How to read WhatsApp messages from another phone?

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How to Read someones Whatsapp Message

Have you ever wanted to access someone else’s WhatsApp messages from another device? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss how to read someone’s WhatsApp messages from another device without them knowing.

How to read someone’s WhatsApp messages without their phone?

Are you suspicious that someone is reading your WhatsApp messages without your permission? If so, mSpy can help. It’s an app that allows you to read the WhatsApp messages of another person without their phone.

mSpy – WhatsApp spy app

mSpy is a powerful cell phone monitoring application that allows users to monitor and track the activity of any smartphone from anywhere in the world. It can be used by parents, employers, or anyone wanting to keep an eye on another person’s activity.

mSpy is easy to install and can be used from any device with internet access. It works by tracking activity on a target phone and sending the information directly to the user’s control panel. From there, the user can view all of the tracked data in real-time.

How to spy on WhatsApp messages with mSpy

Installing mSpy to read someone’s WhatsApp messages is an easy process that only takes a few moments. Before you begin, make sure you have access to the target device on which you wish to install the mSpy app.

First, you will need to open a web browser and go to the official mSpy website. There, you can purchase a subscription that best fits your needs. Once the payment is processed, you will be sent an email with an activation code and instructions on how to install mSpy.

mspy create account

Once you have the activation code, open up the target device and Disable PlayProtect on the device.

off play protectr

After you have Disable PlayProtect, open a web browser and download mSpy. You will be asked to enter your activation code during the installation process. Once the installation is complete, open up the application and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the app.

install mspy 3 step

Finally, go to, log in your account and select “WhatsApp.” Here you will to see incoming and outgoing messages from the target device’s WhatsApp account.

whatsapp tracking

Key features of mSpy

mSpy offers a range of features that are designed to ensure complete transparency and peace of mind for parents.

  • Call and messages tracking – view incoming and outgoing calls and text messages
  • Location tracking – track where your kids are in real-time with the GPS location feature.
  • Geofencing – get alerted whenever your kid enters or leaves certain locations you’ve set up in advance.
  • Time restrictions – control how much screen time is allowed per day for each app installed on the targeted device.
  • Browser history – if you want to know what websites were visited by your children use this mSpy feature instead of guessing it unknowingly.
  • App blocking & uninstallation– block any app that you don’t want them to use or uninstall it remotely from the dashboard.
  • Monitoring of social media – monitor social networks such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and more.

How to read others WhatsApp messages on Android

Reading someone else’s WhatsApp messages on Android can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be if you know what steps to take. There are a few methods you can use to view someone else’s WhatsApp messages without them knowing, and all of them require that you have access to their phone.

You can use to read someone else’s WhatsApp messages on Android by using a WhatsApp sniffer. These apps allow you to view all of the messages that are sent and received on the same WiFi network as your target phone. All you need is access to the same network, and you will be able to see all of their conversations in real-time.

WhatsApp Sniffer is a powerful tool used to read someone’s WhatsApp messages without their knowledge. It’s been gaining popularity lately, as it can be used to keep track of conversations and activities taking place on the popular messaging app.

First and foremost, you need to install the WhatsApp Sniffer application on your device. Once you have done that, it will be ready for use.

Next, you will need to connect the target device to your own phone. This can be done easily by either using a USB cable or via a Wi-Fi connection. Once connected, the WhatsApp Sniffer tool will start scanning for all the devices in the vicinity and allow you to view their conversations.

Once you have connected to the target device, you will be able to see all of the messages sent and received on their WhatsApp account. You can also access any media files they have shared or been sent as well. Moreover, you can even monitor when they are online or offline and how long they stay active on the app.

Read someone’s WhatsApp messages via MobileTrans

MobileTrans is a powerful phone data transfer tool from Wondershare. It helps users to quickly and easily transfer data between two different mobile devices, regardless of the platforms they run on. With it, you can select what you want to transfer, like messages, photos, videos, contacts, calendars, and more. It supports data transfer between iOS and Android, as well as iOS to iOS or Android to Android.

mobiletrans whatsapp transfer

The process is fast and safe, with no risk of data loss. MobileTrans also features a 1-click backup and restore system, so you can back up your important data or restore it to another device in just one click.

MobileTrans is a powerful tool that helps users easily and quickly transfer, back up and restore their WhatsApp messages on different devices. With this tool, you can easily transfer all your data from one device to another without any trouble. It also allows you to back up your data securely and restore it whenever you need it.

How to check WhatsApp messages with QR Code?

Checking your WhatsApp messages using a QR Code is an easy and secure way to access the messaging service without having to exchange contact information with the other user.

The first step to accessing messages with a QR Code is to open up the WhatsApp application on your phone. At the bottom right corner of your screen, you should see a small circular icon with a camera. Tap this and select ‘QR Code’ from the options that appear.

The next step is to scan the QR Code of the other user you want to communicate with. Depending on your phone, you may need to tap the ‘Scan’ button at the bottom of your screen or move your phone over the code in order to read it.

Once you have scanned the QR Code successfully, WhatsApp will open up a chat with this user and you will be able to send and receive messages from them as normal. You can also add contacts from your address book or exchange contact information if you wish to do so.

Should I read someone’s WhatsApp messages?

Reading someone’s WhatsApp messages without their permission can be an invasion of privacy and is not recommended. The only valid reason to read someone’s WhatsApp messages would be if there are concerns about their safety or well-being. It could also be used as evidence in a court of law if needed, but anyone doing so should make sure they comply with all relevant privacy and data protection laws. In any other circumstances, it is not advisable to read someone else’s WhatsApp messages without their consent.


Can I read my WhatsApp messages from another phone?

No, WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted and can only be read on the device that the message was sent. If you try to access your messages from another phone, you will not be able to view them. This is a security feature of WhatsApp that prevents unauthorized users from accessing private conversations.

How can I secretly read WhatsApp messages on Android?

One of the most effective ways to secretly read WhatsApp messages on Android is to use a spy app. These apps allow you to remotely access and monitor someone else’s phone without them knowing, giving you access to their WhatsApp messages and more.

How can I see who my friends are chatting with on WhatsApp?

Unfortunately, there is no way to directly view who your friends are chatting with on WhatsApp. However, you can ask them directly or check their chat history if they have enabled the ‘Show My Friends What I’m Typing’ feature in their chat settings. You can also look through their contact list and see who they are connected to by looking at which contacts have a green dot beside their name.

How can I see someone’s WhatsApp messages without opening them?

It is not possible to see someone’s WhatsApp messages without opening them. WhatsApp messages are encrypted and can only be seen by the person who sent the message and the person who received it.

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