How to Monitor Instagram Direct Messages?

Nowadays, Instagram is one of the social media channels that is being used by many people. This mobile app is used by those people who want to get connected with the outer world. Instagram is used for communication and entertainment purposes. Some people tend to use Instagram because they want to get some pieces of information from other people depending on different locations.  

However, these social media platforms like Instagram don’t only provide advantages for all their users. These also have negative effects on some specific things and users. Indeed, the use of social media platforms is not always good for kids and young people. That’s why maximum supervision is needed when utilizing social media accounts like on Instagram.  

As a parent, perhaps you are worried about these negative impacts on your kids. But how can you monitor Instagram direct messages? One of the things and means that you can do to address your concern about how to monitor Instagram direct messages of your kids is to install and use the Instagram spy app on their mobile phones.  

It is the duty and responsibility of children to supervise and monitor the activities on the Instagram account of their kids. Monitoring and keeping an eye on the various digital activities of kids would be quite challenging and impossible if parents would not secretly install a phone monitoring app on their respective devices.  

Has Instagram Become More Dangerous with the Release of Its New Feature?

Messengers and different types of social media applications like Instagram sometimes have negative impacts on kids. It is because these social media platforms have become an avenue for negative actions of people, like harassment, cyberbullying, and the like. If your kids utilize mobile phone apps like Instagram, other people may take advantage of your kids. Those bad ones may directly contact your kids and will cause negativities.  

Instagram new features

Cyberbullying and online harassment have become the prominent negative things that have happened in the world. This is because of the advent of new technologies in the world. Kids at young ages are prone to these negative elements that may cause harm and possible trauma to them.  

With the innovative feature of Instagram, disappearing or vanish mode, the risks and dangers to the end-users have been enhanced. Predators can only abuse kids and other victims only that leave no trace of what they have done. The vanish mode feature of Instagram allows the messages to be deleted once they have already been read by the receiver.  

So, if you are one of the parents who are also worried about this new feature offered by the service, then it’s important to strictly monitor your kids when using mobile phone apps at home and in other places. You should also learn how to see someone else’s direct messages on Instagram. Your kids will be fully protected from abusers and predators if you learn and understand these things.  

How to See Someone Else’s Direct Messages on Instagram: 3 Methods

There are some simple ways of how you can check and see someone else’s direct messages on Instagram. To give you an idea about these things, then consider these 3 methods below:

How to See Deleted Direct Messages on Instagram Without Them Knowing

If trouble arises, one of the possibilities that may happen is to conceal it from other people, even from their closest friends or loved ones. If abuse or harassment happens, abusers may remove messages and conversations. This means that they can delete these messages to get rid of the evidence. However, fret no more! It’s because you can now back up direct messages & restore them once needed.  


Even though the Instagram app has no selection in backing up direct messages that were already removed, these messages are still available and can be found on your server. That is why you can just restore the messages if the messages were already removed or deleted. But how can you restore and see the deleted direct messages on Instagram? Here are the simple hacks that you can do:

  • Open the app, Instagram, on your mobile phone or device.
  • Enter the login details of the Instagram app account credentials of your kids
  • Click the profile button to proceed to the “profile page.” The profile button can be found on the right bottom portion of your computer screen.
  • Once redirection to its Profile page is successful, then you should tap or click the icon, “settings.”  
  • Proceed to this page: Private & Security.Tap the “Request Download” from the portion, Data Download.
  • To have and retrieve the account data of your kids’ Instagram, it is essential to enter the login details of your email. Then, click the “Next” button. You’ll be asked to give the password of your kids.  

Once you are done with these procedures, then the Instagram app needs 8 hours to create data files for the account. Then, Instagram will also send these to you as a notification.

Monitor Someone’s Instagram DM & Feed Using NEXSPY

Receiving such details and pieces of information about the activities on Instagram is better if this is in the screenshot form. This is amazingly helpful instead of receiving details through text messages. You can use the NEXSPY app to successfully spy on Instagram direct messages from your kid’s account. This phone monitoring app offers excellent features that can help you track or monitor all your kids’ digital activities.

App screenshots demo features 1

Moreover, with the NEXSPY’s features, you can have the following things and benefits:

  • View messages that are exchanged on Instagram chat instantly and in real-time.
  • Access entire threads on your PC via the NEXSPY dashboard.
  • Star favorite conversations to read through easily later.

