5 Best Instagram Spy Apps for iPhone and Android


Instagram is a social media platform, which is popular among young people. Instead of sharing thoughts through words, people share their thoughts through photographs or images on Instagram. Though it used to be an independent social media platform, now it is owned by Facebook. After being merged with Facebook, Instagram offers many interesting and innovative features. It has introduced the messenger where a user can chat with another user. Along with text message sharing, one can also avail the facility to share multimedia files through messenger. Since teenage kids love using Instagram, parents need to keep close eyes on their activities on this social media.


Teenagers or novice social media users do not understand the potential threats of social media. Thus, they become victims of online predators, scams, etc. It takes time to make a person aware of the potential threats on social media. Hence, parents must monitor the activities of kids on social media for safety reasons. For tracking the Instagram of the kids, parents can check their smartphone devices regularly. However, it isn’t easy to access someone’s phone today. Every smartphone device comes with advanced fingerprints and pattern locks.

What Are Instagram Spy Apps?

If you want to track someone’s Instagram messages and other details, you should use the remote spying apps. There are many Instagram spy apps. For using such an application, you need to have physical access to the target phone for once. Unlock the target device and install the spying application. Now, you are ready to track Instagram and other social media data of the target device.

What Can You Track on Instagram?

An advanced spying application comes with many features. You can track Instagram data through such an application.

Direct Message: Instagram comes with a messenger. The spying application gives you access to Instagram messenger so that you can check conversations on the messenger. Spying apps give access to both incoming and outgoing messages. You can also view the multimedia messages shared on the messenger.

Profile Details: A spying application gives you access to check the Instagram user profile. You can check various details of a profile. Sometimes, malicious links can be found on the profile. While spying the Instagram profile details, you can delete or remove such malicious links from the profile.

view instagram direct messages

Instagram Reels: Instagram has recently introduced Instagram Reels. Through this feature, users share short entertainment and educative videos. You can track the Instagram Reels of a user through the spying app. Sometimes, kids may stumble upon adult content on Instagram Reels. You need to protect your kids from such content.

Instagram Activities and Time: Spying applications give access to the Instagram logs or activities. You can check the activities on Instagram on the target device from a remote location. Moreover, you can track the time spent on Instagram. For kids, it is not good to spend a lot of time on Instagram or other social media platforms.

One should remember that different spying applications come with different features and facilities. Some apps may not give you access to the profile details, while some apps give complete access to Instagram. You should select an application that gives full access to Instagram.

How to Spy on an Instagram Account?

For spying or hacking someone’s Instagram account, you have two choices. The first method is a conventional method. If you have physical access to someone’s device, you can check his or her Instagram details. Parents can check the Instagram details of kids in this way. However, kids do not like their parents to check their cell phones. Thus, they may keep their smartphone device locked through pattern lock and fingerprint. Even if you can unlock the device, you may find that Instagram or other social media applications are locked with a password or fingerprint.

It is better to opt for the second method of spying or hacking someone’s Instagram details in such a scenario. The method is using a spying application. For using the spying application, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • You need to have physical access to the target smartphone device for ten minutes.
  • Install the spying application on the target device. Some applications require rooting of the target smartphone.
  • Purchase a premium plan of the spying app for accessing Instagram data.
  • Login to the web portal of the spying application to find your dashboard. At the dashboard, you will find details of the target device. You can spy on Instagram of the target cell phone from this portal.

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The Best Instagram Spy Apps

There are many applications for the Instagram spy. Every spying application comes with unique features. Choosing the best spying application will help you to access complete Instagram data. Users should be careful in choosing an app, as many apps do not provide access to many social media platforms. For your convenience, you can check the following reviews on the top spying applications.

NEXSPY – Instagram Spy App with Free Trial

Among various Instagram spying applications, we recommend NEXSPY. With this spying app, you can obtain many features at an affordable cost. NEXSPY comes with monthly and yearly plans. One can avail more discounts by going for the yearly plan. In the following section, you can find some of the highlighted features of NEXSPY for the Instagram spy.

NEXSPY dashboard

Instagram Messages

NEXSPY gives you full access to Instagram messenger. You can check the messages exchanged on the messenger. You can block a suspicious user for your kid’s safety from a remote local through the portal of NEXSPY. Apart from text messages, NEXSPY users can read or view multimedia messages shared on Instagram messenger.

Secured Dashboard

NEXSPY offers a secured web portal that comes with a feature-rich dashboard. The portal is protected from hackers. Hence, there is no risk of data leaks or thefts. NEXSPY does not share information with any third-party applications or users.

Track Instagram Activities

With NEXSPY, you can remotely monitor Instagram activities. Kids often spend a lot of time on Instagram and other social media platforms. It hampers their studying schedule. Parents should monitor the time that kids spend on Instagram.

