How To Log Into Someone’s Facebook Messenger Without Them Getting A Notification?

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Facebook has become an essential part of our personal and business lives. Facebook has redefined the shape of communication. People of all ages including young children to older adults everyone own their own personal Facebook accounts. 

In 2019, the number of Facebook users who used Facebook Messenger had reached 1.32 billion. It means that Facebook Messenger is recognized as a useful communication source by people of all ages.

In some situations, you may feel the urge to log into someone else’s Messenger to discover what they are up to, especially if they are your family or close friends. The good news is that it is practically possible!

But how?

Read below to know everything about how to log into someone’s Facebook Messenger without them getting a notification.

Is it possible to log into someone’s Facebook Messenger without them getting a notification?

Now you are perplexed that it is possible to check someone’s messages without hinting about it. With the increasing use of Messenger for private messages, Facebook is pressed with more and more responsibility for protecting personal data.

Every other day we listen that someone’s account is hacked. It means that accessing the data of others is not at all impossible. All you need is the right tool for hacking, and you can go intruding on anyone’s account. The mSpy app is easy to install and hide on a target mobile for full tracking of its Facebook Messenger activity. 

Now you are ready for your excursion to someone else’s Facebook Messenger. But beware, getting caught is the last thing you want to happen on this earth. One wrong move and you are in serious trouble. Not only will you get so much hatred, but you may also face some legal action. Now we will discuss some popular ways that people use to sneak into other people’s accounts.


This is most probably the hardest and oldest trick of hacking someone’s Facebook messages. For phishing, you have to create a fake login page and send its link to your target person.

Facebook Phishing

This page link is most often sent via email to sound authentic. It simulates the real Facebook login page, and most people easily fall into the trap. Once they put their login info on that page, you are now able to access their account. This method requires technical expertise because it involves a web hosting account and creating a fake login page.

Brute Force Attack

In this method, you have to guess the password of your victim. This method is time-consuming and may take up to months to give you access. Another drawback is that Facebook will block you after your five failed attempts. Therefore, this method is not practical for this purpose.

Reset the Password

It is the easiest method to hack into a Facebook account without permission. In this method, you first get hold of your target’s email address. Now luckily, the email address is available in the person’s contact section info. In the second step, you have to click on the “Forgot your password” option and then on “This is my account”.

Facebook Reset the Password

Here comes another problem. The person is notified, and they become alert that somebody is trying to login into their account. The alternative way is to select “No longer have access to these?”, after which they will ask you “How can we reach you?”. Now you can enter your email address here, which has not any connection to any other Facebook accounts. You have to answer a restricted question that you easily can if the target is your friend or family. Although, if you target a stranger, only guesswork is your option. You can access the account after 24 hours after this step.

Use a Keylogger

Keylogger means software tools that allow people to intercept keys pressed by someone on their devices. In this way, the login info is saved on the Keylogger. The intruder may afterward access it to extract the Facebook login info of their victim. This method also allows smooth access without the person being notified.

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The only reliable way to view someone else’s Facebook Messenger without them getting a notification

The methods listed above have their downsides and may end you up in serious trouble. They also do not guarantee 100% results. However, we have something for you to let you view someone else’s Messenger instantly without any risk of getting caught – the mSpy app.

What is mSpy?

mSpy is a mobile app that allows you to check your target person’s Messenger conversations without letting them know. You just need to install and hide the app on the target mobile. Given that the phone is connected to the internet, the data is transferred to mSpy servers and from there to your account dashboard. mSpy allows you to:

Track all Facebook Messenger activities:

With the mSpy app, you can keep complete track of each and everything your target person is doing on Messenger. You check all messages, whether incoming or outgoing. 

It allows you to view all videos, photos, stickers, and emojis exchanged by your target. In this way, you are alerted if your children are exchanging inappropriate content with someone.

The mSpy app also allows you to see all contacts and profile pictures. You can also search for intended phrases in conversations.

See the time and date of each  conversation

You are in doubt about the activities of your children, employees, or anyone else, and you desperately want to know who was talking to them at what time. There is no need to worry. mSpy will let you know the exact time and date of each conversation in which your target person was engaged. 

Access collected data remotely from your cloud portal

The data accessed by the mSpy servers remain there for 90 days before getting permanently and automatically deleted. mSpy will transfer the data from there into your account dashboard if the target phone is connected to the internet. From here, you can access this data whenever you want by using WiFi or 3G/4G collections.

Spy on Facebook activity even on Android devices without root

mSpy does not require you to root your device to make use of its basic features. However, you need to root the Android device only if you have to use advanced features. You can quickly spy on Facebook Messenger of your target, even if you have Android devices without root.


Reasons to read someone’s Facebook messages

There may be several reasons you may feel it necessary to hack into someone’s Facebook messages. Here are a few of them:

To recover deleted Facebook messages

Most people who are cheating on their spouses are smart enough to delete all their secret conversations instantly. Therefore it becomes challenging for their partners to catch them red-handed even if they have all the clues. 

Similarly, today’s tech-savvy children conveniently hide secret conversations from their parents. Using the mSpy app, parents who aren’t so much into tech can also detect the messages deleted by their children.

A significant number of people find online hacking tools such as mSpy an effortless way of keeping an eye on their cheating partners.

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To protect your children

Facebook has provided an opportunity for child abusers and pedophiles to connect with children and teenagers. They can easily approach children through their fake Facebook profiles, pretend as their age mates, and trap them easily. Therefore it is the responsibility of parents to remain vigilant about their children’s online activities.


There is another threat for children and teens that badly impacts their mental health – and it is cyberbullying. As children and teens are getting more freedom to use social media platforms, it is becoming difficult for parents to supervise children continually. Therefore using mSpy is the most convenient app for parents. It allows them to keep an eye on their children’s Facebook and Messenger activities.

To monitor your employees

In today’s fast-paced world, many people earn a lot of money by selling their employers’ business secrets to their competitors. This trend has necessitated the constant monitoring of all online activities of a company’s employees.

If you have a business secret that you want to prevent from leaking outside your company or behave weirdly, don’t hesitate to use mSpy to monitor your employees’ online activities.

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It is not impossible to access anyone’s Facebook account for checking their messenger conversations these days. With an awesome spy application like mSpy, you can conveniently access your target accounts for checking their messenger without them even having a clue about it.

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