How To Remotely Access Someone’s Android Phone Without Them Knowing

A smartphone has become the most priced accessory we all carry with us today. It has become an extension of our own hands. You can hardly spot people without a phone unless that space has restrictions. Everyone keeps checking their phone like they are expecting an important call any minute now.

Do you ever wish to know what’s going on in their phone without having to ask them about it? Well, there is a way to do it. Yes, you can remote access an Android phone from afar, and the phone owner need not know you have access to not just their phone but all the personal data and details on it.

How to remote access someone’s Android phone without them knowing with NEXSPY

When you have the right app, remotely accessing an Android phone from far away can be very rewarding. NEXSPY is one such app you should consider if you’re searching for a reliable way to gain access to someone else’s phone.

NEXSPY is a phone monitoring app that allows you to remotely access any smartphone, be it an Android or an iPhone.

Remote access is nothing but the ability to access an Android phone, from a distance, without having to physically touch or handle it. You can be quite some distance away, but still, keep an eye on the target’s phone and know everything going on in that phone.

How does it work?

It’s very simple to start using NEXSPY. You just have to download the app on the target phone, install it and start spying in less than 5 minutes. NEXSPY is loaded with interesting features that can help you remotely access any Android phone completely and secretively. It has many features to offer.

Nexspy Dashboard

NEXSPY Features

If you are worried about a child misusing their phone or an employee who is always on their phone, even during work hours, you need an application with some impressive features to help you out, like:

Access to Call Logs

Knowing who is calling your kid or who your kid is talking to for so many hours can be very helpful. You can know who their friends are without having to ask them.

You can access logs of regular calls as well as VoIP calls. You can get the entire contact list and be alerted when a call is received on the target phone.

Access to Text Messages

You can read all those messages they are sending and constantly receiving without asking them for the phone. Reading messages can give you an insight into their plans and their company. 

You can access SMS and MMS on Android phones. Next time you ask them what is making them smile in the message, you need not be left with a “nothing” reply. You can know it all.

Access Messaging Apps

With the sheer number of apps available to message on, it can be quite tricky to keep track of the messages your target exchanges. They may not use the SMS facility to message for free over the internet. NEXSPY gives you full access to view all these messages as well.

You can do more than just read the messages. You can access the photos they send and receive, pages they share over social media messaging services, and their contacts.


Track GPS Location

Now you can know where your child or target is at all times. You don’t have to ask them and be rewarded with lies. You can silently keep an eye on your child to ensure they are safe at all times.

Record Key Logs

You can know what keys are used; this can be very useful to know passwords and other messages your kid types and deletes. Nothing can escape your eyes now.

Emails, Calendar & Notes

You can track all the Emails and notes they make on the phone to know what the target is up to. You can even know about their commitments through their calendar if they are a person who blocks and records their plans on the calendar. 

Monitor Internet Activity

The internet is vast and very dangerous in the hands of a young child. They may misuse it without meaning to. They might also be at risk from predators. You can now use NEXSPY to keep a close watch on the internet activities to know what your child is up to. 

Control Apps & Programs

NEXSPY gives you access to all the apps used on the phone. You can now know what the various apps installed are and which apps are being used more frequently and not. This can be a crucial piece of information as checking messages and call logs won’t suffice anymore if you are concerned about a person’s activities. 

View Multimedia Files

You can know the multimedia files sent and received on the phone. Be it a video or a voice message; you can keep track of it all. Knowing what photos are clicked or deleted from the phone can give you an idea about your target’s whereabouts. They can’t hide away the photos or videos from you anymore.

Additional System Info

One of the most common excuses for switching off a phone or not responding is low battery or dead battery. With NEXSPY, you can even know the battery status. You can know when the SIM card is changed in the phone and which Wi-Fi or cellular network the phone is on. 

Completely Hidden

NEXSPY app is completely hidden on the target’s phone. They will not know you are tracking them or remotely accessing their phone. 


The installation is very easy, and the entire application is very secure. The data is securely encrypted, and you need not worry about someone else gaining access to all those files you have access to through the app. You can also control all the aspects of the target phone from your cloud account.