No Rooting Required

For spying on Instagram, you do not need to root an Android device. Many spying apps work only if you root the target Android smartphone. However, rooting is a complicated procedure. Nevertheless, it may compromise the security of the target device. You can install NEXSPY on an Android device without rooting.

Set Reminders

You can set a reminder when there is a message from a particular user. NEXSPY users can also mark Instagram messenger conversations. It helps them to read the messages later with enough time in hand.

NEXSPY has been regarded as one of the best applications for the Instagram spy for all these features. Not only Instagram, but you can also spy on various social media platforms of the target device with this spying tool. NEXSPY is affordable and feature-rich. It works on both Android and iOS devices.

How to Spy on Instagram Messages?

Spaying on an Instagram account with NEXSPY is simple. If you follow a few simple steps, you can easily install the spying app on a target device. For using NEXSPY, you need to have physical access to the target device. Secondly, you should subscribe to a premium plan of NEXSPY. In the following section, you can find the steps in detail.

Get the Subscription: The first step is to subscribe to a NEXSPY plan that offers Instagram spy. You can check the subscription plans on the website of NEXSPY. Choose a plan as per your requirement and budget.

Obtain Welcome Email: When you subscribe to a NEXSPY plan, you will receive a welcome email. So, you need to check your email inbox for the welcome email. Through this email, NEXSPY confirms your subscription.

Install NEXSPY: Now, you need to download and install NEXSPY on the target device. Make sure that the target device is not running on a low battery. Installation takes only a few minutes.

Configure the App: After installing, you need to configure the smartphone device. You can find configuration steps on the official website of NEXSPY. Now, you do not need to access the target device physically anymore.

Login to the Portal: Enter username and password to login to the portal of NEXSPY. After login, you will be able to check the Instagram messages from the web portal of NEXSPY.

First-time users can opt for the 3-day free trial of NEXSPY. During the free trial period, you will have access to all the premium features of the application. If you like the features of the application, you can subscribe to a plan.

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mSpy – Spy Instagram’s Text

Apart from NEXSPY, there are a few more Instagram spying applications. mSpy is one of those popular android spying apps. However, this application comes with limited features for the users. You can spy on Instagram messenger texts through this application. But, you will not be able to monitor other details and activities on Instagram. mSpy works on both Android and iOS devices.

FlexiSPY – Instagram Spy App

For Instagram spying, one can also opt for the FlexiSpy application. You can use this spying app for tracking Instagram messages. Both incoming and outgoing messages can be monitored with this application. With this spying application, you can also mark important conversations.


Marking the conversations gives you the convenience to read them later when you have free time. You can check an entire message thread through the web portal of FlexiSpy on your desktop or laptop. The drawback is the absence of time monitoring. You cannot measure the time spent by the user on Instagram through this app.


For accessing Instagram photos of the target Android or iPhone device, you can use XNSPY. It takes auto backup of the photos automatically on the web portal. Hence, you can still view the photos that may have been deleted by the users.

However, the automatic backup takes time for syncing. If a photo is deleted before syncing process, XNSPY will not show the content on the portal. NXSPY is suitable for viewing Instagram photos of the users. You cannot delete or modify the posts of the users. Moreover, this app does not give you access to the Instagram chat details.


For monitoring the Instagram activities of kids, parents can use iKeyMonitor. With this spying application, you avail more than 30 unique Instagram tracking features. From checking the messages to photos, iKeyMonitor gives you full access to the Instagram data. Parents or employers can set up geofencing for safety reasons. You can track scams and online predators on Instagram to safeguard your kids.

Why Do You Need to Spy on Instagram Messages?

Benefits for Parents

Parents want to spy on the Instagram messages of kids for saving them from potential online threats. There are various online threats, and teenagers become easy victims of these online predators. Find some more benefits in the following section.

Sexting: Parents should protect their kids from sexting. A lot of mischievous rackets operate to lure kids to sexting. Tracking Instagram messages will help you to protect kids from such threats.

Spyware: Teenagers or kids may become victims of spyware or malware. Parents need to track kids’ Instagram for recognizing the potential spyware or malware.

Wasting Time: Parents should track the Instagram activities of kids to recognize that how much time their kids spend on social media.

Benefits of the Employers

Employers should track Instagram accounts of the employees for the following reasons.

Scams: Employers can protect employees from online scams. Falling into the trap of online scams can lead to huge financial loss for a person.

Data Security: Sometimes, employers suspect an employee of leaking important business data. Spying on Instagram will help you to recognize the culprit.

Productivity: Spending time on Instagram may lead to productivity issues for employees. Tracking Instagram will help employers to understand the time that employees spend on social media and motivate them to sincerely perform their official tasks on time.

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