5 Best Instagram spy apps to spy on DM, Photos, and Videos

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instagram spy apps

Are you looking for ways to spy on someone’s Instagram account? If so, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will be discussing the best Instagram Spy Apps that can help you keep a track of someone’s activities on their Instagram account without them knowing. These apps allow users to view posts and stories, monitor direct messages, and even access private accounts with ease. With these powerful tools at your disposal, it is now easier than ever to keep tabs on people’s activities online. Read on to know more about how these apps work and which ones are the best in the market today!

5 Best Instagram spy apps

In this section, we will be discussing some of the best Instagram spy apps available in the market today so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for your needs.

mSpy – The best overall Instagram spy app

mSpy is one of the best spy apps for Instagram, offering users a comprehensive set of tools to monitor and manage their accounts. Not only does mSpy provide an easy-to-use platform that allows users to easily access data on someone else’s account, but it also offers a plethora of features that make spying on Instagram accounts simple and straightforward.

mSpy allows users to easily view notifications, read messages, and monitor activity on someone else’s Instagram account. It also supports blocking unwanted contacts as well as deleted messages recovery features. Plus, it provides a suite of tools that makes tracking someone else’s Instagram activities easy, including the ability to follow and unfollow other accounts, track comments, view images/videos, and even set up a keyword filter to monitor specific words. In addition, mSpy allows users to turn on a “ghost mode” so that their own activities are not detected or tracked by another user.

Overall, mSpy is an impressive spy app for Instagram that provides a powerful set of features and an easy-to-use platform. By using mSpy, users can monitor someone else’s account without being detected, as well as access data quickly and easily. With its comprehensive suite of tools and support for blocking unwanted contacts, mSpy is the perfect choice for anyone looking to keep a close eye on an Instagram account.

mSpy is also fully compatible with both iOS and Android devices, giving users the flexibility they need to monitor an Instagram account from any device. Additionally, mSpy’s subscription plans are fairly priced, making it one of the most affordable spy apps for Instagram available. All in all, mSpy is the best spy app for Instagram for anyone looking to keep a close eye on someone else’s account without getting detected.

All of this makes mSpy one of the most recommended apps for people interested in spying on Instagram accounts. With its comprehensive set of features and easy-to-use platform, mSpy is the perfect choice for anyone looking to keep a close eye on someone else’s account without getting detected. Give it a try today and start monitoring your target Instagram accounts with ease!

uMobix – Best Instagram spy app for iPhone

uMobix is the best Instagram spy app for iPhone that helps users keep track of their accounts, monitor activities, and protect their privacy. It is designed to provide users with unprecedented access to insights about their Instagram accounts, allowing them to see what others are doing, who they are following and interacting with, and more.

The app provides users with a comprehensive report of all activities happening on their Instagram accounts. It includes detailed information about the contacts, profile updates, posts, and stories—allowing users to see who is viewing their content or engaging with them in conversations.

uMobix is easy to use and provides an intuitive user interface that makes it simple for anyone to keep track of their Instagram accounts. Users can access their data from anywhere, anytime, and get real-time notifications of any changes in activities or posts.

uMobix is the best Instagram spy app for iPhone that helps protect users’ privacy while giving them unparalleled insights into their accounts. With uMobix, users can stay up-to-date on all activities and ensure that their data is secure.

With its advanced features and intuitive user interface, uMobix is the ideal choice for anyone looking to keep track of their Instagram account. Whether you’re a business professional, influencer, or just looking to stay connected with friends, uMobix makes it easy to monitor activity and protect your data.

Hoverwarch – Best Instagram spy app for Android

Hoverwarch is an Instagram spy app specifically designed for Android users. It is a comprehensive and incredibly powerful tool that allows you to monitor the activities of other Instagram users in real-time. With Hoverwarch, you can gain access to direct messages from any account with just a few clicks.

One of the major drawbacks of Hoverwatch app is that it only works on rooted Android devices. This limits its usability and functionality as many users may not have rooted devices or may not feel comfortable rooting their device in order to use this app.

Another downside to Hoverwatch is that it has limited features when compared to other similar tracking apps. For example, Hoverwatch does not offer any parental control features such as blocking certain websites or setting screen time limits on devices being tracked. As such, while the app may be useful for some users to track Instagram usage, it may not be suitable as a comprehensive monitoring solution.

One of the major benefits of Hoverwatch is its 5-day free trial, which allows users to try out the app and decide whether it is something that can be beneficial for their needs. This free trial period offers a great opportunity for users to familiarize themselves with all of the features that Hoverwatch has to offer before committing to a purchase.

