How Can I Monitor My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

With the coming out of new technologies, a lot of new means of communication have been discovered. Virtually everyone has mobile devices, and this allows them to access the online world limitlessly. The internet has made things so simple, easy as well as beneficial for users.

With regards to the array of people utilizing it, there are millions of people without restriction on gender or age taking pleasure in its benefits. This is true for the younger generation; they have access to mobile devices. However, remember there’s a remarkable disparity in how an adult and kids use these smartphones.

Child’s Text Messages

The sensible application of mobile devices and the internet can bring about lots of positive changes. However, the question is, do all of us are using it sensibly? Are our children safe with the mobile device in their possessions? Kids are taking pleasure in their time of exploring and finding new things, so they’re utilizing the internet to keep in touch with friends and meet new people, share life, have fun and kill time.

Where these kids enjoy the better applications of the internet, they’re also susceptible to the risks of social media. Putting much information over makes kids vulnerable. Also, when they’re being stalked or experiencing online bullying, how can you help as a parent?

What do you need to monitor your child’s phone without them knowing?

A lot of parents ask, what do I need to monitor my kid’s phone without them knowing? Put simply, any teen phone monitoring worth its weight has to be set up on their kids’ mobile device. There are many tracking apps, which will let you monitor the kid’s phone without him knowing.

It is highly recommended to utilize this app as a talking point with the kids, to reduce any possible resistance and explain to them that privacy is still imposed. A lot of teen phone tracking apps notify parents if there’s a potential need for parental intervention like browsed websites, the keyword you have set being triggered into the messaging app of the child.

The Best Software for Monitoring your Child Phones

Here is some of the best software that can help you monitor your child phone’s activity:


NEXSPY helps you keep your little ones safe and sound online and protect them from possible dangers online. 

NEXSPY dashboard 1

This parental control app has been made to guard your kids 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and keep them away from internet hazards. This is free to try and considered one of the best and most reliable ones.

View Text Messages: The capability to view, send, and delete texts makes this one of the best tracking apps available in the market.

WhatsApp Monitoring: This app help you keep monitoring your kids’ WhatsApp activities.

View Internet Activity: NEXSPY allows you to know what your kid is doing online and at the same time see his or her online activity to ensure he or she is not accessing harmful websites or content.

Monitor Location: Always keep updated and informed of your kid’s location or whereabouts and monitor the location so you can be ready for an emergency.

Recording Calls: Record and listen to all outgoing and incoming calls to know what your kids are up to and what he or she talks about.

GPS Tracking: With this feature, you can monitor the precise location of your kid. View his current location as well as location history logs.

Browsing Activities: Monitor all details thoroughly, which include visited sites and their regularity. Track which sites your kids like and access the most.

Works in the background: the app is not visible on the target device.

Easy installation: This is easy to install; you don’t need to be tech-savvy to set up this app on your kid’s mobile device.

Affordable Price: This is considered one of the reasonably priced tracking software. And you can try this app for free.

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This is the most user-friendly and popular iPhone monitoring app for tracking kids, preventing theft, and supervising their online activities. This works on the target mobile device to monitor all activity, including call log history, calendar updates, GPS location, text messages, web history, and a lot more. After following the easy step-by-step guide on how to make your mSpy account online, you might log in right away start viewing the tracked data.

mspy cost

Manage Calls: This allows you to see all outgoing and incoming calls with their timestamp and duration.

Monitor Text Messages: This mobile device tracking app allows you to read all the target smartphone user’s multimedia and text messages.

Read Emails: With this app, you can ensure your kids’ time is not wasted on browsing dangerous sites and online predators do not threaten them.

Monitor GPS Location: mSpy can be installed to track the GPS location of the target phone. Know if your kid is where he needs to be or where he is right now.

Track Internet Use: See all URLs visited by users in the mobile device browser. See what they are up to online by scanning the browsing history.

Bark – Parental Control Monitoring App

From the dashboard, contacts, access text messages, blocks websites and apps, locate your kids, and much more.

Messages: See text message discussions or conversations and review pictures.

Calls: See call logs as well as set alerts to be notified instantly if your kid is being called or texted by those you’re not at ease with.

Contacts: Keep your kid’s contacts synced easily and quickly. Set up approved lists of contacts and be notified of unapproved communication.

Websites: Mobile internet activity on kid’s mobile device logged and accessible easily. Get alerts if the kids try to access blocked websites.

Locations: Know the kid’s whereabouts or locations with GPS location tracking; this app monitors the last location of the kid.


