How To Log Into Someone’s Instagram Without Them Being Notified

Our smartphones have become an extension of our arms. We can hardly see anyone without a smartphone. And then came the takeover by social media. Many live their lives via social media. It has become so important for them to document everything online and constantly check on others’ virtual lives.

Instagram has become one of the trending social media platforms people flock to. Be it an individual or a business; they ought to own an Instagram handle. We can find and learn a lot about a person through their Instagram stories and posts. It is a dangerous load of information that almost anyone can access.

Is it possible to log into someone’s Instagram without them being notified?

So, can you hack someone’s Instagram account? Can you gain access to this highly secured application without tipping off the owner?

Well, yes, it is entirely possible. No matter what the security measures an application takes when you get into the virtual world, there is no stopping someone from gaining access to your personal details if they put their mind to it. Just like how applications come up with security measures, equally smart teams are working on cracking those measures.

What you need is the perfect software or application to hack into and snoop around a person’s Instagram account.

Is it possible to hack into someone’s Instagram account without their password?

It isn’t easy, but it can be done. You can use their own phone and gain access to their Instagram account. Androids and iOS both have phone locks, and once you open this lock, the apps are all open to you. So if you know this password, you don’t need the Instagram account password to gain access.

Another option is to reset the password. Though you need not know the password to the Instagram account, you may need the password to the email address linked to the account because the password reset link will be sent to the email address. You can even do this through the phone by getting an OTP instead of a reset link to the email address.

However, you need access to the target’s phone for all the aforementioned methods. The only other way to access someone’s Instagram account is by hacking and wondering how to hack someone’s Instagram?; by using one of the best Instagram spy apps like NEXSPY, of course!

How to get into someone’s Instagram account using NEXSPY?

NEXSPY is a phone monitoring application that allows you to monitor a phone and its activities without the owner knowing about it. You can install this software on the target phone and your phone. Once you go through the steps and the setup is complete, you can start monitoring the Instagram activities on that phone.

NEXSPY will capture all messages being sent and received on the target phone. This way, you will be able to read the entire conversation without interpreting anything. There is no room for misunderstanding here. You can read the messages sent and received in real-time and have access to all the multimedia messages like photos and videos shared via Instagram messenger. With such access, you can know who your child is messaging and discussing or sharing.


In case of online bullying or abuse through photos and videos, you can know that too, before it is too late. You don’t have to wait for your child to sum up the courage to come to you. You can be proactive and protect them before things go out of hand.

The NEXSPY app works in the background, and the target will have no idea they are being spied upon. They will not receive any messages or notifications from or about NEXSPY running on their phone.

You need just one-time access to the target phone. Once you download and install the NEXSPY app on the target phone, you just need to configure the app by following a few simple steps.

NEXSPY is compatible with both Android and iOS phones. So, no matter what phone you or your child use, you can get the best out of this app. You can continue using the same app even when you change phones. You don’t have to search for another similar app.

NEXSPY is one of the best monitoring apps available in the market for parents who want to keep an eye on their children without being visually invasive. They can monitor and spy on the child’s online activities without questioning them or putting up with stories and lies.

How to get started

If you are unsure how to try NEXSPY, you can go on to their website and avail the trial version. NEXSPY is the best spy app for Android and the best spy app for iPhone. You can try the software for free and see how well it can serve your purpose of keeping an eye over your child’s Instagram activities.

All you will have to do is:

  1. Go to the NEXSPY website and create an account for yourself.
  2. The website will give you a premium license.
  3. Follow the instructions to download and install the app on your and your child’s phones.
  4. Log into your account from the portal using the unique login ID and password, and you can start monitoring right away.
Nexspy Dashboard

What you can do using NEXSPY

Once you install NEXSPY on your child’s phone, you can:

  • Protect your child from online bullying and cyber crimes like blackmails and sex offenders.
  • You can know who they are friends with and what they are discussing. Many children share videos and photos from other accounts; this is a big clue about their thoughts and likes.
  • You can monitor Instagram direct messages from both your phone and your computer. You just need to log into the NEXSPY account to gain access.
  • You can filter out messages. If you want to know what they were discussing at a particular period or with a particular person, you can use the filter settings and filter those conversations alone.
  • You can get full access to not just Instagram and Instagram messenger but access to regular messages, phone calls, and other activities too.
  • You can get the live GPS location to the target phone. So, if your child is out with friends, you can track them to know where they exactly are. You don’t have to call them multiple times to find out where they are. You can be the cool and laid-back parent who doesn’t bother their child even if they take more time than promised.
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Why not use some random app

There are many Instagram spy apps in the market. So, why can’t you use one of them? Don’t be in a hurry and just click on some random spy app to download and monitor your child’s Instagram account.

Many apps in the market are scams that can only breach your privacy and complicate things for you and your child. When you are spying or monitoring another person, you need to be careful. Choosing nothing but the best Instagram spy apps is very important to start your spying journey.