In addition to the free trial, Hoverwatch also offers great prices on its services. This makes it a perfect choice for budget-minded users who may not have the financial flexibility to pay for more expensive spying apps.

Flexispy – Best Instagram spy app for monitoring spouse

Flexispy is the best Instagram spy app for monitoring your spouse, giving you a comprehensive way to track their activity and stay informed about what they are doing online. You’ll also be able to read any direct messages sent and received, meaning you can make sure they are not engaging in any inappropriate conversations. Flexispy also allows you to view the stories your partner has posted or watched, so you’ll be able to see everything that is going on with their Instagram account.

Flexispy is a popular phone spy software that provides a powerful and effective Instagram spy feature for Android users. This feature works on both rooted and non-root Android phones, which means you can monitor an Android device without having to root it beforehand. With the Flexispy Instagram spy feature, you’ll be able to view all conversations and images shared on the Instagram app, as well as monitor activity and view contact information.

For iPhone users, Flexispy’s Instagram spy feature requires that the phone be jailbroken first in order to work properly. Once jailbroken, you can use Flexispy to gain access to all of the same features available for Android users. This includes viewing conversations and images shared on Instagram, monitoring activity, and viewing contact information. Jailbreaking an iPhone can be a complicated process though, so it’s important to understand how it works before attempting this type of monitoring.

iKeymonitor – Best free Instagram spy app

iKeymonitor is a powerful spy app that enables users to monitor the activity of others. It comes with a free version that offers basic surveillance capabilities, but to spy on Instagram accounts, users need to upgrade to the paid version.

This powerful software helps people stay informed about their loved ones and also provides business owners with valuable insights into employee behavior. With iKeymonitor, users can monitor social media accounts, text messages, call logs, keystrokes, and more. The app also offers a range of other features like remote screenshots of the target device and geofencing alerts. By upgrading to the paid version, users can gain access to advanced monitoring capabilities such as viewing private Instagram stories and capturing photos and videos taken with the target device.

iKeymonitor also comes with top-notch encryption technology for maximum security. The app is also easy to use and the customer support team is always on hand to answer any questions. With its affordable pricing, iKeymonitor makes it easy for users to keep an eye on their loved ones or employees without breaking the bank.

How to spy on Instagram dm free?

Installing mSpy to spy on Instagram direct messages (DMs) is a straightforward and effective way to monitor conversations taking place via this platform. To get started, the user must first purchase a subscription-based plan from mSpy’s website. In addition to varying plans and prices, the user can also choose from multiple payment methods including major credit cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin.

Once a plan has been selected, the user then needs to install the mSpy app on the target device.

To do this, they should access the ‘Control Panel’ from their mSpy dashboard. This can be accessed by entering the user information provided in the welcome email from mSpy.

From the Control Panel, the user should choose ‘Install’ and follow the given instructions on how to install the app on the target device. Once installed, mSpy will provide real-time tracking of the target phone and can enable users to monitor Instagram DMs.

To view messages sent through Instagram, the user should select ‘View Activity’ from their mSpy dashboard. This will open up all monitored data, including conversations taking place via social media networks such as Instagram. From this page, the user can then select ‘Messages’ to view all recorded conversations.

Installing mSpy is an effective and easy way to monitor messages sent through Instagram, as well as other popular social media platforms. This data can be used for a variety of purposes including parental monitoring or corporate surveillance. With the help of mSpy, users can protect themselves or their loved ones from digital threats.


How do I track someone’s Instagram activity?

Tracking someone’s Instagram activity can be done by using various third-party apps or services that specialize in tracking Instagram users. These apps can show you a breakdown of when and how often the user has posted on their account, as well as which posts have gotten the most likes and comments. They also allow you to track who has liked certain posts and see when a user leaves a comment or follows another account.

Can you see other people’s DMs on Instagram?

Using a spy app to see other people’s DMs on Instagram is one of the best ways to keep tabs on the activities of family members, friends, or anyone else whose account you have access to. These apps allow you to monitor private conversations with no need for intrusion on the user’s privacy.

How do I read someone’s Instagram messages?

Using a spy app like mSpy can be an effective way to read someone’s Instagram messages in order to discover private or sensitive information they may have been trying to hide. With mSpy, you have the ability to monitor all of someone’s conversations, photos and videos shared via their Instagram account, even if those posts are set to private.

How to view a private Instagram profile?

Viewing a private Instagram profile is not an easy feat. One method that can be used is creating a fake account. Create an anonymous profile by using a pseudonym or other made-up name. Be sure to make the profile look as real as possible. You can do this by uploading a few photos and by interacting with other users on the platform. Once you have created your account, follow the user whose profile you would like to view. If they accept your request, you will then be able to see their posts.

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