How to Hack WhatsApp Account Using Phone Number?

How to hack WhatsApp using phone number

So you want to hack WhatsApp using phone number, let's see if it's possible, and how can you do it?

The first method is to hack a phone using SS7 vulnerabilities. This way, if successful, you will have complete control over the victim's phone. SS7 stands for Signaling System 7 - a communications protocol used by all mobile carriers and network across the world. It is what makes roaming possible, as well as calling and texting when you are not in the coverage of one of your carrier's cell towers.

You will need to use a computer running Linux to perform SS7 hack on an Android phone. However, you will need more than just their phone number. You will need the IMEI number and the carrier to monitor a smartphone. To get the phone's IMEI, you can either get it quickly if you have physical access to the phone or use a sniffing tool to ping the phone over the same Wi-Fi network.

Practically, it may be possible to hack someone's phone with just their number, but it is a complicated process and require tremendous technical skills. It might be easy for an experienced hacker, but not for us ordinary people.

How to hack WhatsApp?

With that being said, it is pretty challenging for a novice user to hack someone’s WhatsApp. The best and most convenient way to do it is to use a tool that is specialized in doing so. NEXSPY monitoring software is one such tool.

​What is NEXSPY

NEXSPY is a monitoring software for mobile device and computer. By using it, you will be able to record, monitor, and track everything about WhatsApp as well as all other activities of a device, be it an Android or iPhone, iPad.

NEXSPY has been known as one of the best software for parental control and employee monitoring purposes today. It is reliable and very easy to use, the installation is pretty easy and will only take a few minutes to complete.

With that all being said, read on and find out what NEXSPY has to offer.

Features of NEXSPY

NEXSPY is loaded with myriads of quality and excellent features that allow you to do a lot of things. Beside excellent WhatsApp tracker features, there are many more features that you surely find beneficial in many aspects.

  • WhatsApp and other IMs

You can spy WhatsApp messages, calls, and media files sent and received on the target device. Other details such as name and number of sender and time stamps are also recorded. NEXSPY can also help you spy on other IM Chat flatform such as Viber, Skype, Instagram, etc.

  • Track call logs

You might be agreeably surprised on how easy the application may keep logs and tracks the target’s calls. You may always know the exact date and time when calls were made and it may even have the capacity to listen to live conversation if that’s allowed by law.

  • Monitor text messages

NEXSPY is also capable of recording and keeping track of text messages, which include the sender’s name, phone number, time and date of receiving and sending the messages.

  • Record Phone Calls and Surroundings

Recording and monitoring VoIP calls are possible in the application, so all the communication made on applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype is quite easily monitored.

  • Multimedia Files

NEXSPY has an amazing Stealth Camera wherein you may take control over the target phone’s camera. With this particular feature, each time a picture is taken with the phone’s camera, the picture will directly be sent to you.

  • Track GPS Location

The GPS navigator is one more valuable feature that you may find so handy when you need it. It doesn’t matter whether someone’s online or not, this navigator may always do the necessary job and provide the exact location of the phone.

  • Online Activities

You can keep track of the internet activity and social media activity of your target’s phone with the NEXSPY app. You’ll be able to get regular reports and check out everything you’re interested in.


As we have mentioned, our software works on all popular devices include:

  • Android – all versions from 4.0.3 up to 9
  • iOS – all versions up to 11.4.1
  • macOS – High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, and Mavericks
  • Windows – 10, 8.1, 8, and 7

Monitor WhatsApp with NEXSPY in 3 simple steps

1. Get a NEXSPY license

Before you can start using our software you need to buy a NEXSPY Premium license on our official website.

Check out these Features and Grab this LIMITED OFFER we made for you!
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • GPS Tracker
  • SMS
  • Keylogger
  • Wi-Fi
  • Call Logs
  • Web History
  • Photos, videos

After you make a purchase you will receive your login credentials via email thus we are advising you to use your real or an authentic email address.

Once you received the credentials, go ahead and log in to your personal created account at my.nexspy.com using any browser.

2. Install NEXSPY on your target device

Few things to check, you will need to have access to the target phone that you want to spy on WhatsApp. Also, make sure that the target phone is running a compatible OS version, check the Compatibility part above or on our official website.

Inside your account, go to Help > Reference Manuals > Installation and Activation, select the OS of your target phone so you can see the detailed step-by-step installation guide. Follow it carefully to install the software, the process should take about 10 minutes.

3. Monitor the target device's WhatsApp

Once the software is installed successfully, you can then monitor your WhatsApp data immediately, along with all others such as call logs, text messages, website, location, etc.

All you need to do is log in to your account portal. You can do that from anywhere using any web browser.

If you have any questions, feel free to click the HELP menu which is located at the top left. From there, you will be able to find the answers easily.

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