SMS Spy without Access to Target Phone Free Trial

In this era of modern technology especially during the current pandemic, parents are bound to provide separate smartphones to their kids to perform their regular academic activities. Employers also permit their employees to perform their tasks digitally including sharing confidential company data with each other. In both cases, there is no control of the parents or the employers on the digital activities of the users. 

Kids having their own cell phones involve in many digital activities including their studies. They share their photos, videos, audios, and messages to their friends and acquaintances. During this sharing, some unwanted virtual predators may intrude in their life and start harassing them mentally or sometimes sexually. Parents are therefore suggested to watch their kids’ cell phone activities regularly to protect them from intentional cyberbullying.


Similarly, in the companies where employees perform their tasks online, employers share confidential information with them on the digital platform to complete the task.  In many organizations, free wi-fi is provided to the employees for performing their tasks without any interruption. But apart from their regular duties employees also use wi-fi facilities to do their personal work. Sometimes they get involved with illegal activities and also share the company’s confidential data without permission. Monitoring employees’ cell phones may therefore become necessary for the employer.

But how to do the monitoring of the cell phone? Physically, it is not possible to check the cellphone of someone regularly. So, what is the solution? A spying app is the only ideal solution to spy on the target phone without access to it

In today’s article, we will discuss some of the spying apps to monitor the target phone without having access to it

Is there any SMS spy app without access to the target phone?

The answer to this question is a big NO. For using any spy app on the target phone, you must have to physically access the target phone at least once. For Android, you have to download the app on the target device and install it properly as per the given instructions. In the case of the iPhone, you can access the phone through iCloud credentials.

NEXSPY – Spy on text messages free trial

NEXSPY is a very useful spy app to spy on someone’s phone. It is one of the best spy apps for both Android as well as iOS. But before starting to use NEXSPY, you have to purchase a premium license to use its full features. You can also use a free trial version to check its features before purchasing the premium license.

Installation Procedure of NEXSPY

  • Sign up for a NEXSPY account to register
  • Give a valid email id to receive login credentials
  • Download and install the app on the target phone
  • After proper installation of the app, visit the official website of the NEXSPY

Start Monitoring Activities of Target Cell Phone

When the installation is finished on the target device you can start monitoring the activities of the target device on the dashboard of the NEXSPY by following some steps:

  • Go to the official website of NEXSPY and login to the account details given on the email
  • You can use any of the browsers to log in to the account
  • When you are logged in to the NEXSPY portal, a dashboard will control monitoring activities
  • Now, you are able to monitor every activity of the target phone with the help of a control panel
Nexspy Dashboard

NEXSPY is the best app to spy on text messages on the target phone without physical access to it. Through the control panel, you can monitor every activity such as messages, calls, photos, etc.  You can also block any app if you find it suspicious. It has many features.

Some of them are:

You can monitor all the call logs, call recordings, chat history of Facebook, WhatsApp, keep a record of shared photos and videos, SMS, MMS, video calls, and many other data of the target phone that are very important for the parents and employers.

You can monitor even a single keystroke of the target device and also get an alert notification when any blocked keywords are typed, received, or viewed on the website.

Monitoring the messages, keystrokes, and keywords by the parents help to protect their kids from any unwanted intruders. 

An employer should monitor the messages of employees to maintain the confidentiality of the company’s data and avoid any illegal activities.

The encrypted data is safe and secure. NEXSPY ensures the security of the data.

NEXSPY is very easy and simple to install. You should purchase a premium license to avail of its maximum features. Working with NEXSPY is very comfortable.

Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days
Ensure your peace of mind

Top 5 SMS spy apps that have free-trial


NEXSPY is an excellent paying app for both Android as well as iPhone. It is one of the easiest apps to operate. NEXSPY has many features that make it so powerful among all. It works so stealthily that the target phone owner can never feel its presence. Although one-time physical access is required to install the app on an Android phone but in the case of iPhone you do not need the physical access if you have iCloud credentials of the target device.

monitor text messages

After installing the NEXSPY app on the phone, you can easily monitor and control the target phone activities. NEXSPY very effectively reads all the text messages whether they are SMS, MMS, or chat conversations of social media apps. It provides security to your child by tracking the location through GPS. It also creates geo fencing.


  • Read SMS, MMS, Chat messages
  • Call logs & record calls
  • Track location through GPS
  • Monitor email received or sent
  • Monitor chat history of all social media apps
  • Create Geo fencing
Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days
Ensure your peace of mind


Mobistealth as the name suggests works on the target device in stealth mode. It is one of the great spying apps present in the market.  It can monitor SMS, MMS, video calls, call logs, email messages.  Mobistealth also keeps records of activities and chat conversations on various social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, etc. The features available with Mobistealth are very simple to operate. 


After installation of the Mobistealth on the target device, you can monitor every activity of the target cell phone and you have full control over the phone’s activities. The app sets the viewing time and it can also block obscene sites from the control panel. Mobistealth can also track the location history of the target phone through GPS and it also creates geofencing to protect your child from any danger.

Mobistealth is very effective in performing spying operations on the target device and controlling every activity of the target cell phone through its web control panel.


