iPhone Spy App – How to spy on iPhone without having the phone?

Maybe you think you do not need it now but at some point in our lives might need an iPhone spy app. NEXSPY spy app for iPhone surveillance is inexpensive, easy to operate, discreet and very powerful. It can record the calls, text messages, GPS location, and even the browser activity.

Our smartphone is more sophisticated than ever. It needs a corresponding app that is updated and efficient. There are many sites that offer different spy apps but you should know whether what you are buying is legit and from a reputable developer.

Spy on Any iPhone With Our Unique iPhone Monitoring App

A valuable app has many good features; NEXSPY is an absolute spy app that has complete features and functions.

This app can offer full monitoring of calls and it can track both outbound and inbound calls. You will be amazed that this app can run a log to keep track of the calls including the time and date of the calls. It can listen to live phone calls if the law permits. It can also record your phone calls with the surroundings around you while doing the call.

Our spy app can also view all received and sent messages including the sender’s name and number. You can get the date and time stamps too.

Aside from viewing text, messages and phone calls from the network our iPhone spy app can monitor and record VoIP calls like the one you’re making on Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE, Skype, and Viber, etc. This vast coverage is one of the benefits of using NEXSPY because it can monitor more instant messages compared to other iPhone spy app.

Other spy apps cannot capture pictures and stickers in chat apps but our spy app for iPhone can. This feature is not available in other iPhone spy apps. Moreover, this what makes our app stand out.

Another great feature of our app is the Stealth Camera, which allows you to take control of other selected device’s camera. It can take a photo using this camera and send the picture to you. It also has a GPS navigator and it can give remote updates.

The unique GPS navigator can track all kinds of activity whether offline or online from a monitored device. This means that you can get its GPS location anytime. In addition, you can also access the location history of this device with date, time and address stamps.

It can also monitor SMS, social media and browser activity and provides regular reports. You can keep tabs on its internet browsing history from a monitored device and that includes that deleted web browsing history. In addition, you can also see and review all the bookmarked sites. Another amazing feature is its ability to monitor calendar and contacts. This means that when you are using our app, you can see the contact list and the calendar of the other iPhone.

Nothing escapes our iPhone spy app, with NEXSPY; you can spy on iOS photo gallery, saved videos and even the music on the playlist.

Installation of our spy app is easy. You can buy the NEXSPY software and choose the mobile monitoring plan you want. The instructions will be sent to your email to download and install the app on your iPhone. It is cheaper than any other iPhone spy software on the market today. You can also change as many devices as you want during the subscription and you will never lose this app.

How Can I Access My iPhone spy app Data

The spy app will monitor emails, calls, SMS and a whole lot more for every phone where it is installed. This encrypted information is sent to the app’s server where it is kept. You will have a login to view the information by using the web browser.

Why Is NEXSPY The Best App For iPhone

Our spy app has more than 50 features, which is the most complete spy app available on the market today. You can also be in a stealth mode or visible when you are using this app. It can let you have a complete charge over surveillance and scrutiny on the device it is installed upon.

What Can NEXSPY iPhone Spy Software Do

NEXSPY iPhone spy app is a great app for a variety of reasons.

It can protect your children

You can monitor their location so that you have peace of mind by knowing their location all the time. In case there is an emergency, the authorities and responders can locate your kids using this app.

It can track your employees

If you are a business owner, knowing your employee's location is a necessity. The GPS tracking feature of this app can help you with this. A logistics company needs this too to improve their services. It can also give you information about their activities to monitor their non-work related use of company phone.

It can help you track your own phone

It can help you track your phone. In case your phone is missing, our app can help you locate your phone. It can also act as your backup for information, in case you have deleted them on the device.

Things To Know Before Buying NEXSPY

Before buying NEXSPY spy app for iPhone, here are the things that you should know. This app is compatible with all versions of your iOS up to version 11.1.2. NEXSPY software can be installed physically only on the targeted device. You also need to jailbreak this device. Don’t fret, it is very easy and anyone can do it. Lastly, the call interception feature of our spy app is not available on CDMA networks like Verizon.

Final Thought

For a complete control and surveillance of the targeted device, there is no better spy app than NEXSPY. It has all the features you need. Give it a go and if you’re not happy, you can always have your money back.