How to Monitor Your Child’s Snapchat without Them Knowing?

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Greater power comes with greater responsibility. In this era of technological innovations, people get a lot of facilities at their fingertips. For example, you can easily connect with someone through the Snapchat messenger application. You can send and receive text messages, images, videos, and many other multimedia files. Snapchat is getting popular among teenagers and adults. Since teenagers use the application, their parents must be aware of the potential risks of this application. Your kids may fall into the trap of online scams. There could be various other potential dangers of social media for teenagers. Hence, parents need to spy on their kids' Snapchat accounts to ensure safety for them.

If you want to monitor your children's Snapchat account, you need to have physical access to your kids' smartphone. Nevertheless, you should know the password to unlock their phone. Today, most smartphone devices come with advanced security systems. Apart from the password lock, these devices come with a pattern lock and fingerprint lock. Moreover, the Snapchat application can be locked with a fingerprint or pattern. Hence, parents will face difficulty in accessing the Snapchat account of their kids. The second option for spying on Snapchat data on your child's phone is using a spying application.


Parents need to find a reliable and advanced spying application to track data on their kids' phones. Not only Snapchat data, but spying applications also give you access to other social media profiles of the target device.

You can track text messages, calls, images, videos, and other details along with social media data. It gives the power to parents to monitor the activities of their kids on social media. If there is a possible threat, parents can identify them at the early stages. As a result, kids will stay protected from scams and other possibly harmful rackets. So, how to monitor Snapchat? Parents can find useful information on this matter in the following section.

Why Should You Monitor Snapchat?

For parents, there are many reasons to monitor the Snapchat account of their kids. Some of those reasons are discussed in the following section.


Your kid may become a victim of cyberbullying. On various social media networks, a lot of mischievous activities happen. Groups of notorious people search for individuals for bullying.  Cyberbullying can lead to emotional distress. Your kids may become depressed. As a result, his studies will get hampered. Bullying can lead to many other fatal consequences. To protect kids from cyber-bullies, parents should monitor Snapchat and other social media platforms on their kids' smartphones.


Internet is a pool of information. At the same time, it acts as Pandora's Box. The internet can unleash sexually explicit content for someone. Kids easily get attracted by these things. They access many adult websites. They become victims of sexting. For protecting your kids from explicit content on the internet, you must monitor Snapchat and other social media apps on your kids' smartphone devices.

Online Predators

A lot of mischievous rackets work on the internet. Kids may easily fall into the traps of these mischievous activities. Parents should take the initiative for protecting their kids from online predators. For example, Momo Game on social media turned popular a few years ago. Kids participating in such games ended up being mentally tortured and blackmailed. Parents should spy on the Snapchat accounts of kids to save them from online predators.

Protecting Personal Information

Teenagers easily get trapped by various scams. Hence, personal information becomes compromised. Parents should monitor Snapchat details on their kids' phones for protecting personal information. Monitoring the activities of your kids on Snapchat will help you to understand the potential threats. You can ask your kid to stay away from such threats.

Malware and Virus

Through Snapchat, users share various kinds of files. Such files may contain viruses and malware, and novice Snapchat users may not understand the threat. Parents should be able to recognize the virus or malware. They can help kids to stay protected from such cyber threats.

Monitoring Total Time Spent on Snapchat

Using Snapchat for communicating with friends is a good thing. It brings much-needed refreshment for kids. At the same time, there are some risks. Teenagers often get addicted to social media platforms. Snapchat can also be an addictive platform. When kids spend more time on social media, they lose focus on their studies. Using a spying application will help the parents monitor the total time kids spend on Snapchat. If they are spending more time on social media and Snapchat, parents should help kids understand the importance of studying.

What Is the Best Way to Monitor Snapchat on Android and iPhone?

There are two ways of monitoring the activities of your kids on Snapchat. The conventional way is accessing the smartphone device of kids secretly when they are busy in other activities. But, it has many challenges.

First of all, parents may not know the password for unlocking the smartphone of their kids. Sometimes, kids keep the Snapchat application locked. Hence, parents cannot access data on the app.

The alternative solution is using a top-quality spying application. The application needs to be installed on the target device. When it is done, you can easily access Snapchat and other social media applications on the target device. For parents, this is the most convenient way of monitoring the social media activities of kids. You can access the chats, multimedia files, and other data on Snapchat through the portal of Snapchat monitoring apps.

NEXSPY – the Best Snapchat Spying Application

For spying on the kids' Snapchat, parents can use a different kind of spying application. A lot of premium apps are there, and NEXSPY is one of them. We recommend NEXSPY for its user-friendliness and affordability. You can easily monitor Snapchat on iPhone and Android with this spying app.

NEXSPY dashboard

So, how can you spy or hack Snapchat with NEXSPY? Using NEXSPY is simple. Users have to keep the following steps in mind while using this application.

Step 1: Buy a NEXSPY Subscription

At first, you need to purchase a NEXSPY subscription that includes Snapchat spy. There are three subscription plans. All of them include Snapchat spy. According to your budget and convenience, you can select a plan.

Step 2: Get the License Details via Email

After purchasing the subscription plan, you will get a confirmation message in your email inbox. Another email will reach you revealing the license details and subscription key.

Step 3: Install NEXSPY Application

The third step is the most critical. You need to install the app on the target device. You should have physical access to the device to install the NEXSPY app on the device. The app works faultlessly on both Android and iOS operating systems.

Step 4: Snoop on Snapchat Details

Installing NEXSPY on the target device, you need to give the cell phone back to your kid. From your desktop or laptop, you need to open the NEXSPY spying portal. You will get a dashboard inside the portal. On the dashboard, you can find the Snapchat tracking option. Clicking on this option will help you to spy on Snapchat details on the target Android or iPhone device.

App screenshots demo features 1

Are you skeptical about the usefulness of NEXSPY? You can try the 3-day trial version of the software. During the trial period, you will have access to all features of the app. It will help you to determine the worthiness of using NEXSPY.

The Best Ways to Monitor Your Kid's Snapchat

There are many ways of monitoring the Snapchat details of your kids. Today, kids do not like parents to check their cell phones. Hence, they may keep Snapchat locked with a password or pattern. In such cases, parents should use a spying application to access the Snapchat details of kids. NEXSPY is the best spying application. It is affordable and user-friendly. Additionally, NEXSPY comes with the following benefits.

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Detailed Snapchat Data

Using NEXSPY will give you access to your kids' Snapchat conversations with others. It gives access to both ways of conversations.

Hidden App

NEXSPY stays hidden and works proficiently. Target device users would not realize the presence of NEXSPY. It works perfectly with iPhone and Android devices.


Many spying applications are available. The benefit of NEXSPY is the affordability. You will get flexible monthly and yearly subscription plans with NEXSPY.

No Rooting Needed

For spying on Snapchat details of the target device with NEXSPY, you do not need to root the Android device.

More Than 40+ Features 

NEXSPY includes more than 40 features for spying on the target device. Hence, it is rated as one of the leading spying apps.


So, how to monitor Snapchat? NEXSPY Snapchat hack tool is the answer for the parents. If you think that your kid has become a victim of sexting, online predators, and other virtual threats, you should use NEXSPY to spy on your kid's smartphone device. Spying on Snapchat and other social media details will help you understand the potential threats ahead for your kids. Assessment of the potential danger will help you to save kids from many unpleasant events.

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