Qustodio is a very powerful web-based mobile spy app utilized for parental tracking as well as parental control.


Due to its no root or jailbreak android spy solutions, you can easily monitor your kid’s phone activity even if you are at the office or your kid is in school. Some of the best features of this tracking app take account of the following:

View Location: Know precisely where your kid is at any time or where she or he has been in the past few days.

Monitor Text Messages: Track text messages of your kid. View text messages which are deleted or removed by your little ones.

View Apps: Monitor all activity on apps like Snapchat, Contacts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Photos, and a whole lot more.

Track Call Logs: Track kid’s call logs for both outgoing and incoming calls. Also, you can track other information like number, contact name, duration of calls, and date.

Browse History: See all the kid’s browser history for any day and at the same time have access to the pictures which are on your little one’s cell phone.

Qustodio is indeed a very powerful and reliable web-based cellphone tracking solution for parents to monitor their children to track their activities. Once it is utilized to monitor a tablet or Android, it lets you take out information from the target device after simple and easy setups. You might see the tracked data remotely from your kid’s device, tablet or PC provided that you are connected online.

How to Monitor Your Kid’s iPhone?

If your kids own a mobile device and you are in dire need of tracking them, you can do it by using parental controls. Prevention is better than cure, and this parental control may assist save your kid from stalkers, pedophiles as well as stops school bullying. Tracking underage children is legal for parents.

One of the best parental controls that you can install on your kid’s mobile device is NEXSPY. This is an advanced tracking app for Android and iPhone devices with valuable features like a keylogger for Android. Parents utilize it as parental control software that assists keep their kids safe online.

How to Monitor Your Kid’s Android Phone?

There are many ways parents can monitor, such as:

Use Google Family Link to monitor the location of your child’s device. This is free apps to monitor child’s Phone from Google helps parents monitor their child’s computer remotely and allows parents to set specific digital ground regulations for the family.


First, a kid will require a compatible phone, and then parents start downloading onto their device. If a kid already has an account, the app will walk their guardian in linking the account to the kid’s account. The child also needs to download the app on their device to do the linking process.

Another way to monitor kid’s activity is to install NEXSPY on their kid’s Android phones. NEXSPY is considered one of the best teen monitoring apps. It comes with amazing features like view location, monitor child’s text messages, view apps, tracked call logs, and many more. It is also easy to set up and use.

How to Monitor Your Child’s Text Messages?

For monitoring a child’s text messages on Android, you can try the best phone tracker app, NEXSPY. This remarkable app allows you to keep tabs on your kid’s device. You can monitor GPS, text messages, phone calls as well as web activity. You can set it up on your kid’s mobile device and make an account.

SMS Messages demo features

You have to set it up on your kid’s mobile device. With regards to the installation process, you have to get the target device and then download the app from NEXSPY online repository. When done downloading, install it right away. If you are asked to set off the application, all you want is to key in the license code to get inside the account. After which, you can track your kid’s phone through the online portal of NEXSPY.

How to monitor your kid’s Snapchat?

Snapchat is a multimedia instant messaging app made by Snap Inc. One major feature of this app is that messages and pictures are usually only available for a short period before becoming inaccessible to the receivers or recipients. This is a safe and fun app. But, if kids utilize it to do wrong things like sexting, then it’s not appropriate. So, the best thing parents need to do is to set up a tracking app.

One best phone monitoring app is NEXSPY. This is a reliable app that monitors Snapchat accounts on Android or iPhone of your little ones. It is a tracking app that enables you to track text messages, capture screenshots, and log keystrokes.

App screenshots demo features 1

NEXSPY allows parents to view what their little ones are sending on this social network site and who they are texting, calling, emailing, and where they are. Parents should download the app onto their kid’s phones. After setting up, they can see the message on their device.

But, you have to ensure that just your kid’s friends can call them on this platform. Just open the kid’s profile page, tap on gear con, press contact me, and ensure to select My Friends from the other choices.

So, to keep your kids safe and sound while using Snapchat, all you have to do is install a teen tracing app like NEXSPY onto their phone. Snapchat messages and pictures will be captured and uploaded to your secure online dashboard for you to view.

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Conclusion: Best app to Monitoring your Child’s Phone

Parents cannot limit their little ones from using mobile devices. Without a mobile device, kids cannot call or send a message in case of an emergency. This shouldn’t have happened. You can still allow your kids to use a phone but ensure to be aware of their activities online. This is where parental control, all like NEXSPY, comes into action. This is the best app to monitor child’s iPhone activity, and it is armed with the latest features, safe to use, and very affordable. You can try this app for free.

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