Beware of scams that promise to give you access by entering the user ID or email address for the Instagram account you want to hack. Such apps will only collect your data and not help you with your monitoring.

It can be quite tempting to sign for software that promises to give more access to the target phone at a much lesser cost. Ensure you do your due diligence and check for reviews and feedback on their websites or social media pages. You don’t want to be stuck with some hacking software that not only hacks your child’s account but yours too.

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How can I get into someone’s Instagram account without using an app?

OK, so you want to download some application or hacking software to get into someone’s Instagram account without their permission or knowledge. It is just too much work for you. So, what can you do?

Well, you can just give up and not try to spy on their social media life and activities. If you plan to use this application to spy on some adult you are not connected to; then it is not legally or morally the right thing to do.

If you still want to gain access to their Instagram account, you can try the following:

Grab their phone

The most effective and easiest way to gain access is to get your hands on their phone. You can grab it from their bag or wherever they leave it when they are not looking. You can distract your child or give them a chore that will keep them away from their phone for a while and try your luck.

Some of the ideas you can try are:

  • Asking them to wash or do something that involved water. they won’t use the phone as it might get wet.
  • Asking them to help with something time-consuming or lifting heavy things to move them.
  • Fixing a “no phone” time, where they have to surrender their phones to you for a while before you hand it over to them.

If your child locks their phone, you need to guess only the password. Once you unlock their phone, you can access all the applications and details on their phone. If they use a Face ID, it can be more challenging to gain access.

You can get their phone under some pretense, and you can check their Instagram account stealthily. You may need to get creative if your child can smell your plan to snoop.

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Try guessing their password from a computer

If the above idea is too risky and puts you on the spot, you can log into their account from your computer. You can take your time and try guessing the password without them noticing. You could pretend to be working on something while, in reality, you would be trying your best to gain access to their account.

Social engineering or password guessing

A computer is safer than your phone. On your phone, you would have logged into your applications and accounts. You could be compromising your security or your identity. For all that you know, you could get locked out of your account if you don’t remember your password.

Instagram requires just an email address and a phone number to log into an account from a computer. If you know the target’s email address, Instagram handles, and phone number that’s connected to their account, your path is clear.

However, if the Two-Factor Authentication is activated, Instagram will email when it suspects “suspicious” activity on an account. Suspicious activity generally refers to an attempt or log in from another device. If you know the password to your child’s email address, be sure to delete that mail if you don’t want them to know about your snooping.

Reset their password

If all the above ideas fail, the easiest way is to reset their password. If you know the email address (with password) they use for their Instagram account, you can simply click on the reset password option. You will receive the link to reset the password in the mail. Click on the link and reset the password easily.

The only issue with this idea is that your child will know someone accessed their account and can get suspicious and cautious.

If you reset the password successfully, the target will be locked out of their own Instagram account. They might try to revive it by resetting the password again. They will be notified about the last password change when they try this. This information is good enough to tip off anyone who is being spied upon.

Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days
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Why do you need to view someone’s Instagram messages?

With the onslaught of social media, children and adults live different lives in reality and on Instagram. As a parent, it is natural to be concerned and worry about the life your child is leading on social media. There is a lot of bullying on Instagram and other social media platforms. By checking your child’s Instagram account and messages, you can guess or understand if they are facing any issues and being safe online. Also, if they are trying to do things behind your back, you can keep an eye on them without their knowledge.

If you are not keen on gaining access to their account itself but just want to know what they share or post, you can always create a new Instagram account and follow their account. You will get notifications about their activities online. For this, the account must either be public, or the user must approve your request.

FAQs for spying on Instagram

Here are some common and frequently asked questions about hacking someone’s Instagram account:

Will Instagram notify someone if you try to log into their account?

Yes, it will. One of the safety measures Instagram uses is sending a notification via message and email address about someone trying to access your account. Even if you try logging in from a new device, you will be sent a notification via message and email.

How can I get on Instagram without anyone knowing?

It is quite easy. You need to be smart and create a new account if you already own an Instagram handle. Ensure this handle has no connection to you (name, photo, description). It should not tip off your child or target to watch them under a different name. Once you create your account, change all your settings for your privacy. You can prevent anyone from accessing or following your account.

Is it illegal to log into someone else’s Instagram?

Unless your child is below 18 years of age, yes, it is. It is not legal for a minor to create an Instagram account. According to their policies, it requests for a parent to co-sign the account. If your child is old enough to have their own account without your help, it is a privacy breach to log into their account – which is illegal.

How do I log into another account on Instagram?

You can simply log out of your account and log into another account. You will have to enter the other person’s account details, such as login ID and password, to access their account. You can also merge two accounts. By merging, you can access both accounts from your phone at any time. You just have to log into both accounts, change the privacy settings, and “merge” accounts.

Logging into another personal Instagram breaches their privacy, which is not legally tolerated. If you are snooping on your child, ensure you do so when you have access to their phone.

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