How to Install Spy Software on Cell Phone Remotely?

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android spy app remote installation

We have unlimited browsing and social networking options today at our fingertips because of the internet world. We are free to do almost anything we want and connect with anyone we desire. But when our kids start growing up and using their gadgets, we as parents are anxious about controlling them. 

We don’t want our kids to watch several things on the internet, but the more significant concern is their safety. Whom are they talking to on various messaging apps? Because there is no lack of predators out there looking for innocent kids and teens.


Similarly, when you see that your employees are excessively indulged in their mobile phones instead of focusing on their jobs, there comes a natural desire to keep them under observation. 

So, you may consider installing a spy app on these target mobiles, which belong to your children, a cheating partner, or lazy workers. But you aren’t sure about the possibility of android spy app remote installation and search for ‘how to install spy software on a cell phone remotelyon Google; you are just wasting your time. 

You are in the right place if you want to know all about android spy apps.

Is it Possible to Install Spyware on a Cell Phone Remotely?

Spyware is becoming more and more popular among parents as it helps track the online activities of their kids. It is essential to keep an eye on children and teens’ movements as they are easy prey to abusers and pedophiles. They may access inappropriate content in many ways, and they may face bullies. 

Spyware is also widely used in the corporate industry, where it is used for surveillance of the company’s employees.

Whatever the reason may be, your most challenging task, which you must want to skip, is taking the phone from the target person and installing the Spyware on their cell phone.

Without wasting more time, we are coming straight to our topic, “Can you install spyware on a cell phone remotely.”

And our answer to this question is yes, it is possible in certain circumstances. If your target person uses an iPhone or any other Apple device, you can install any compatible spy app such as NEXSPY if you know their Apple login credentials. In this way, you can easily install a spy app on their mobile without physical access. 

But when we talk about Android mobile phones, the android spy app remote installation is not a possibility. This is because the software of an Android mobile does not support remote installation. 

In this article, we will discuss in detail android spy app remote installation and remote monitoring. 

Android spy app remote installation

When we talk about Android cell phone spy apps, we can say that it is impossible to install them remotely. Therefore if anyone claims about free spy phones without the phone you spying on, they may be scamming you. 

Whether you intend to install NEXSPY or any other spy app on an android phone, there is no way to install them remotely on Android devices. You must have to access the intended Android devices physically and then install the spy software on them. 

However, once you successfully install NEXSPY on your target device, it will enable you to monitor all the online activities performed on that device remotely.

How to spy on an Android cell phone remotely with NEXSPY?

Before you start spying on any Android mobile remotely to keep an eye on its online activities, you need to install the NEXSPY app on that phone.

To install the NEXSPY app on any Android mobile device, follow these steps;

Step 1: Create Your Account and Buy Suitable Plan:

Once you decide to use the NEXSPY App for monitoring the activity on a target Android cell phone, you will first need to make an account with NEXSPY . Then you can choose a subscription plan according to your required features.

For additional satisfaction, you can also take a three-day trial to make sure how NEXSPY works before you make the payment. Once the payment is made, you will receive an email, which will include your registration number and other login details. 

Step 2: Download the NEXSPY App:

For downloading the NEXSPY app on the target Android mobile phone, you will need it physically. 

  • Go to Settings => Allow installation “Unknown Sources.”
  • Download the NEXSPY app on the cell phone.

Step 3: Install the NEXSPY App:

After downloading the NEXSPY app on the target Android phone, you can simply start the installation.

During installation, make sure to accept the license.

Once you activate the “Update Service,” your NEXSPY app is ready to use. 

To hide the app and make it invisible to that mobile owner, choose the appropriate options.

Step 4: Start Monitoring

Once the installation is complete, log in to your account portal at Then, you can log in to view the captured information at any time

Nexspy Dashboard

How to get physical access to the target phone?

There is a greater possibility that you require to physically get hold of the target phone to install NEXSPY on it. Once you complete the installation process without the owner of the target mobile knowing about it, you can easily hide the app in their mobile. In this way, they will never know that you are getting updates about their social websites’ activities.

But the problem of grabbing someone’s mobile without them knowing about it remains there. In the first place, reinstall the software before giving mobile to your children or your employees. If they are already using one, then taking it from them for few minutes is essential. 

Now you have to use some tactics depending on the personality of the target person. You can request them to lend their mobile for making an urgent call from your children or employees. If you need to monitor your cheating partner, try your luck when he/ she is asleep.

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Remotely install Spyware on iPhone:

Installing spyware on iPhone is possible and requires following a few simple steps given that the spyware you have selected is compatible with iPhone such as NEXSPY. Now here is how you can install NEXSPY remotely on an iPhone.

How to Install NEXSPY on an iPhone remotely?

NEXSPY app makes it easy to track online activities on a target phone without accessing it physically. You just need to make sure you have three things – NEXSPY premium subscription, the target device, and only 10 minutes to complete the process.

Step 1: Create an Account, Signing up, and log in to the Dashboard:

Using your work or personal email address, you can very easily create a NEXSPY account. The company will derive all your necessary information from your Google account. With the same email id, you will need to convey from the customer support staff if you have any problems with your NEXSPY App. 

Using these credentials, you can log into the official NEXSPY web portal at using your preferred browser. 

Step 2: Select a Plan and Pay:

You can select from the two types of plans – Basic and Premium. Choose the program according to the desired features and pay accordingly. After you make the payment, you will be notified of the further guidelines in detail via your email.

Step 3: Customize your App:

Once you access your account, control the tracking app’s options by selecting the more feasible ones. Now you can also look into the user guides and detail subscriptions.

Step 3: The Installation:

To install NEXSPY on a target iPhone, you must Jailbreak that iPhone. Without the jailbreaking process, you cannot hack that iPhone. Jailbreaking is simple, and also you can take help from any website or YouTube video to make it right.