  • Records Messages and Chat History
  • Call logs
  • Creates geofencing
  • Keylogging & keyword alert
  • Monitors photos & video shares in various social media apps
  • Monitors browsing history

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iKeyMonitor is a very reliable spying app. Because of its reliability, it is a very popular app among all. It records every activity of the target device through a remote control panel of the iKeyMonitor dashboard. You can avail its maximum features after purchasing the premium subscription. You can also download the free app with limited features from its official website.

With the help of iKeyMonitor, you can protect your child from any unexpected cybercrimes or cyberbullying. iKeyMonitor tracks the location of your child through its phone GPS system. It also creates geo fencing to give you an alert if your child moves out of the specified location. This is one of the best features of the iKeyMonitor for the safety of your child.


This feature is also helpful for the employer to keep an eye on their employees who are on field visits to complete the task. The employer gets up-to-date information about their employees’ location through GPS. iKeyMonitor also performs all the spying activities on the target phone for security reasons and saves the encrypted data on the dashboard with proper security.


  • Location tracking through GPS
  • Creates secured geo fencing
  • Records Chat history
  • Keeps the encrypted data securely on the dashboard
  • Call logs and contact list
  • Call records
  • 30-days money refund guarantee 


XNSPY is one of the most popular SMS tracker apps both among parents and employers. Generally, parents opt for the XNSPY app to spy on their kid’s cell phones to monitor their digital activities. Sometimes, employers also use this app to spy on some of the suspicious employees to watch their daily digital activities on their phone to improve the work efficiency of the employees and maintain the confidentiality of the company documents. 


XNSPY has unlimited features that make it a very useful app for parents as well as employers. The Android spy app remote installation is very easy and simple. It can be easily installed on the target device and can provide you a record of every activity going on the target cell phone. 

XNSPY is also very effective in monitoring call logs and in tracking the current location of the target phone. It can keep the chat history of chat conversations of social media apps and also recover the deleted messages. XNSPY also alerts you by sending notifications against any unwanted keywords sent, received, or viewed in the target phone. 

It is a high-performance app that can provide the monitoring report very quickly. It has control over the browsing history of the target device and also sets the viewing time limit to protect from extra strain on eyes and other health issues.


  • Sets time limit to protect from eye strain
  • Provides quick monitoring report
  • Excellent location tracker
  • Creates geo fencing
  • Monitors SMS, MMS, and video calls
  • Records email sent or received


TruthSpy as the name suggests is an app that exposes the truth. It is a very safe app to spy on target devices. It is compatible with both Android as well as iPhone. This app is very powerful and useful to protect your child from any danger. It can record all the calls and keep monitoring all the photos, videos, and other media files shared through different social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, Viber, Snapchat, etc.


It also records Skype and Telegram conversations. The TruthSpy can also block the specified contact numbers and give an alert if there is any call or text messages received from that blocked contacts. It can check the browsing history and set viewing limits. 

It helps to monitor every activity of the target cell phone through a remote control panel of The TruthSpy and control all the activities from the dashboard. If you find any suspicious app in the target phone you can block, hide, or delete that app immediately by a remote function facility.


  • Blocks specific contact number
  • Keeps call logs
  • Remotely controls the activities
  • Saves the deleted messages
  • Checks the browsing history
  • Delete or block the suspicious app

Final Thoughts

Spying apps are very useful to protect your child from any possibility of cyber danger.  They are also very helpful in monitoring an employee by the employer to improve their work efficiency and maintain the confidentiality of the data sharing with each other during digital activities.

In this article, we have reviewed 5 popular spying apps along with their properties and features. All these apps are very easy to operate and they perform all the tasks very efficiently and quickly.  You can compare their features by visiting their official websites. After analyzing different features you can choose the one that best suits your requirements. But it is always suggested to have mutual consent before spying on any target phone and also follow legal aspects of that region.


Is there a free app to spy on someones phone without touching it?

There are a few different ways to spy on someone’s phone without touching it, but the best way is to use a spy app. Spy apps can be expensive, so it’s important to purchase one from a reliable company. There are many low-quality spy apps out there, so be careful when choosing one.

Can you read someone else’s text messages online for free?

Yes, you can read someone’s text messages online by using the spy app. This is a great way to keep tabs on your children, employees. The spy app will allow you to see all of the text messages that are sent and received on the target phone. You can also see the date and time that they were sent and received.

While the spy app is a great way to read someone’s text messages online, you should never use a free spy app. These apps are often scams, and they will not work properly. You should always choose a paid spy app. This is because paid spy apps are more reliable and they will allow you to read someone’s text messages online.

Is there a free trial for the spy app?

Yes. Take advantage of the spy app free trial for all of your monitoring needs. NEXSPY is an effective cell phone spy app with a FREE TRIAL to see if it’s right for you. Whether you’re concerned that your child or employee might be in danger, or just want to keep tabs on them remotely, NEXSPY offers powerful features at an affordable price!

How to spy on cell phone without installing software on the target phone?

There is no reliable way to spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone. The only way you can remotely spy on someone’s phone is if you download and install a spy app on their phone.

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