If you want to make sure that you can secretly and effectively keep track of the online activities of your kids, especially in navigating social media accounts like Instagram, then installing NEXSPY is a great option. If you install NEXSPY onto the phone you wish to monitor, Snapchat messages will be captured and uploaded to your secure online dashboard for your viewing. Thus, giving you the chance to view direct messages from anyone. With this, you can do Snapchat monitoring without any difficulty.  

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How to Spy on Instagram Messages and Activities Using mSpy

mSpy is another mobile application that can help you monitor the Instagram messages and activities of someone else. This app makes viewing and checking direct messages easy, including other details which are shared on Instagram from someone else.  

You don’t need to access the access devices of other people if you want to monitor their activities. The only thing that you need to do is to install the mSpy app for Instagram on the target mobile phone. However, you still need to access the mobile device of your target to set the spyware on the mobile phone. Then, after successfully setting up the spyware, you only need to utilize your dashboard to check data logs in a remote area.

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For checking and viewing direct messages in Instagram using mSpy, you should click the tab of Instagram, which can be found at the control panel’s left portion. Then, it enables you to be redirected to the shared messages on the phone via Instagram. However, if you wish to explore more details about specific activities on Instagram, then it is crucial to use the keylogger feature. It is the feature that lets you register all the keystrokes of your target phone. By doing so, you can successfully learn the Instagram user credentials like the password and username of your target. Aside from that, you can also log in to these details to find out anything you wish to know.


mSpy is not just an Instagram or Facebook monitoring app. It does not only let you see and view direct messages from the account. mSpy provides numerous things. It helps you to watch the target’s mobile phone without them knowing, giving you complete access to other people’s mobile phones. Below are the best and exceptional features of the mSpy app:

Call monitoring

In this feature, surely you can check all calls, including the details getting onto other devices. You can monitor all incoming and outgoing calls from the target phone or device. It includes the time of the call, its duration, contact details, and other information in the call logs.

Location Tracking 

mSpy app helps you locate the target device by using location tracking. Here, you can check the exact location of your kids and loved ones, even the time when they are in a certain place. You can also monitor all location history. Tracking of location will be easy using this app.


Keeping track of the whereabouts of your kids is one of the features of mSpy. You can create and set an alert for restricted locations where your kids are not allowed to visit. You can also be notified if they leave that place. You will receive a notification or text message right away if they go or leave the designated place.

Social Media Monitoring 

Just like Instagram, you can always monitor your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.

SMS and IM Monitoring 

This app will help you check on all messages in your inbox, outbox, and sent messages. Even if they are already deleted, you will still have the chance to retrieve those messages from the device. You can also monitor the messages which are shared on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and the like.

Some other features like keylogger are also effective in getting into details and specific keystrokes of passwords, username, or any login credentials that you can use to access your target person’s account.  

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What is the Best Way to Monitor Instagram?

In terms of monitoring and hacking Instagram accounts, NEXSPY is at the top of it. It shows the complete details of the target device or phone. This all-in app is a great help with monitoring devices. Another good thing about it is that you can always switch to any device as you wish. This application is exclusively designed for Android devices and amazingly runs on popular devices such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony, and even iPhones.

Through using NEXSPY, you can fully access your kid’s mobile phone, giving you the chance to get complete details regarding the utilization of all applications on the mobile phone of your target person. You will completely know everything that happens to your kids when they are already using mobile devices at home. In this way, you can monitor and keep track of your child’s phone activity. If ever you find something wrong or not good at all with their digital activities, you may simply remind them of the right things to do.  

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Conclusion: Instagram monitoring App

To attain full security and stay away from trouble, it is advisable to check and monitor devices, especially the phones of your kids and loved ones. Strict and constant monitoring will be of help in being aware of their whereabouts, their communication logs with friends and even strangers. Close monitoring does not mean that you don’t trust your kids. It is just a way of keeping them safe and knowing what is happening to them, who are the people they oftentimes talk with and knowing if they have secrets or none.  

Therefore, through NEXSPY, your kids and loved ones will be taken care of with your close monitoring. It needs a little effort on the part of adults to check this Instagram spy app regularly. However, it would mean a lot in terms of safety and security. Getting things all set for your family is a top priority. Care and concern for them are always accompanied by actions and actions need to be backed up by things needed. It is a good choice to use this app if you want to have peace of mind in keeping track of your kids and loved ones.  

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