How To Monitor Your Child’s Computer Remotely?

Do you ever wonder about what your kids do on their computers? Are you aware of all the websites and social media activities they engage in? Then, learning about the best computer and parental control software can help. Because they can help parents monitor what their child has been doing 24/7 online. 

Using parental control software to monitor online activity of your children should be prioritized. With so much freedom to visit anything online, most kid unknowingly finds access to inappropriate content. They run the greatest risk of falling prey to the most versatile virtual predators. And even run the risk of getting harassed by cyberbullies. However, parents can now monitor child’s computer remotely with the best parental control software

Nowadays, finding the best parental control software to monitor the online activity of children is a very difficult task. Mainly because a wide array of the parental control software is available on the internet. However, we plan on making this decision easy for you.

Read on our article to find out about the 8 best computer monitoring software for parents in 2021. The parents can use the resourceful information to choose which parental control software will make the best choice for them. 

Why do you need to monitor your child’s computer remotely?

If you take out time to reflect upon the facts, you might feel panicked. Why? Because unrestricted online fun might ruin your child’s future. So, setting limits and keeping a check on what kids do online is the best way to save them. Save them not only from becoming future internet addicts but also from cyber fraud. 

Most children innocently use the internet. However, having no internet boundaries will surely affect their innocence. It can impact their health as well as their growth. If they start spending too much time on the internet, then how are they going to learn to play sports? And how will they learn to initiate healthy forms of social interaction?

The growing internet dangers in today’s date have made more parents decide whether to monitor child’s computer remotely or get parental control software. Cyberbullies can damage the personality of an impressive and shy child. Apart from this, inappropriate and sensitive content, fake people, and dangerous situation are some big red flags for the parents of the 21st century.

girl use facebook on laptop

Parents have the full right to monitor online activity of their children to keep them safe and healthy. They should aim to limit their child’s online activity by setting an ideal daily schedule for resting time, playing with friends, indulging, etc. The schedule can be adjusted and synchronized with the daily activity of their children. To limit what to do, what to watch, when and who to chat with, and when to play. This is why the best parental control software is needed to safeguard their children.

Teens also spend a great amount of time on the internet. Most teens spend more than half of their time on the internet. From playing games to watching countless YouTube videos to talking to their friends, most teens have no boundaries on how much internet usage is sufficient. However, such excessive internet usage and exploring are what exactly appeals to ill-minded people to take advantage of their innocence. Thus, parents need to impose limits on their child’s internet usage and online activities as soon as possible.

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Monitoring your child’s smartphone and computer completely makes a popular solution. Several parental control software and online apps can now help most parents monitor phone of their children.

Read on this article to find out all about the 8 best computer monitoring software for parents in 2021.

8 Best Computer Monitoring Software for Parents

Nowadays, most kids have unlimited access to smartphones and computers. They use both electronic devices rapidly for several purposes. However, these kids end up getting too addicted to internet browsing. Such extensive usage of the internet exposes them to unsafe websites. This kind of behavior raises the concern of their parents. The parents then look for the ultimate solution to protect their children from unsafe websites and content. They opt for the best parental control software to easily monitor online activity of their children on the computer and smartphones.

The 8 best parental control computer monitoring software is as follows:

Bark – Parental Control Software

Bark makes one of the most affordable parental control software solutions to monitor child’s computer remotely. Bark is not just a great solution for “how to monitor child’s iPhone” but also an exceptionally great solution for web activities.

With Bark, any parent can control all kinds of social media and networking activities of their children. Bark makes the ultimate solution to monitoring online activity through its chrome extension. The chrome extension can be extensively used both for PC and laptops.

bark parental control app

Installing the Bark spy app is very simple. Once the installation process is complete, parents can enjoy not just monitoring their child’s computer. But also, their child’s iOS, Amazon, and Android devices any day.

Bark also has a very easy-to-understand dashboard. Through this dashboard, parents can monitor your child’s text messages, emails, videos, social media networks, and much more.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a phenomenal cross-platform that aids parents in monitoring various online activities of their kids. Their great parental monitoring software helps parents filter any harmful websites using the web filtering feature. The easily compatible security platform works well with Windows, MAC, and Android devices.

net nany

Some great features that make Net Nanny parental control software unique are that Net Nanny makes blocking social apps and websites pretty easy. The app doesn’t just have some amazing features to monitor online activities. But the app also comes with a top-notch screen time management feature.

The major benefit of using the Net Nanny app is that it provides a web filtering feature. However, the app is not compatible with iOS devices.

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Qustodio is another top-notch app that provides parents with all kinds of incredible parental control software features. Qustodio is one of the most unquestionable choices in our top 8 computer monitoring software applications list.

