Monitor all text messages with our SMS Tracker

Monitor all text messages with our SMS Tracker

Remotely read and control your kid's text messages with NEXSPY
Remotely read and control your kid's text messages with NEXSPY
  • See target phone’s inbox and sent messages
  • Read full contents of all messages
  • See details such as contact names and numbers
  • See time and date stamps of all messages
Text messages

View all incoming and outgoing messages remotely. Even the deleted messages will still be available to view in your personal account.


View all content and media files shared via MMS messages. Monitor the content of every MMS and be sure they don't get & receive any unwanted private photos.

Why monitor texts

Everyone uses SMS messaging to communicate. To make sure your kids are safe, it is crucial to monitor their text messages, especially the deleted ones.

More features?

Call Logs
GPS Location
App Usage
Photos & Videos
Web Activity

How does it works

NEXSPY is easy to setup and use

Purchase your license

Purchase a NEXSPY license for the target phone

Activate target phone

Install and activate the license on the target phone

All data get captured

SMS, MMS messages and all details are captured

View on web account

All data is uploaded to your secure account for you to view

What our customers say

Thanks to NEXSPY I was able to monitor my kids phone. Not only did I know exactly where they were at all times but I was able to monitor their surroundings with the ambient record feature which was my favorite feature. The installation process was pretty simple I had no problems. I have tried other monitoring software and I have to say that NEXSPY is the best one out there. It's worth every cent and I would recommend it to any parent.

Sarah, USA

Mother of two

My reason was employee monitoring. I had been experiencing downtime and low productivity in employees's use of company devices. NEXSPY helped me a lot in making sure I know what the employee was doing on the work device. My most favourite feature is SMS and call tracking. I was able to see if work airtime was being used for work related purposes. The software is great and it allows companies to monitor their employee device.

Alfredo, Italy

Fleet manager