android with root

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Spyic is a famous Snapchat monitoring app as well. The app is known for its “Spyic Ambient Recording Feature”. The app is very helpful if a parent aims to access his child’s contact details. Although the app doesn’t require any jailbreak or root, it isn’t available for Android devices.


Parents who are wondering about how to monitor kids’ iPhone can simply switch to using Spyic. The app will then provide parents access to Snapchat usage details such as Snapchat messages, Snapchat videos, and even Snapchat pictures.

The Spyic app works on the target user’s device in stealth mode. An additional voice recording feature has also been added to the app. This feature lets parents find out all the conversations or surrounding voices through the audio.

Compatibility: Android monitoring with no root required


XNSPY aims to help all parents keep an eye on all their child’s activities on Snapchat and other online networking apps. Once the app has been installed on the target person’s device, the app will conveniently record all their Snapchat activities. The app will then upload all the recordings on the XNSPY account of the parent who is monitoring.


The app works supremely well in the hidden mode. The app monitor’s target users’ Snapchat activities such as texts, messages, contacts, sent and received files, and much more. It also records the surrounding sounds as well as phone calls of the target user’s device.

XNSPY app records GPS location in real-time, lets the app users read text messages and chats from the target users’ phone, provides keylogger and alerts, gives access to their media files, and much more.

Compatibility: Android and iOS devices


Whether you are a parent, employer, or any other person that is concerned about their close ones or their employees, using the Flexispy spy app might turn out to be a wise decision. Their great and innovative Snapchat monitoring features are worth a trial.


To reap the benefits of this amazing phone monitoring app, all that the concerned individual has to do is install the Flexispy software on the target user’s phone. Then, the Flexispy app will start capturing all the incoming as well as outgoing messages of Snapchat. Finally, they will seamlessly upload all the messages on the secure dashboard of the Flexispy app user.

With the Flexispy app, you can instantly read all the Snapchat conversations. This will greatly help parents detect whether their child is on the right track or not. And then, finally, get them on track by taking the necessary parental control measures.

Compatibility: Android, iPhone, iPad, and Computers


Cocospy is a resourceful parental monitoring app that operates stealthily, requires no root monitoring, provides efficient tracking and web browser history. However, the app will require a jailbreak in iOS to function.


The leading Snapchat monitoring app is extremely affordable and comes packed with exceptional features. Once you have created your account on Cocospy, then you can configure the target device accordingly. The app installation procedures come accompanied by a Setup Wizard to make it easier to install. Then, users can select the “Snapchat” option out of the available options on the dashboard.

Cocospy is a very user-friendly Snapchat spy app. The app helps parents conveniently browse their child’s phone gallery and media files. The keylogger features also enable the parent to access any credentials or passwords on their device.

Compatibility: Android, iOS with jailbreak


Hoverwatch is another Snapchat spy app that provides parents complete access to the web browsing history of their child’s phone. From Snapchat monitoring to Instagram monitoring, the Hoverwatch spy app can be used on other social media apps too. With great customer services and somewhat helpful location tracking services, the Hoverwatch spying app is certainly worth it.


Parents can make great use of the exceptional features of the Hoverwatch Snapchat spy app. The app will help parents monitor their child’s Snapchat messages, call logs, GPS location, and web history. The app will also clarify which blocked apps the kids have been using when they shouldn’t have.

Hoverwatch spy app runs in the background. It creates a big log of all their kid’s Snapchat activities quietly. And then, uploads the collected data on the Hoverwatch account.

Compatibility: Mac, Windows PC, Android devices


The iKeyMonitor, the Snapchat spy app is also one of the best Snapchat monitoring apps of today’s date. The app provides most parents with several free options and also a variety of functions. However, the app will require root to monitor Snapchat on Android devices.


Parents can use iKeyMonitor software features to access their kid’s Snapchat. The app provides some great navigation features for free. But parents who want better insights into their child’s online and Snapchat app usage can go for paid add-on features.

iKeyMonitor full features list includes features such as Snapchat spy, keylogging, SMS texts, call recording in case of Android devices, email monitoring, as well as monitoring of other apps such as Instagram monitoring, Facebook monitoring, and much more.

Parents looking forward to using the iKeyMonitor app can also opt for a free trial with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Compatibility: Android with root, and iOS


Another popular Snapchat monitoring app that parents need to know about is the Highster Mobile Snapchat spy app. The top-rated phone monitoring app can help parents find all about their kids online and offline whereabouts.

Highster Mobile

HighsterMobile spy app helps parents monitor child’s Snapchat by giving them details about their Snapchat activity. Once parents find access to their child’s device, they can install the Highster mobile software on their device. Then, the Highster Mobile spy app will hideously collect all the data from their child’s phone. The app will then upload all the collected data on their parent’s control panel.

One can install the Highster Mobile spy app on the target users’ device using OTA (over-the-air), QR code, and USB installation method. Some features of the app are SMS monitoring, GPS tracking location, multimedia files access, browsing history shared, call logs, live control panel, stealth camera, and many more.

Compatibility: iPhone and Android

Our Final Thoughts – The Best App to Spy on Snapchat Account

Now that you know we have given you a glimpse of the 10 best Snapchat monitoring apps in 2021, you are probably confused about which one is honestly the best choice.

After going through all the pros and cons of the best phone spy apps, we have come up with the ultimate best Snapchat spy app. And we believe, NEXSPY is the best of them all.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

NEXSPY makes the ultimate monitoring solution for all parents in 2021. The monitoring solution provider specializes not just in tracking but also in monitoring tools. Parents can use NEXSPY anytime anywhere to protect their children from unwanted exposure and online danger. The professional-grade monitoring software certainly makes the most secure and reliable Snapchat monitoring choice any day.

Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days
Ensure your peace of mind

The app works perfectly well with various Android devices and comes packed with a plethora of features. Gaining access to the advanced features of the NEXSPY app will require rooting. However, the non-rooted app features will function pretty well to meet basic parental control needs.

The app is also available for both iPhone and iPad devices.

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