Should Parents Monitor Their Children’s Social Media?

It is not possible to keep your kids away from social media in recent days. The whole world is connected through the network of social media and you really cannot expect to keep your child aloof and isolated to ensure their safety and protect them from social media threats. However, as parents, you must monitor and safeguard your kids on social media and you can do the same with proper interventions like NEXSPY spy phone app that gives you the option for parental controlled cell phones

What are the Threats to Kids on Social Media Nowadays?

Technological advancements have brought their fair share of mal effects, especially on kids. These days every parent is always thinking about how safe is social media for their kids. However, their worries are not out of the league. The recent reports of cybercrime against children and minors on social media are indeed troubling. If you are still thinking should parents check their child’s phone? The answer is Yes they should keep their kids safe.

Let us first have a look at the ensuing problems before we can think about their solution. Here are the common threats to children on social media platforms:

Child Predators

Child predators start by sending a casual friend request to your kids on social media and start having conversations with them. Once they have gained your child’s faith, they lure the kids into various criminal activities and bring them over to the sexual crime domain. 

Scams, Including Identity Theft Schemes

Many fraudsters make friendship with kids on their social media and start behaving like friends. After substantial days of chat, they send all sorts of scam links to your kids and ask for personal information. 

Inappropriate and Dangerous Content

Inappropriate and Dangerous Content

So, many kids nowadays fall trap to dangerous content that harms their mental health and mostly all of this content reaches them through social media. Children can also view inappropriate content on social media if they are not under any kind of control or supervision. Though there are age restrictions and many other policies regarding viewing content on social media, yet the security is quite loose

Cyberbullying and Harassment

According to many types of research, more than 50 percent of kids and teens who are active on social media have suffered incidences of cyberbullying. With so many negative videos and harassment all around, the mental status of the kids is bound to be affected. Children and teenagers doubt their self-worth and often indulge in various crimes and end up in self-harm. Timely control and appropriate supervision can put a stop to these

Should Parents Monitor Their Children’s Social Media?

Yes. To protect your child, know their secrets and protect them from the vicious cyber world, it is extremely crucial to monitor their online activities. Many people can object in this regard that it may not be appropriate to do so because the kids also have their open life and privacy. But at the same time, it is very important to realize that they are not mature enough to understand how cruel social media is and the long-term deleterious effect that inappropriate use of social media can bring to their lives. 

Social media addiction has become one of the major concerns for children and teenagers. They are distracted from their studies and everyday activities. The kids keep on scrolling throughout the day and end up falling prey to the vicious trap of social media overuse and addiction. If you are thinking, should parents take away cell phones at night? – If you are using tracking software like NEXSPY, there is no need to.

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As parents, it is extremely important to monitor your kid’s activities on social media and also teach them about the potential dangers that excessive and unscrutinized social media use can bring upon them. One must make their children aware of real-life incidences depicting the dark side and daggers of random social media usage. Also, try to reduce their scrolling time by establishing normal relations with them. Have open conversations with the kids on how they can be trapped by predators and frauds on social media and how can fall a victim to cyberbullying and social media harassment. 

All of these are moral measures. But what if you as parents could make use of Technology to monitor your kid’s social media activities? And that too without letting them know? Yes, now it is possible with NEXSPY – the best parental control app. With NEXSPY, you can now monitor your kid’s activities online. They would not even know that you are doing this. On the other hand, you will be able to observe each step they take on social media. If you sense any danger or fear that they might fall prey to any instance of cyberbullying, you can immediately take an action and save them.

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Nothing is more important than the security of your kids on social media platforms. NEXSPY is a great way in which you can keep your kids safe against all the possible hazards 

How to Monitor Your Child’s Social Media

NEXSPY is one of the best parental control apps. It gives you access to your kid’s phones and you can virtually monitor all their activities. Right from the people who send them friend requests to the people they have regular chats with, you can view them all. Also, with NEXSPY you can track their exact location. If you are busy at home and not being able to accompany them everywhere, you can always get to know about their real-time GPS location to keep a track of their activities. With NEXSPY helping you out, now your kids can never escape your tier of security.

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With the help of NEXSPY you can:

See All Sent and Received Messages

Now you can have access to all the messages that your kids send and receive. The messages sent through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Skype as well as the ones sent through the phone can all be accessed through NESPY spying software.

View All Call History

You can now see the call history of your kid’s phone through NEXSPY. The timings of calls, the phone numbers that they are calling and receiving calls from can all be accessed through NEXSPY. You can easily figure out if they are connecting with suspicious numbers or which people reach out to them daily.

Monitor Social Media Apps like Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook

Through NEXSPY. You can easily track their friend lists, people who comment and react to your kid’s posts through NEXSPY. Parents can also see which pages and online communities their kids follow and are a part of. This shall make you aware of whether your kids are getting involved in any suspicious or inappropriate activities.

Track GPS Locations 

If you are unable to accompany your children everywhere they go, yet you want to track their real-time location, you can easily use the GPS feature of NEXSPY. Using this feature will always keep you updated about where your child’s phone and subsequently where your child is. So that at any necessary time, you can reach them and keep them safe.

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View the list of Visited Websites

With the worldwide web, the whole world and every kind of information are at the fingertips. To know the kind of content your child is browsing through and also to have a check whether they have fallen prey to some inappropriate content, you must have a look at the websites that your child searches. Using NEXSPY you can easily do this.

See Connected Wi-Fi Locations

Do you know to which WIFI networks your kids are connecting? To stay away from data leakage and keep information safe, secure, and private, it is of utmost necessity to connect to suitable WIFI networks. Now keep a track of the networks your child is connecting their phones to and keep them safe and secure virtually. All of this can be done by using NEXSPY. 

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NEXSPY – The Best Parental Control App

Should Parents Monitor Social Media of their Kids? In recent days it has become very important to do so and NEXSPY can help you to do that.

Follow these steps to set up NEXSPY on your child’s phone:

  • Go to and purchase the subscription that suits your best. Fill in the billing information, choose a payment method, and then submit your order.
  • Follow the installation instructions emailed to you after making a purchase and set up the app on your kid’s device.
  • Log in to your NEXSPY dashboard and start monitoring your child’s online activity.

With the subscription to NEXSPY, you can easily monitor and track your child’s online activities. In recent days when virtual crimes are increasing at rapid rates, it is essentials for parents to have a proper check on their children’s online activity to protect them and take immediate action as and when necessary. 

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NEXSPY is your perfect partner in achieving the safety goals of your kids. For more details on how NEXSPY offers the best results, do not forget to check out the official website of NEXSPY.

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