With some great web filters and genuine parental monitoring control features, the app helps parents get a better insight into their child’s activities. Through the parental control software, parents can decide how much time they want their kids to spend on the internet. They can do so by using the screen time feature provided by the exceptional software.

Qustodio is one of the most affordable parental control software to monitor child’s computer remotely. Parents that are looking forward to monitor online activity on only one computer can opt for the basic version of Qustodio.


Mobicip computer parental control software provides a good range of features to monitor child’s computer remotely. The well-designed parental monitoring software comes packed with an organized web interface. Be it app blocking or compatibility with all kinds of software, Mobicip indeed works wonders for parents.

Mobicip parental control software supports Chromebook, Windows, iOS, Android, Kindle, and Mac OS X. The great monitoring software provides a full activity record of all the website’s history and social media usage by the target user. However, the Mobicip app doesn’t provide any call or SMS monitoring.


Parents can use the Mobicip app to block and filter search phrases, websites, and apps that their children use. The app is incredibly easy to install as well as set up. And provides one of the best parental monitoring experiences to iPhone users over everyone else.


FamiSafe has a top-notch record of providing the most elite parental control features to monitor a child’s computer remotely. Through the phone monitoring app, parents can gain insights into their child’s computer activity and browsing history. Parents can then use the FamiSafe app to filter any porn websites or even block some concerning desktop apps.


If you believe your kids have become computer gaming addicts, then using the FamiSafe app will make a wise decision. The spy app without target phone sets some strict screen time rules so that kids use the computer within set limits. Apart from the computer, FamiSafe also provides some great basic and advanced monitoring features for other devices.

FamiSafe helps parents monitor online activity of their children on devices such as Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, etc. The app also helps parents try before they buy. Their three-day free trial is available for download on Google Play Store and App Store.

McAfee Safe Family

McAfee Safe Family is the most robust and reliable parental control software on our top 8 list. The highly reputable software application company is known for its secure antivirus protection packages. Their protection tools are quite famous across the globe. And their parental control software is only taking their robust services to the next level.

McAfee Safe Family

From monitoring the target user’s email, browsers, and social media networks to blocking content based on 35 different categories, McAfee Safe Family is one of the most ultimate family welfare packages. 

Apart from providing the above-mentioned next-level features, McAfee Safe Family prevents children from searching any sexual or concerning content online. Their time-limiting features and location tracking services also make the app a great buy.

Parents will also get immediate notifications and alerts about their kid’s online whereabouts 24/7.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids helps parents monitor online activity and computer activity of their children. It is one of the best parental control apps and software to monitor child’s computer remotely.

Kaspersky Safe Kids comes packed with some incredible features such as access to real-time GPS location, blocking inappropriate sites, check device usage time, and much more. The great spy app also provides real-time location alerts of the target user.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Parents can choose the free app to monitor their child’s phone or premium app version of the Kaspersky Safe Kids parental monitoring software for computers.

The only drawback of using Kaspersky Safe Kids is that if someone else gets access to your app password. Then, they can access your child’s location and personal details anytime anywhere.

Norton Family

Norton is the world’s number one brand when it comes to secure and reliable online security. Their parental control software, Norton Family, is only one step ahead in maintaining their legacy. The great app aids parents to monitor online activity of their child on their computer very remotely.

Norton Family

Norton Family parental control software will help parents learn everything about what all their kids do on their computers through the app. They will help them block any inappropriate content. They will also help parents set restricted timings for limiting the use of the computer.

The multi-device application certainly delivers one of the most elite parental monitoring features in 2021. These features include easy social media monitoring, easy GPS location access, tracking call logs and text messages, app blocking, website blocking, web filtering, and much more. However, the app doesn’t allow the user to take screenshots.

Conclusion: Monitor Your Child’s Computer

Once parents put their mind on the dangerous effects of using computer and internet without any set limits. They will realize the importance of having the best parental control software to monitor child’s computer remotely. Using parental control apps is certainly the need of the moment.

Although using parental control software might seem like you are trying to invade your child’s privacy. However, it is only to save them from building unhealthy habits and risky affairs such as getting cyberbullied. So, as a parent, you need to realize that you won’t be disrespecting your child’s privacy. You are only doing so because you have a genuine concern for your children.

For having the best monitoring experience, it is wise to find the best parental control software first. And through this article, we have aimed to let you know about the 8 best computer monitoring software for parents in 2021. 

By using the best parental control computer monitoring software that suits you best, you won’t ever have to drive yourself crazy about what your kids have gotten themselves involved in. You can freely explore, understand their mindset, and also keep them safe from the hazards of the virtual world.

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