How to Hack WhatsApp – The Definitive Guide 2022

You must be thinking, is it possible to hack WhatsApp? In a word, yes, it is. But, the reason to hack someone’s WhatsApp is far more important.

Since its inception, this Facebook-owned private messenger took the world by storm. Every person these days has a WhatsApp account. Also, you do not even need to fulfill any age restriction to get started.

Now, you must be thinking, is it ethical to know how to hack WhatsApp? Well, concisely, if your intentions are good, nothing is unethical.

Technology helps us efficiently. These days, you do not need to be a trained hacker to become a WhatsApp conversation spy. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

This guide will help you clear all your queries about WhatsApp hacking app. Further, we have a reliable tool to help you. So, let us delve in!  

Why Do You Need to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp Account?

Let us get straight to the point. In this modern era, almost everyone is glued to smartphones. Undoubtedly, smartphones are now unanimous with our lives.

So, what dangers do these smartphones and social media accounts present? In a word, several. Let us look at the reasons you need to learn how to hack a WhatsApp account.

Protect Your Kids and Family

First and foremost, WhatsApp messenger is the most popular global mobile messenger. So, the engagement of active users with this platform is massive.

Since this platform is easy to use and access, chances are, your kids can fall prey to undesirable situations.

Cyberbullying, online frauds are growing day by day. Young teens and even adults can face detrimental chats on WhatsApp. One wrong message can lead to a huge dent in your kid’s self-esteem.


As WhatsApp is super popular, any person has access to it. What if this ‘person’ is a stalker? Such an individual can misuse WhatsApp images, texts, etc., at any time.

So, it is always necessary to keep an eye on your kid’s WhatsApp account as a parent.

Monitoring Your Employees’ Work Activity

Let us face it. Business is tough. You invest resources and develop a reliable team. Unfortunately, not all team members are trustworthy.

Some employees tend to indulge in unwanted procrastination. They contact friends during work hours. Eventually, productivity decreases and can result in distractions.

On the other hand, WhatsApp has features that allow a seamless exchange of data. What will happen if an employee shares confidential company data through this beloved messenger? Consequently, the employer can end up facing tremendous loss.

Therefore, some employers need a reliable WhatsApp conversation hack tool to keep a check on their employees. This reason is highly valid, especially if the employee uses the company’s business account.

Recover Your Own Deleted Messages

Hacking your personal WhatsApp account can prove handy at times. If you accidentally delete old messages, only to realize they were important, there is a solution.

With the best WhatsApp spy app, you can easily retrieve your messages by hacking your account. This solution proves crucial, especially when you lose your phone.

It doesn’t matter if you have an Android phone or iPhone; remotely accessing your account is possible. WhatsApp is necessary to keep in contact with friends and family. Hence, recovering those deleted messages always seem fruitful.

Is It Possible to Hack a WhatsApp Account?

You know by now that WhatsApp is not as secure as it seems. You can use reliable monitoring software to hack a WhatsApp account.

But, there are other methods to follow before venturing out to hack someone’s account. Some of these methods are simple but impractical.

However, before moving out to discuss the easy solution, let us explore every approach in brief.

How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages without Their Phone?

Expert hackers can breach the security protocols of a target’s smartphone. Eventually, they can end up hacking a particular WhatsApp account.

Still, the hacker indeed requires physical access to the target’s phone. Eventually, by logging in to the account, one can access the chats remotely.

However, this method requires integration with a web browser. Also, if a hacker has a high level of expertise, certain malware tools are potential assets.

How to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp Using Google Chrome?

We are sure everyone is aware of the famous browser Google Chrome. At this time, browsers support modern features like syncing and remote support.

Using the web browser version of WhatsApp, you can access an account on Google Chrome. But, how do hackers do this deed?


A hacker uses the target’s smartphone to open WhatsApp. Consequently, in the options setting, there is a tab for WhatsApp Web. All the hacker needs to do is open WhatsApp Web on Google Chrome, and voila!

The syncing allows remote access to the hacker. Moreover, the target does not notice this act.

How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Chats with QR Code?

If you are wondering how to hack someones WhatsApp with a simple QR code, here are the steps:

  • Get the target’s smartphone
  • Open WhatsApp Account
  • Tap on the ‘WhatsApp Web’ option
  • Open WhatsApp Web on your desktop
  • Choose the scan QR code option
  • Use the phone camera to scan the QR code

These steps allow hackers to read a target’s WhatsApp messages on a desktop via QR code. Importantly, these steps are similar for both Android and iOS platforms.

