The Best Parental Control App for iPhone and Android 2018

With rapidly changing technologies in a fast-moving world, it has become extremely difficult for parents to keep track of their children. Parents can only teach and guide their child only at their home and the moment children step out of the house, it becomes too difficult to keep a vigil on their day to day life. Children’s security and safety are the most important concern that parents are facing every day.

More than the physical world, the virtual world has become a threat to children. They can be bullied online, they can be harassed by an unknown person or they could indulge in obscene contents which are very easily accessed by any child. The virtual world has a wide reach and if used in a negative way is very much able to destroy your child’s future.

Keep Your Kids Safe Online with NEXSPY Parental Controls Software

To reduce the virtual threat lingering in your child’s life, you can choose to install parental control software that would be controlled by you at any time from anywhere. But before discussing such app let’s analyze the various problems associated with cybersecurity and features that will help you to protect your child.

Cyber dangers every parent should be aware of:


It is a kind of repeated harassment through electronic means. Though every individual, in all age categories, could face cyberbullying, it is excessively common in teenagers. Repeated threats on social networking sites, exclusion, the outing of victims and staking over online platforms can be categorized as cyberbullying. The victims generally have low self-esteem which boosts the feeling of exclusion and harassment.


It is the way of harassing children through sending or forwarding sexual messages, files, pictures and any document in mobile phones and even in the computer, laptops, etc. Sexting could be done to lure children to websites providing obscene content and even to strengthen bullies self-satisfaction. Bullies target teenagers as they are not so mature to handle all such kinds of things and they even get bullied easily without saying anything to their friends and parents.

Online Predators

This is another kind of cyberbullying through instant messages, chat rooms and online conversation where the main motives of the predators are luring children to pornography world and business. First, they would hide behind teenage profiles to befriend their targets and abuse children on the internet. They send pornographic content, images, and films to teenagers and then force them to exhibit their sexual images, pictures on the internet or through messaging apps. The meeting of predators and victims is restricted to online platforms and the anonymity of internet conversation leads children to open up unhesitatingly. The case of online predation is increasing day by day.

Total Child Safety With NEXSPY Parental Controls Software

NEXSPY monitoring software not only helps to find a lost phone, but it is able to do a lot more things to help you manage your child’s online activities. It helps you check your children’s conversation over the Internet, phone messaging apps, emails and social networking sites like Facebook. Our parental control software allows parents to manage their children’s mobile world like emails, messages and phone calls and that too sitting far away. Now you don’t have to sneak a peak every time your child takes a break and go to the kitchen for water. Our app is there for you to do all the things you want to check on your child’s phone anytime and anywhere. It gives you the exact location of your child outside the home and you are always in control of safety software and filtering of web content.

Features in our app that that will help you protect your child online:

Messaging Apps

Our app packed with powerfull features to monitor all popular IM apps such as Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. And our strong Privacy Policy is there to help you protect your children. The usual end-to-end encryption allows the two people to chat and it cannot be hacked by the third person. It keeps the data and it can be tracked by police authorities very easily.

GPS Location

With the help of GPS tracker, the location of the target phone can be tracked and traced. GPS data enables authorities to track the place of bullies and predators so that they can be stopped to harass more teenagers. If your children are outside of the house, their location can be checked by you through GPS locator and you can ensure their safety.

Call Logs

Call details are necessary to know your child is speaking to whom and when. You can ensure that they are speaking to their friends, teacher, and relatives. Call logs are one of the ways to maintain the data of cyber activities and phone activities of your child. Our app also allows you to keep a check on their behavior over phone and mobiles.

Photos, Videos

If you can access the photo gallery captured by our app, you can definitely keep a vigil on the types of photos and videos shared with your child with friends and known people. The photos and videos containing obscene and derogatory content could be easily downloaded from the Internet and can be forwarded to chat groups and platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Our parental control app can make you accessible to all pictures and videos shared by your child.

Text Messages

Text messages can tell you a lot about your child conversation. It allows you to keep a vigil on the people also and their messages. Our parental control app for iPhone and Android devices will allow you to check all conversations happened on your child's phone.

Monitor Internet Activity

If your child is spending way too much time on the Internet then it is a matter of concern. The access to Internet activity of your child makes you aware of the content, websites and Internet platforms they are checking and visiting. The continuous check on their Internet activity can be managed by you distantly through our parental control app available for this specific purpose.

We provide 24/7 support, and our app has 100% stealth mode feature allowing you to be totally invisible and gives you 100% secure monitoring. NEXSPY can be used for all iPhone and Android devices making it easily accessible to all parents.