Spy on any iPad with our powerful monitoring app

• Exclusive Remote Camera and SpyCam
• VOIP Call Recording, Ambient Recording
• Spy on Facebook, Viber, Skype and more
• Keylogger, GPS Navigator, Remote Control
• Now supports all versions up to iOS 11.1.2
• Free and automatic remote updates
• Runs in hidden or visible mode
• Quick and easy installation


Powerful features you cannot find anywhere else. Buy now and start receiving spy data from an iPad in minutes.

  • Remote Camera
  • Remote Video Capture
  • Ambient Recording
  • Surrounding Listening
  • FaceTime Spy Cam
  • FaceTime Call Logs
  • iMessages
  • Keyword Alert
  • Skype Calls Recording
  • Skype Call Logs
  • Skype Messages
  • Viber Call Recording
  • Viber Call Logs
  • Viber Messages
  • LINE Call Recording
  • LINE Call Logs
  • LINE Messages
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Facebook Call Logs
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WeChat Call Logs
  • WeChat Messages
  • Instagram
  • Hangouts
  • Tinder
  • BBM
  • GPS Tracking
  • GPS Navigator
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Location History
  • Web Activity
  • Bookmarks
  • Emails
  • Installed Applications
  • Application Activity
  • App Screenshots
  • Address Book
  • Calendars
  • Notes
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Audio Files
  • Keylogger
  • Security Encryption
  • Data Compression
  • System Information
  • Battery Level
  • Restart Device
  • Invisibility Option
  • Hide Jailbreak
  • No Trace Installation
  • Remote Commands
  • Remote Uninstallation
  • Remote Updates


Apple iPad

Supports all versions up to iOS 11.1.2
Target device must be jailbroken


Full access to all features. Choose more, save more.

$ 29
  • Billed Monthly
$ 69
  • billed quarterly, only $23 per month
$ 169
  • billed annually, only $14 per month

Before you buy NEXSPY

iPad Exclusive

This product is for iPad only. Check our Mobile Phone and Computer products to make sure you're buying the right thing.


To use NEXSPY on an iPad, you will need physical access to the target device for installation.


The target iPad must be jailbroken to install NEXSPY. Check the supported iOS versions before installing.


What is NEXSPY for iPad?

NEXSPY is the most advanced monitoring software for iPad that helps parents to keep their children safe and employer to keep their workers productive. Our software offers powerful features exclusive for iPad only that you cannot find anywhere else. Features such as SpyCam, Remote Camera, Ambient Recording and VOIP Call Recording and many more make your monitoring job a breeze.

How does NEXSPY work?

NEXSPY collects data from the device on which it is installed and displays it in your Account Portal (you will receive your login credentials after purchase) which you can access using any Internet browser or our exclusive PortalViewer app.

What devices are supported by NEXSPY?

NEXSPY is compatible with all Apple iPad device. Please check whether your device is compatible here.

Is NEXSPY hidden on the target device?

Right after the installation, NEXSPY application is launched and starts working in a background mode. The icon which appears after NEXSPY installation does not contain any settings for NEXSPY functionality.

For better user experience, we provide you the options to either keep it on the dashboard of the monitored device or hide it completely along with any evidence such as Cydia (jailbreaking). NEXSPY application will also not appear in the installed app list, task manager or anywhere else on the monitored device.

Is it legal to use NEXSPY?

NEXSPY was designed to help parents to keep their children safe and employer to keep their workers productive, then its usage is absolutely legal.

Please make sure that your intentions to use our application meet the following legal requirements:

  • You want to use NEXSPY as a parental control solution for monitoring your underage children.
  • You want to use NEXSPY as a solution for monitoring company-owned devices of which employees are aware of being monitored.
  • You want to install NEXSPY on your own device.

  • It is your responsibility to determine whether you have proper authorization to monitor the device. It is also your responsibility to determine which disclosures, notifications, or agreements may be necessary in your jurisdiction, as applied to the specific facts and circumstances in which you want to use NEXSPY.

    If you have questions about the legality of using NEXSPY as you intend to use it, contact legal counsel of your choice. NEXSPY cannot provide legal advice.

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