How to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp without Their Phone?

As you can see, it is feasible to hack a WhatsApp account. But, the above straightforward methods have some drawbacks:

  • The browser needs to sync with the account continuously
  • The target smartphone and desktop/laptop must be close
  • The target receives a notification that their WhatsApp account is active on web browser

These drawbacks are a big reason for failure and time consumption. So, is there a better alternative?

Hack WhatsApp Using NEXSPY

Nexspy is a spy app specially designed to monitor kids and employees. You can use the app to monitor anyone. Still, valid reasons are necessary.

exspy demo monitor whatsapp

This tracking and monitoring application, Nexspy, overcomes all the drawbacks of the above methods.

For instance, when you use Nexspy:

  • There is no need to keep syncing browser with smartphone
  • There is no need to scan QR codes
  • The target does not notice anyone accessing their account

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? It is just plain technology.

Amidst many phone monitoring apps in the market, Nexspy stands out for its reliability. Hence, your question, ‘how to hack WhatsApp account on iPhone or Android,’ is no longer intricate.

NEXSPY Features

In addition to hacking WhatsApp, Nexspy is loaded with tons of important features:

  • Monitoring incoming and outgoing calls
  • Access to SMS, MMS, and phone messages
  • Tracking WhatsApp chats calls along with time and date
  • Monitoring target’s GPS location
  • Access to messengers like Facebook messenger, Viber, Snapchat
  • Monitoring online internet browsing activities

You can do all these tasks remotely with a Nexspy account. The best thing is that you don’t need to access the target’s smartphone repetitively. One-time physical access is enough in the case of Nexspy.

Nexspy Dashboard

In addition to the above features, Nexspy is useful to access your own WhatsApp account too. This utility is handy when you lose your phone on rare occasions. 

How to Use NEXSPY

Using Nexspy is as simple as opening an online account. The Nexspy app website has simple instructions that do not require any technical expertise.

By following some easy steps, you can use Nexspy to hack a WhatsApp account with no efforts:

  • To begin, you need to purchase a Nexspy account
  • After payment, log in to the Nexspy web portal using a Username and Password
  • You need to install the Nexspy app on the target device
  • The app will run in the background allowing you to read all the WhatsApp messages remotely

Simple, isn’t it? You need to download and install the Nexspy app only once. Consequently, it will run in the background.

The best thing about Nexspy is that the target, i.e., your kid or employee, won’t notice its presence. By accessing the portal, you can easily view all the WhatsApp chats at your convenience.

What’s more? The Nexspy help center solves common queries of customers efficiently. So, you can explore this software as per requirements.  

Still, if you want some other tricks to hack a WhatsApp account, the next section will prove conducive.

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How to Hack WhatsApp without Access to Target Phone

Some alternatives to a reliable spy app without target phone like Nexspy exist. However, their utility and practicality are often subjective.

Hack WhatsApp by Sending OTP

If you use WhatsApp, the verification OTP is not a new concept. This Facebook-owned messaging tool sends an OTP to the registered number. If a hacker gets access to this OTP, they can misuse it.

Still, the hacker needs to have easy access to the target’s smartphone. Most times, hack someone’s phone to read their OTP can become tricky for regular users.

Hack WhatsApp by Disabling Two-Factor Authentication

Nowadays, most instant messaging platforms have a two-factor authentication option. This feature adds a layer of security to an account.

However, if a hacker gets hold of the target’s smartphone, he can easily turn this option off. Eventually, the target won’t have an extra security layer leaving the account vulnerable.

Hack WhatsApp by Accessing Backup Data

WhatsApp has a backup option to store old messages, images, and chats. If the hacker gets access to this cloud storage, none of the security features can save the target.

So, this vulnerability is possible to exploit. Nevertheless, you need the Google Drive access of the target to gain success.

Hackers use the concept of social engineering to lure targets. Spam links are a tried and tested method to hack any account.

At this time, hackers can breach the security layers and access a WhatsApp account conveniently. The target opens a spam link that contains malware. Eventually, this process helps gain access to the target’s smartphone and accounts.