Make sure the iPhone is connected to the internet via WiFi or mobile internet throughout this process. 

Here are the steps you need to follow to complete the installation:

Click on Cydia, then Edit => Add => type the URL => Add Source => Return to Cydia

Click on => Utilities => System Core => Install => Confirm => Restart Spring Board. 

Restarting will activate the app on the iPhone.

To verify, click on ‘Phone Monitor’ if you can’t access Phone Monitor, dial *#license number to view the screen activation. Here you have to place your number of license and click OK. 

Choose whether you need the icon to be shown or to remain hidden. In the configuration, you can find the options that let you select the visibility of the icon. You can tap on either ‘Phone Monitor’ or ‘Cydia’ to hide the icon. Similarly, a single tap will hide the icon of the Jailbreak.

Lastly, press the Home button to exit the setup, and the process is done. I hope you complete the process by the method given above.

Step 4: Configure iCloud Backup:

Don’t forget to configure the iCloud backup in the mobile in which you have installed the NEXSPY app. Then activate it by using the following steps;

  • Go to Settings => iCloud
  • Enter iCloud credentials of the target iPhone
  • The iCloud menu will open, now Toggle ‘On’ its features except ‘Keychain.’
  • Click Backup => Toggle ‘On’ iCloud backup

Step 5: Start Spying:

You can log into your dashboard by entering the same iCloud ID and Password set in the target iPhone’s configuration. Now you can track the activities on target mobile whenever and wherever you want. 

When do you need physical access to the target iPhone to install a spy app?

If you have the iCloud ID/ Password (disabled 2-factor authentication) of your target iPhone, which may belong to your child, partner, or employee, you do not require physical access. If you do not have any idea about their ID and password, getting their mobile physically is a better idea for installing a spy app.

But if you get a chance to grab the target iPhone, you should get it jailbroken. This action will let you enjoy more outstanding features such as keylogging, screenshot capturing, and many others. 

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Remote Installation Scam

When you search Google for how can i spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone?, you find countless websites that offer spy software that you can install remotely on a target phone. We warn our readers to stay away from such scams and fraudulent websites. Their claims are unrealistic, and they just make a fool of people who are desperate to monitor their children and partners’ online activities.

You can identify mobile spyware websites and fake companies and are made for scamming people by using a little bit of judgment and analysis. When you go to such a website, they will offer you some outstanding features at very low prices. 

Examples of such unrealistic offers include remote installation, easy and nominal payment packages, and free advanced features. The scam website does not contain authoritative content. Genuine spy app providers also share their contact details and save the customers from falling prey to scammers.

Remote Installation through Hacking

Many websites offer hacking services to install a spy app on your target cell phone remotely. These self-claimed hackers will promise you to retrieve all data records from the cell phone of your children, partner, or a suspicious employee. 

But before doing so, they will ask you for a handsome amount of money as an advance payment for the installation. They may just disappear after receiving the money.

Furthermore, even if you come across real hackers, this process bears excellent risks. Handing over the access of your partner’s or children’s mobile phones to hackers is not a great idea itself, and it possesses more significant risks than the phone being unmonitored. They can misuse any information from their mobiles in any way for their benefit. 

Remote Installation through Bluetooth

When searching Google for Android spy app remote installation methods, you will come across websites where the self-claimed experts’ offer is installing spy apps via Bluetooth. 

Beware! Does it sound realistic? Is it even possible?

Many people who have not well acquainted with Bluetooth technology fall prey to them and lose their hard-earned money. Here is why remote installation through Bluetooth is not a possibility. 


Bluetooth is a wireless technology that requires both devices, and in this situation, your mobile phone and your target mobile phone have an active Bluetooth connection. And for activating and connecting Bluetooth on both devices, both users must accept the pairing request. 

Now I hope that you have got why we have outright called it a fake claim! If still not, read more;

Bluetooth connection has a minimal range of connectivity, i.e., it works best only within a range of 6 – 9 meters. It means that you need to remain in the same room where your target phone is. 

Therefore, we can say that this method is practically impossible to implement even on your children’s mobile devices. 

Remote Installation through Email

Some scammers will also tell you that they can perform android spy app remote installation by the following method:

  • Send an image (which will secretly contain the app installation software) to the target mobile phone as an email.
  • Persuade them to open the email and download the image.
  • Once the target will open and download the given image, the app will install secretly on their mobile phones, and you can monitor them regularly.

Seems impractical! Why would anyone open and download any suspicious image sent to them by an unknown email address? If you use your email address, they may download the image, but they will become doubtful about you even then. 

However, android spy app remote installation is not that simple. It is just a marketing hoax to scam people and grab their money. There is no need to trust any such service providers when you have other genuine ways of installing NEXSPY.

Though it sounds immoral and illegal to intrude in someone else’s mobile, each country has its own rules and regulations regarding spying apps and software. In most of the states, spying is not considered a crime if:

  • It is done on children who are not adults, meaning that parents are allowed to track their kids’ online activities. 
  • You can monitor your employees if they are a potential threat for the sensitive information. In this case, you can give them mobiles with the preinstalled spy app.

Spying on other adults is a breach of their privacy, and if caught, you may face severe legal and moral consequences.

Spy apps have made parents’ lives easier by giving them access to their kids’ online activities. They are also helping employers in monitoring the suspicious activities of their employees. 

After reading this article, you have a complete insight into android spy app remote installation. Now you can differentiate between the real spy apps and the fake websites claiming remote installation without requiring access to the target phone.

Whether required for your growing children or suspicious employees, using a reliable app such as NEXSPY is the best decision. You will get the most from the money you invested in licensing.

NEXSPY is convenient to use, install and hide on target devices. It works well on iPhones, Androids, and PCs.