How To Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Installing Software On Their Phone?

Are you anxious and worried about why your family is glued to their phones? Perhaps you want to be knowledgeable about what your children are up to or what your partner is doing when you’re not around.

Whatever reasons you have in mind, you need to worry no more since you came to the right place. See, there are many scams and predatory services around the internet offering spying app, and it is easy to fall for them. If you don’t want this to happen, read on, and know more about what you can safely use to read someone’s text messages without installing software on their phone.

Is Spying Possible Without Installing Any App?

With remote platforms thriving in the current generation, such as the cloud, you may now be able to see anyone’s messages on any messaging platform without the help of any application installation. Even if this service can be free, it is entirely recommended that you upgrade to the paid subscription to be a lot safer and avoid getting caught.


Sadly, the cloud-based installation is only available on iOS devices. If your target is using an Android device, then it is required that you install an application first before you can read someone’s text messages without their phone.

NEXSPY – Spy on Anyone’s Mobile Phone Remotely

With the help of newly introduced technologies, NEXSPY could produce an application that can safely allow you to spy on anyone’s mobile device. NEXSPY is available on all popular platforms; iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.

NEXSPY dashboard

NEXSPY users can monitor messages on different popular messaging platforms, namely, Facebook Messenger, Line, KIK, WhatsApp, and many more! Aside from tracking messages, NEXSPY can also reveal Call Logs, VoIP Call Logs, E-mails, and even installed applications. All of these can be quickly done without any technical knowledge at all.

Conveniently Read Messages with NEXSPY

NEXSPY prides itself on its installation-free service, meaning that you can monitor someone without the risk of being detected. It doesn’t create any disturbances on the target mobile devices, so it can get easily unnoticed even if it is in use.

With more software features than its competitors in the market, NEXSPY is the most obvious choice for device surveillance without using too many funds. If you’re curious about what other features you can expect, be sure to read on until the end of this article.

SMS, MMS, iMessage, and E-mail Tracking

NEXSPY SMS spy app capabilities are more than just reading what’s on the inside of a message. It can reveal necessary information about them, including the time and date it was sent or received. Besides that, you’ll also gain the ability to browse already deleted messages and view more of their information. All of these can be quickly done remotely and without getting detected.

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NEXSPY dashboard 1

Invisibility Option

NEXSPY’s invisibility option is present to remove any chances of the device owner’s application being seen. When activated, the application icon of NEXSPY disappears from the list, alongside present and future notifications. It is recommended to permanently turn this on unless the one being monitored is aware of the whole premise.

Social Media and Online Messaging Tracking

Nowadays, SMS messages are only second to social media and online messaging platforms. With zero delay and free of charge, anyone with a mobile device is bound to use online messaging services. If your target uses Facebook Messenger, Line, KIK, and WhatsApp, NEXSPY can help you go undercover and monitor their messages on these platforms.

GPS Tracking and Geo-Fencing

Mobile devices nowadays are built with GPS tracking, which NEXSPY takes advantage of to provide the target’s exact location. Depending on many variables such as internet connection and signal strength, NEXSPY can accurately pinpoint the area of any device it is installed on.

Locations tracking demo features 1

Aside from that, a Geo-fencing feature helps receive alerts if the target is leaving certain premises defined by the application. You can conveniently receive push alerts about your target location, depending on the settings you have selected.

Call Log Monitoring

Detailed call logs are also possible to track and uncover by NEXSPY. Aside from that, you may again pull the address book of your target within just seconds. VoIP calls can also be recorded and have all their details pulled with ease. For iOS devices, FaceTime can also be used to monitor the surroundings of the target. However, reception and call quality will be based entirely on many variables, mainly the internet connection, as FaceTime requires data connection or wifi connectivity to work.

Internet Activity Monitoring

NEXSPY’s spying capabilities are even taken up another notch with its internet activity monitoring services. Easily track your target’s browser history with every necessary detail intact. Access all of their bookmarks and know what they’re currently up to or their interests.

Bookmarks demo features

To top all of that, NEXSPY also allows you to view the device’s network connection information and history. It means that you can easily track your target’s wifi activities by allowing NEXSPY to provide the network name and time stamps.

Media Files

Mobile devices nowadays are capable of storing massive amounts of media files. If you require monitoring photos, videos, and even audios, you should select NEXSPY for your next move. Besides viewing all media files stored on the target device, you can also download everything and have it already on your device. This way, you can review everything without being in a rush since everything has been downloaded and available offline.

Photo gallery demo features

Audio files sent to the device can also be recorded or listened to on the spot; it all depends on your preferences or needs.


Aside from calls and messages, NEXSPY is also a powerful tool for messing around with applications and monitoring them thoroughly without being spotted. NEXSPY can provide a concise list of all applications installed on the target device along with their relevant information. You can also uncover your target’s application activity and take screen snapshots of the currently running applications. That way, you can easily preserve information on the screen that is bound to be lost.

