Free SMS Tracker without Installing on Target Phone Android

For sure, you have not noticed that people nowadays communicate more via SMS than phone calls. This makes knowing what type of message people share and what they convey. Such things make parents hesitant to ask their kids whom they talk to or what they’re talking to their friends.

Good thing, you can now track someone’s text messages without the need to scan their phone or install a software. All you need is a spy app without target phone. 

In this post, you will learn what these free SMS tracker without target phone are. So, let’s get started!

Is There Any Free Text Message Spy Without Installing It On The Target Phone?

If someone tells you there is a way to spy on text messages without installing software, it’s probably a scam. The only way you can remotely access someone’s text messages is if you download and install a spy app on their phone.

Do you want to save some money and get a free app? Well, before we go any further, let’s talk about why that might not be such a great idea.

First of all, there are thousands of apps on Google Play that haven’t been updated for ages. What’s more, some apps are made by scammers who seek to steal your credit card information or passwords. Also, these “free” apps won’t really give you anything useful in return for what they ask from you.

That being said, if money is a high priority for you and you’re looking for a good spy app, consider installing one that offers a free trial. At the very least, this gives you the opportunity to test out the app before committing to purchasing it. So, be sure to do your research before downloading any spy app!

Enter cell number read texts free without installing on target phone

There is no reliable way to read someone’s text messages just by entering their phone number. If someone tells you there is a way, it’s most likely false or misleading information. The only way you can remotely access someone’s text messages is if you download and install a spy app on their phone.

The spy app is an application that can track and monitor your children’s or employees’ mobile phone activities. Track text messages, calls, GPS locations, know online activity on social media accounts – all of this information can be extracted from their phones with the use of suitable software.

SMS spy without access to target phone free trial

NEXSPY – Hidden SMS Tracker

With NEXSPY, tracking incoming and out messages is very easy. You can even read the deleted SMS. As a top-notch quality, hidden SMS tracker, it lets you view media files and content that the target phone shared via MMS. 

monitor text messages

For better spying of text messages, you can take advantage of a call and SMS tracker without target phone like NEXSPY. This app is free and comes with a powerful set of features. Besides, the installation process is quick and easy, and all you need are a NEXSPY Premium license, access to the target phone, and a 10-minute installation time.

Step 1: Get License 

A NEXSPY Premium license is essential for monitoring Android phone or iPhone. Use an authentic email address to receive the login credentials after the purchase. Then, log in to the account at 

Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days
Ensure your peace of mind

Step 2: Install NEXSPY to the Target Phone 

Ensure that the target phone runs a compatible Android or iOS version. Android users need not root the target device. On the other hand, some advanced features will need rooting. As for iPhone users, you have to jailbreak the target device. Next is to download and install the application on the target phone.

Step 3: Accept Installation Terms

Click “Accept the license agreement to continue.” Then, tap “Continue.”

Step 4: Check Sim Card Support 

Mind that a single SIM card is only fully supported. If you see a message “Insert Sim Card,” turn the phone off and insert a sim card. Then, restart from the beginning.

Step 5: Activate the Device Monitor

You need to activate the Device Administrator for a non-rooted device. Then, tap “Activate” to continue.

Step 6: Optimize Battery

Tap “Allow” so that the software will continue to run in the background without getting terminated.

Step 7: Activate Code & Visibility

Enter the license code. Then, tap “Activate” and tap “Yes” if you want to hide the software icon, or tap “No” if you wish to keep it visible in the App Drawer.

Step 8: Clear Browser

Delete the browser URL history. In the browser menu, tap “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Delete Personal Data.” Select the options for Browser History, Cache, and Cookies and site data. Then, tap “Delete.” 

Step 9: Delete Download History

Press the “Home” button to go back to the app list. Then, choose the “My Files” browser and tap “Download History.” After you select the downloaded file, make sure to tap the “Trash” icon to delete the installation file. Tap the “Delete” button to confirm.

Step 10: Enable Large Keyboard Text 

Go to “Settings” > “Advanced settings” > “Accessibility” and then scroll down to “Services.” You need to make sure that the “Large keyboard text is enabled.

Step 11: View Monitored Data 

After you completed the installation process on the target device, you can then start viewing the monitored data. All you need to do is to log into your account portal.

Nexspy Dashboard

Top 10 Free SMS Tracker Without Target Phone

With so many free SMS trackers on the market, choosing the right one for your needs can be overwhelming. To help you end up with the best option, we have listed below the top 10 best spy apps without target phone.


NEXSPY is among the best tracker apps for kid today. This app allows you to track and monitor all outgoing and incoming messages. You can also delete messages through your account.

In case you want to examine all content of media files, this hidden SMS tracker allows you to do that. Meaning, you can ensure that the target person will not get any unpleasant pictures.


Other than receiving and monitoring information about text and MMS messages, this app also lets you access the time and date of such messages. The information you obtained will let you know who sent the messages, with which number, and at which time and date.

You have the freedom to go through the target phone’s contact list, making this app even  more interesting. So, you get an idea which phone number you should keep an eye on.


  • Monitor call logs
  • Ambient recording
  • Received and sent messages information
  • View all messages, multimedia, and call logs of social media platforms
  • GPS tracking and Geo-fencing
  • Location history
  • View photos and watch videos


  • The installation process is tricky for some

KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro works well on all Android smartphones. It allows you to track text messages and other messages in different social media apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Kik, and QQ. 