Hack WhatsApp by Exporting Chat History to Mail

Another way to hack a WhatsApp account is by sending the chat history of contact to any email. You need to gain physical access to the target’s device. Next, open WhatsApp and choose a contact.

Export the chat history to a designated email ID. All the chats will appear in the mail. Still, this method has a limitation. You cannot access the deleted messages.

Also, this method only gives access to the existing chat history. Moreover, you cannot monitor the chats continuously.

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Hack WhatsApp Using MAC Spoofing Method

The MAC spoofing method requires knowledge of programming. This method involves cloning the target’s device.

The cloning takes place with the help of a Wi-Fi MAC address. By copying this address, the hacker can replicate the target’s WhatsApp account on their device.

WhatsApp Bluetooth Hacking

Bluetooth can become a channel for hackers to access a WhatsApp account. This method is similar to the above spoofing approach.

You can find many tutorials that explain how to hack a WhatsApp account using Bluetooth. Still, the target’s Bluetooth should be active in this case.

How to Hack WhatsApp FAQ

How can I monitor someone’s WhatsApp Account?

There are two ways to monitor a WhatsApp account.

First, you can follow the methods mentioned above. Second, you can buy the WhatsApp spy app like Nexspy. These apps overcome the limitations of the above methods. For instance, you do not need to shuffle between browser and smartphone integration.

Also, once you install spy app on the target device, it runs in stealth mode. So, your target won’t notice the presence. Finally, you can access every activity remotely.

How to hack WhatsApp conversation?

There are multiple ways to hack a WhatsApp conversation. You can use the OTP technique, cloning method, or a convenient spy app for this purpose.

WhatsApp Web is a vulnerable feature that you can explore. Generally, people hack WhatsApp chats to spy on their kids, spouses, or employees for obvious reasons. Still, you need to check the legality of such personal spying methods based on your country.

How to read someone’s WhatsApp messages on iPhone?

The iPhone cloud credentials are an easy way to hack messages on iPhone. If you provide these details to a spy app company, they can help with remote monitoring.

Nowadays, spy apps can efficiently monitor iPhone and Android phones. So, you can easily read someone’s WhatsApp messages using these spy apps. Nexspy has a dedicated iPhone tracking option.

Can someone see WhatsApp from another phone?

You can view every detail of someone’s WhatsApp account from another phone. The procedure might seem a bit tricky, but it isn’t.

Common ways to see WhatsApp from another phone:

  • Hack using OTP
  • Use the WhatsApp Web function
  • Clone the phone using Wi-Fi
  • Use a reliable spying app

Depending on your level of technical expertise, you can opt for any of the above methods. The final decision depends on your budget and efforts.

How to read someone’s WhatsApp messages online?

Generally, buying a spy app subscription is easy to read someone’s WhatsApp messages online. But, you can even use the WhatsApp Web trick mentioned in this article. In addition, if you have technical knowledge, spam links can become a valid option too.

In almost every case, you need to access the target’s smartphone at least once. So, refrain from buying apps that misguide customers about hacking a phone without any physical access. Always conduct background research before investing in such apps.

How to hack someone’s WhatsApp with just their number?

If you are a parent, it is possible to hack WhatsApp using phone number? For this approach, you need to follow a simple trick.

Install WhatsApp on your smartphone. Enter your kid’s mobile number. Then, WhatsApp will send an SMS containing OTP for verification. Here’s the tricky part. You need to access your kid’s phone and read the OTP. Consequently, you can enter the OTP on your device and monitor your kid’s WhatsApp.

Now, the how-to hack WhatsApp question isn’t as daunting as it seems!

How to hack WhatsApp messages on Android?

The procedure to hack a WhatsApp account on an Android device is nearly similar to that on iPhone. However, Android devices do not have separate cloud credentials. So, you need to gain physical access to such smartphones at least once.

You can try the above methods and see if they work. On the contrary, if some methods seem time-consuming, you can always buy a spy app.  

Hacking anyone’s WhatsApp account is an act that lies in the grey area. If you are a parent, hacking your kid’s account can seem necessary. On the other hand, employers should know what their employees do during working hours. Still, some countries do not allow such activities.

Hence, it is better to read the legitimacy of hacking beforehand. If your intentions are clear, monitoring a WhatsApp account can prove handy. To reduce the efforts, try using Nexspy. This spy app has many features at an affordable price. We believe now you know why and how to hack a WhatsApp account

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