Both calendar and notes can also be observed with zero effort. Lastly, the device’s power status can also be viewed easily by displaying the remaining battery percentage and a list of applications that consume the battery the most.

Data Capture

NEXSPY is more than just a tool that “get text messages from another phone sent to mine“. It is also a discreet and useful Keylogger tool that allows the user to see the target device inputs real-time. It is an essential data-gathering tool that will become handy in certain situations.

App screenshots demo features

Those that target iPads can also use SpyCam to capture the surrounding environment or only the area that the iPad’s camera can see. Videos can also be recorded this way. However, it is data-intensive, and it requires a certain amount of time to be processed and uploaded.

Important Phone Changes Alerts

NEXSPY’s Call ID Alert is a feature that can be used to specify a number, and once it calls the target’s device, you’ll receive a live and instant notification alert. You may use this to protect your loved ones from strangers and weird callers that are too persistent.

In case the target’s device is lost and the SIM Card has been changed, you’ll also receive a notification about it since it’s classified as an actual and immediate event to be reported.

Alerts demo features

Keyword Alert is also a feature available to designate a particular word to a device. Once NEXSPY picks up any instance of the keyword’s appearance on the device, then you’ll get an instant notification about it. These alerts are all made discreetly, so it rests assured that you’re the only one who will receive such alerts.

Hide Root and Jailbreak Traces

NEXSPY hides everything related to rooting on an Android device. It includes tools and software such as the SuperSU application. For iOS users, jailbreak traces are also being hidden, including tools and software such as Cydia.

Remote Control Device

Besides remotely installing NEXSPY on a device, you can also have the power to uninstall or deactivate it anytime you want. All of these happen in the background of the target device, so rest assured that no disturbances and traces are being created for you to be revealed. NEXSPY also puts out different patches now and then. To ensure that everything is working correctly, you can deploy an update on the target device to have the application running to its maximum potential.

The NEXSPY dashboard also contains a lot of exciting commands that you may use remotely. It includes remote SMS sending and remote device restarting.

How to Get Started with Spying via NEXSPY?

NEXSPY’s target is to become the leading tool that anyone can use, even those that aren’t that much technically oriented. However, if you don’t want to miss out on any essential steps to get started, make sure to finish this section to have your NEXSPY running flawlessly.

First Step: Securing a License

Use any browser and access NEXSPY’s website. Make sure that you are visiting the official website to avoid any software tampering. After that, hover over to the “Get Started” button and continue.

You must acquire a license first before you are given login credentials. There are different pricing options available, and make sure that you select one that suits your needs and preferences.

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Second Step: Login

After you have successfully purchased a license, be sure to monitor your given e-mail as all information needed for you to log in will be sent directly to it. Once received, go back to NEXSPY’s website and look for the Login button.

Third Step: Software Installation

After logging in, you may now proceed to the installation process. Please note that Android devices must have their version at least compatible or updated to the latest version. For iOS targets, it is also a lot better if it is updated to the newest version of the operating system to ensure that no problems are encountered.

For Android targets, the installation might be different on those that are non-rooted and rooted.

Both versions require prerequisites to ensure that you aren’t giving away that you are using the software to spy on the target phone. First, make sure that security settings are disabled. To make sure that the installation will continue smoothly, enable installation from unknown sources. For hacking Samsung phone, make sure that you also disable device security. Lastly, Google Play Store notifications must also be turned off.

Afterward, feel free to download and install the application without thinking about getting caught. Input your license carefully and while you’re at it, make sure that you clear your download history to avoid any traces of the installation.

The rooted version follows the same prerequisite process as the non-rooted version. However, make sure that you check the SuperSU application and disable the notifications. The same goes for other rooting software such as Magisk.

After that, you can continue with the download and installation phase, almost similar to the non-rooted version. Just make sure that the download and browsing history are all cleared to avoid being caught.

Fourth Step: Data Monitoring

After the installation process is done, you may now monitor any data you wish through the online portal provided by NEXSPY. Depending on your license, your dashboard will change completely, listing only the features that are available to you. Make sure that you explore everything that is bundled with your license to have the best results.

SMS Messages demo features

In case website portals aren’t your thing, you may also try NEXSPY’s mobile data monitoring software available on major app stores.


It turns out NEXSPY is the best hidden android spy apps to use to read someone’s text messages without installing software on their phone. NEXSPY’s features are all ahead of its competitors in the market, and all of them are optimized to work correctly on different platforms.

NEXSPY sets the bar higher for spying applications without breaching security and treasuring user privacy above anything else. Its fair pricing and easy-to-use website are some of its highlights, making it a worthwhile investment.

NEXSPY is a spy apps for android with a plethora of useful features. It works on popular operating systems, and it prides itself on its ease of use and access. NEXSPY does all of this while protecting your data and privacy. Try it yourself without any commitments with the 3-day trial offering.

Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days
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