This SMS tracker comes with an excellent tracking feature alongside a real-time GPS location. It can track all of your messages, both inbound and outbound. What’s more, it can let you read even deleted messages on the target phone.

KidsGuard Pro is easy to use and offers other effective and reliable monitoring features. The owner of the target phone will not know that you are monitoring his or her device activities, thanks to its stealth mode.


  • Tracking of messages from popular social media platforms
  • Track all received, sent, and deleted messages
  • Displays contact name, time, data, and stamps
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Very clear user guide


  • No free trial
  • Not suitable for iOS devices

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Highster Mobile 

Highster Mobile is Android and iOS devices-compatible. This monitoring app is known for its dependable and exceptional tracking capabilities. It is considered as one of the best SMS trackers without target phone.

This hidden SMS tracker app utilizes advanced algorithms for monitoring received and sent messages on the target phone with ease. Besides, you also have the chance to know who the target person is texting.


  • Tracks received, sent, and deleted text messages
  • Very engaging
  • Requires one-time payment
  • Stealth camera feature
  • Extracts files


  • Some text messages are missing
  • Customer support is not so excellent


mSpy offers interesting and dependable features that can help you monitor the target device more easily. You can even log in anywhere you want to receive the necessary data. You can also upload the data once connected to a Wi-Fi. Besides, you put the reporting on hold any time.


Interestingly, this SMS tracker comes with a refund policy. While it’s somehow limited, it is still quite helpful. This refund policy is applicable during the first 14 days of the initial subscription. Once you encounter any technical issue, simply request a full refund.

mSpy is also known to feature social media tracking. Meaning, you can detect someone’s activities on their WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. One of the best things about this free SMS tracker is that you can view the images which were saved on the target phone through your control panel.


  • 24/7 support
  • Access to tasks or notes
  • Unlimited device change
  • List of installed apps
  • Website browse history with complete bookmarks list
  • Contact list, call history, and GPS location tracking
  • Email and keyword alerts


  • Requires rooting to use the instant message monitoring feature
  • Expensive


MobiStealth collects information and then directly sends them to your account. It is easy to download and use. This app stays unseen within the target user’s device.


This hidden SMS tracker app provides all the essential features you need to monitor someone’s activities. With the help of this app, you will know the whereabouts of the target phone’s user and spy on text messages, calls, and chats. It supports iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices.


  • Record calls, surroundings
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Compatible with most smartphone brands
  • Remotely see photos and movies
  • Monitor messages and emails
  • Keylogging feature
  • 15-day money-back guarantee


  • No free trial version
  • Some of the features require jailbreak and rooting
  • Expensive


iKeyMonitor is another SMS tracker that is compatible to both Android and iOS devices. This parental control app can track text messages remotely.


This app is overloaded with advanced features that can help you make target phone tracking much easier. With the easy to use interface, you do not need to have any complicated technical skills. It is slightly priced at its premium version.


  • Monitors sent and received messages effectively
  • Supports multiple language
  • Beautiful user interface design
  • Free plan for a specific time


  • Expensive
  • Requires rooting to access all the features


XNSPY provides call logs and all text messages list on the target phone. It also gives you the power to see emails. Aside from that, you can also access social media messages from Skype, Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and more.


Through the keylogging feature, you can track the keystrokes made on the target phone. Meaning, this app will relay to you the messages typed, websites searched, and even passwords entered.


  • onitors text messages and call logs
  • Displays a list of contacts
  • GPS location tracking
  • Keylogging feature
  • Easy to use
  • Instant alerts


  • Partial refunds
  • Requires jailbreak and rooting for advanced features


The TheTruthSpy is 100% undetectable as it runs in the background. This free tracker app tracks SMS and the phone calls and contact of the target device. You can read both text and IM messages that were received or sent by the target person.


With this app, you can intercept text messages online, track events and calendars that you can use for future references. Through the GPS tracker, getting information about the target device’s location is very easy. Check the location history if you wish to see where someone’s had bee the entire day.

This SMS tracker is specially designed to collect various kinds of digital messages. Even if the SMS or MMS is already deleted from the phone, you can still view them. This is because the message information is being tracked on the app account.


  • Plenty of interesting features
  • User-friendly interface
  • Effortless tracking of browsing activities
  • Easy message tracking


  • Does not support iOS


FlexiSpy is another outstanding SMS tracker that comes with a variety of features. These features work well on Android and iOS devices.

This app allows you to track the activities of the target person, including messages from social media, text messages, iMessage, and more. It comes with GPS location and other app tracking features.


  • Remote stealth camera
  • Free demo account
  • 24/7 technical support


  • Requires jailbreak
  • Requires rooting for advanced features
  • No website blocking feature


Spyine is designed to help people read someone’s text messages easily. This app lets you know about someone’s social media messages like WhatsApp without touching their device. It also shows status, contacts, and text messages.

With the keylogger feature, you can record the different keystrokes on the keypad. In other words, you will know what the target person is typing. You will also know to who or where the messages were sent.


  • Easy to use
  • Highly affordable
  • Keylogging feature
  • No complicated technical skills required


  • Some users complained that some messages are missing

Free SMS spy online without target phone

SMS spy apps only necessitate one-time access to the target phone. After the installation, you will not need that target phone anymore for tracking text messages. You can check all the information on the online platform. Besides, you can rely to these apps at all times.

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