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Do you want to monitor the smartphone activities of your kids? You can watch the digital movements of kids on their smartphones by checking their devices. However, many kids do not want their parents to check their phones. Sometimes, kids are smart enough to delete history, cookies, activity logs, and other information on their devices. In such cases, parents remain unaware of the online activities of kids. Parental control is essential to protect kids from potential damages on the internet.

If you cannot physically access your kid’s smartphone, you can use the professional phone monitoring app. These applications can help you to monitor the smartphone activities of kids from a remote location. Without even touching a phone, you can know the activities of the user. For installation of the application, you need to have physical access to the phone for once. When installation gets completed, you can return the device to your kid.

There are different kinds of teen phone monitoring applications. Some apps are compatible with Android, while some apps are compatible with iOS devices. You will also find a handful of applications that feature compatibility with different operating systems. In the following section, find a list of the top remote parenting control and monitoring applications.

Best 5 iPhone Monitoring Apps in 2021

If you need applications for iPhone monitoring, you should find the programs that are compatible with the iOS operating system. You can find a list of such applications below.


NEXSPY application is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. Thus, you can monitor an iPhone remotely using this application on the target device. For installing the application on an iPhone, a jailbreak is essential. The jailbreak process is simple, and you will find many online guides, blogs, and videos to learn the process.

NEXSPY dashboard

After installing the application, you need to follow a few simple configuration steps. The overall installation and configuration process is simple, and it takes only around 15-20 minutes to complete the steps. NEXSPY offers many exciting phone monitoring and tracking features. Parents should get accustomed to the features of this application to know how can I monitor my child’s text messages without them knowing?.

So, what are the most crucial features of NEXSPY? You can find the answer in the following section.

Call Logs: You can access contacts and call logs of the target iPhone device. Parents can check the complete call details of the kids through the portal of NEXSPY. Apart from checking call logs, you can check call durations too.

Record Calls: Parents can record suspicious calls. You can schedule or automate the call recording process. Whenever the target device gets a call from a specific number, the call will get recorded. You can sign in later and check those recorded audios.

Text Messages: NEXSPY gives full access to the text messages of the target device. You can read someone’s text messages without them knowing. You can block messages from a particular phone number. Along with text messages, you can also access text messaging apps.

Emails and Social Media Accounts: NEXSPY also gives seamless access to the target device’s email and social media accounts. However, you should know the passwords of the social media accounts to access them through the NEXSPY portal.

Keylogger: You do not know the passwords of social media accounts of the target device. Does it mean you cannot access those accounts? NEXSPY has introduced a keylogger feature that helps you find passwords of email and social media accounts by monitoring keystrokes.

Internet Browsing: How much time do your kids spend on the internet? Which are the sites they access? You can get answers to all these questions with NEXSPY. The application helps you to monitor the internet activities of the target phone.

Live Location: If your kid carries the iPhone with him, you can find his live location through NEXSPY. Apart from location tracking, the tool offers to track the location history of a device.

With such a wide range of features, NEXSPY has emerged as one of the best apps for tracking Android and iOS devices. NEXSPY comes with a free trial offer for new users. If you like the tool during the trial period, you can upgrade to the premium version. The application is affordable, and purchasing long-term plans will help you to save money.

Overall, NEXSPY is an excellent application spy on iPhone. The app has only a few drawbacks that users may discover. One of the prominent drawbacks is that jailbreak is essential to install the tool on iOS devices. However, a jailbreak is not a complex process, and it does not lead to problems with the efficiency of the device.

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Famisafe is another best app to monitor child’s iPhone remotely. The tool comes with many exciting features, and parents will find excellent convenience in monitoring and restricting kids’ smartphone activities. Find some features of the app in the following section.


Live Location: You can track the live location of the phone using Famisafe. From the current location to the live movement, you can track everything. Thus, the tool works well for the safety of kids.

Smart Schedule: Parents can schedule smartphone activities for the kids using this app. As a result, it reduces screen time. Moreover, it restricts the kids from overusing the internet and smartphone.

App Blocker: You can block any application remotely on the target device using this application. Parents can block the social media accounts of kids if required. They can also block apps that feature matured content.

Browsing History: Do you want to know the internet browsing activities of your kid? You can do it without letting your kids know through the Famisafe app. Moreover, you can block potentially harmful websites through Famisafe.

Famisafe comes with a 3-day trial period, and you will obtain a few limited features during this trial period. So, judging the application through the trial period is not an easy thing. There are some drawbacks too. The major drawback is the absence of a call and text message tracking feature. Moreover, Famisafe is more compatible with Android devices. You may find some features missing when installed on the iOS device.


Webwatcher is another best app to monitor child’s phone without them knowing, which helps you monitor and control kids’ activities on the smartphone. Parents and teachers use the application to monitor the online activities of kids. You can create a secured web filter to restrict kids from harmful, explicit, and mature content. Find the most notable features of the application below.

webwatcher for windows

No Jailbreak: The application is easy to install on iOS devices, as no jailbreak is required for operating the application.

Web Monitoring Interface: You can use a secured web portal to monitoring activities on the target device. The web portal is accessible from desktops and smartphones.

Web History: Webwatcher makes it convenient to check the browsing history on a browser. You can easily track the internet activities of kids.

Social Media: You can track social media accounts active on a device. You can also create social media filters to restrict harmful content.

Location Tracking: Parents can know the live location of the target device anytime. It works well for the safety of kids.

The application is available on a free trial period. However, the trial version comes with limited features. There are a few drawbacks to the software. First of all, parents will find the application expensive for long-term use. Antivirus programs can detect the application on a device easily. After installing the application, the target device may become significantly slow.


The Bark is a popular parental control application nowadays. You can easily install the app on the target device, and rooting Android devices is not essential for using this app. Similarly, jailbreak is not mandatory to use the application for tracking an iOS device. Some features of the tool are discussed below.

bark parental control app
  • You can track the email and social media accounts of the target device.
  • The application comes with parental alerts for the users.
  • You can monitor screen time using this application.
  • Parents can add a web filter on the application from a remote location.
  • The app protects kids from harmful content, spyware, cyberbullying, and other threats.

There are some prominent drawbacks too. The significant drawbacks of the application are no location tracking feature, minimal customization options, etc. The application cannot block dangerous apps and spyware on the target device. The overall cost of the application is also high.


One of the oldest parental control app is mSpy. Since the app is here for a long time, one can trust its efficiency. The app is easy to install on iOS devices. You can track live location, browser history, social media accounts, and other activities on the target phone using mSpy. The major drawback is the cost, as it is one of the most expensive tracking applications.  If you are looking for an affordable or free app to monitor a child’s phonemSpy is not the best option.

Conclusion: Best iPhone Monitoring Apps

So, how can I monitor my child’s text messages on Android and iOS? You have found the answer to this question in the above section. Among the top five apps discussed above, NEXSPY is a clear winner in features and pricing. So, we recommend the parents use NEXSPY for tracking Android or iOS devices of kids.

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