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How to remotely access an Android phone with TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a great app to control or gain access to an Android phone or even a computer. All you need to do is install the app on the Android phone you want to access without anyone’s knowledge. The TeamViewer app can remotely access any Android device, irrespective of the brand, manufacturer, or professional display.

You can even access your files on your office computer when at home or get details from your phone you left back at home when you are at work. Did you know you could access servers too, using this app?

Here are the steps to follow, to remotely access an Android device using TeamViewer:

  • Download the app and install it on your device and the target device.
  • Next, go to the remote control tab on your device. You can find this in the main interface.
  • Now, you will find your TeamViewer ID along with a temporary password, which you can reset at any time of your choice. This password is required for anyone to remotely access your device.
  • Enter the target phone’s ID and choose the remote control option.
  • After successfully establishing a connection with the target device, every session will be displayed. You can see this on the title bar of the remote control window.

To remotely manage a device from your device, you need to obtain a TeamViewer Remote Management License. If you want to remotely access and manage more than one device at a time, you need to buy an end-point for each device. You can even opt for the custom package and customize your product as per your need.

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How to remotely access an Android phone with AirDroid

AirDroid is a very simple and straightforward app. There are no complicated steps involved. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you start remotely accessing another Android phone from your Android phone.

  • Download the AirDroid client app onto your target’s phone.
  • Install the AirDroid client app on the target phone and register an AirDroid account for you to gain access to the phone.
  • Once you sign into the account, you will have to go through a series of steps that involve permission requests to allow an app to access certain phone features. You need to give permission and just follow the instructions until you can enable the Remote Control permission on the Security & Remote Permission on the app.
  • You will face a problem if the target device is unrooted. You will have to download an add-on called the AirDroid Control in such a case. This will allow you to install the app on the phone.
  • You will have to download and install the AirMirror client on your phone or the phone you plan to use to control the target phone.
  • Next, log into the same AirDroid account from the AirMirror application.
  • After a successful login, you will see the target phone listed in the AirMirror device list.

You can do this with more than one Android phone. That is why there is a “device list” on your AirMirror application.

Alternatively, you can download and use the AirDroid Remote Support – a product specially designed to provide remote assistance. You can use this application to assist the target phone owner if they need help with something. However, this is with their knowledge, not without them knowing about it.

You can also control the Android device from another Android device or an iOS device. You just have to download the appropriate AirDroid application and run it on your phone.

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The best way to remote access someone’s Android phone without them knowing

When you use a reliable app to monitor or access someone’s phone, you can do so without them catching a whiff of what you are up to. This protection is very important if you are spying on a co-worker or even a teenage child.

NEXSPY Monitoring App

NEXSPY is the best android spy app that will not get you in trouble with your target for spying on them. Your spying on them is completely hidden, and all the data you are accessing are completely encrypted, thus protecting both you and your target from predators.

The multiple features can make it very convenient and easy to spy on someone you are concerned about. You can now protect your family or business without having to constantly question someone.

Spying on someone’s phone without their permission is not advisable unless you have a really good reason to do so. When you decide to remotely access someone’s Android phone without their knowledge, you need to do it right to avoid getting into any unwanted situation.

If needed, using the right app and investing in it is the best way to do this. With the right spy apps installed on your smartphone, you can spy away without getting into any kind of trouble.

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Can you remotely access an Android phone without knowing?

Yes, you can. You just need the right app and some uninterrupted physical access to the target phone. You can download the app, set it up and start accessing the target phone in a few minutes.

Can someone have access to my phone without me knowing?

Yes, they can. However, to gain this access to your phone, they must have physical access to your phone. It requires setting up an app, giving permissions, and even syncing both phones. Both phones must be together for a while. So, only a person close to you or who has access to your phone without you nearby can do this.

Can you spy on Android phones remotely?

Yes, you can. Not many know about this, but advanced and reliable apps allow you to gain access to other Android phones in a few simple steps. Once you install the app and follow instructions, you will gain access to the target phone in no time.

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