SnakesOnaNFT has been released: Earn up to $100BUSD extra for each level completed

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Snakes On An NFT Game has recently been released, rewarding players up to 100 BUSD for completing levels. The game features 22 action-packed levels of increasing difficulty where players must take the form of a snake and try to complete each level without getting beaten by cops, stomped by grandmas, or killed by other bad mother fuckas.

For Snakes NFT holders: Sign up with a wallet that holds your Snakes NFT and receive $50 BUSD reward for each level 1-10 completed; a $100 BUSD reward for each level 11-22 completed.

For non-Snakes NFT holders: To prevent bots and multi accounts, only wallets containing tokens can register; Receive $10 in BUSD for each level 1-10 completed; Receive $15 in BUSD for each level 11-22 completed.

Special Offer For Old $SNAKES Holders: Visit our official website if you are holding at least one token bought before 01.01.2023 and get up to 5NFT as a gift 🤩 The more tokens you have held, the more rewarded you will be! Launch date coming soon