10 Best Ways To Hack Someone’s Phone Without Touching It

In today’s world, the mobile phone has become one of the most essential gadgets for all of us including small kids. In the times of COVID-19, these devices have become even more important as all the work-related activities and even studies are being conducted online. Kids are doing online activities much more than before. All their academic activities rely on online mode. Other than studies also, they view contents on their smartphones and keep interacting with many different apps. Besides, employees are also exchanging a lot of information online from one device to the other. 


In this scenario, it is a great challenge to keep a watch on every online activity of your kids as a parent and ensure the confidentiality of documents as an employer. So, everybody is searching for the safest way to overcome the threats posed by the increased activities on different online platforms. 

There are many spying or hacking apps that can spy on the target device without touching it.  These apps can be very helpful as parental control software as well as Employers’ monitoring app. These apps are completely undetectable, so you can freely monitor all the activities of the target device and also save the user data on your dashboard.

In this article, we are going to share some of the safest ways to hack someone’s phone without touching it.

10 safe ways to hack someone’s phone without touching it

NEXSPY – The best way

NEXSPY is one of the best ways to hack someone’s phone without touching it. The features of the NEXSPY are far more superior compared to other such apps. Apart from tracking some of the basic activities, NEXSPY has a stealth camera that allows you to watch every activity on someone’s phone without touching it.

NEXSPY offers various incomparable features. You can monitor all the activities of the phone like call logs, call recording, text messages hacking, emails, voice messages, etc. You can monitor the social media activities of the target device including Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, and many more. You can also access all the conversations through Skype, Telegram, and all such apps. 

NEXSPY can also track the exact location of the phone through GPS location and can create Geo-Fencing, as well. It can keep a record of all browsing history and also can save the entire history. The app can provide Alert messages for SIM changes, suspicious keywords, SMS alerts, etc. NEXSPY can hack almost everything on your phone including Photos, Videos, Chats, etc. 

The most important feature of NEXSPY is that it is hidden. It works stealthily, so no one can even know about hacking. NEXSPY is not seen even in the downloaded app. So, phone users can never know about any spying or hacking activity on their phones.

How to Use NEXSPY

  • Signup for a free trial of NEXSPY
  • Get a NEXSPY license for registration 
  • Provide Official Email address
  • Select the plan that best suits your requirements
  • Receive login credentials in the email provided by you
  • Login NEXSPY through the given credentials
  • Install NEXSPY on the targeted device by selecting the mode of installation i.e., Non-rooted or Rooted
  • Once installed you can start monitoring the phone’s activity without touching it
Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days
Ensure your peace of mind


mSpy is yet another popular android spy app for hacking someone’s phone without touching it. This app is used as a parental control solution that provides full support to parents to monitor their child’s activity such as call records, SMS details, voice call details. It can also keep watch on all the social app activities such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, etc. If your child is connected with Skype or Telegram, NEXSPY can access all the conversations on these platforms. 

This way it can also keep your children safe from any kind of cyberbullying, inappropriate content, abusive language, and any other harmful activity. Besides, the app is also useful for the employer to keep an eye on their employees’ activities. The app performs all the activities stealthily without touching the phone so that the users can not even know that someone is hacking their phones.

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How to Use mSpy

  • Signup mSpy for free
  • Provide valid email address
  • Select your plan 
  • Complete the payment process and receive login credentials
  • Download the app and install it on your cell phone
  • After installation login to the app and view all the activities of the target device on your app’s control panel


FlexiSpy is also a highly effective monitoring software that once installed takes full control of the device and monitors all its activities. It is one of the most potent parental control apps .


FlexiSPY has features that can alert parents about any dangerous situation with your child before its occurrence. Besides, it also works as useful monitoring software helping employers to track their employees’ suspicious cyber activities.

Apart from keeping call logs, chat details and video details, the GPS service provided by this app works very fast and updates the user’s location very quickly. 

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In some of the phones, FlexiSpy is available as a pre-installed app. So, you do not need to download or install it on your device externally. Flexispy is the only app that comes with a free mobile viewer app.

How to Use FlexiSPY

  • Purchase the license of FlexiSPY
  • Download the app 
  • Install the downloaded app on the target device
  • Activate the app on the target device
  • Capture all the data of the target device
  • Save the data on the FlexiSPY server
  • Monitor through Web account of Flexispy



XnSpy is one of the most reliable and safe-to-use application software. It silently works on the user’s device and hacks all the required information stealthily. It can work both for parents as well as employers to monitor the location of kids and employees respectively.

XnSpy can also record the phone remotely. It also provides alerts about any pre-specified keywords, messages, and emails. 

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How to Use

  • Signup for a free XnSpy account 
  • Give a valid email address
  • Choose subscription plan
  • Receive installation instruction on the email address
  • Install the XnSpy app on the target device
  • After installation finish the setup by login into XnSpy Dashboard
  • Start monitoring activities through an online browser


As the name suggests, TeenSafe is very useful as parental control software to keep a log of every activity of the Teens on their cellphones. It is a very useful app to hack user’s social media app data.


Besides, it can provide every detail about browsing history, shared data, and bookmarks, etc. It can provide the real-time location of kids at all times. The app can also create Geofencing to get notifications whenever the user enters and comes out of a specific area. It can even view the deleted message. TeenSafe is legal and safe to use. 

How to Use

  • Sign up for a free Teensafe account
  • Give a valid email id
  • Get the login credential and choose the plan
  • Setup TeenSafe on the target device
  • After installation, start monitoring the activities on the TeenSafe control panel from any browser.



Hoverwatch is a free mobile tracker app that keeps the record of SMS’, call logs, videos, and photos, etc. It can hack all social media activities on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, etc. It is completely hidden so users of the target cell phone can never know about their device being hacked by anyone.

How to Use

  • Free Sign Up for Hover account
  • Buy the plan as per your choice
  • Install the app on the target device
  • Start monitoring the device through your online account



Spyic is one of the fastest installing hacking apps. It works very fast and effectively monitors or hack all the activities of the targeted phone. Whether the device data like photos, images, call logs, SMS, etc. or the record of social media app activities, Spyic smartly captures all the data and saves it on the online dashboard. It works so discreetly that users can never know what is going on in their device. 

How to Use

  • Sign up for Spyic is completely free
  • Provide existing email id to receive login credentials
  • Install the Spyic app by following step by step procedure
  • When the installation is finished login to the Spyic control panel through any browser
  • Start monitoring through Spyic dashboard


iKeyMonitor is one of the most reliable apps for hacking. It is a very easy-to-use software. It can keep track of your kid’s phone activities and protect them from any cyberbullying, sexual abuse, and other online threats.


After installing this app on your kid’s device, you can easily monitor every activity such as call logs, sent or received messages, emails, WhatsApp chats, Facebook messages, Instagram posts, Skype conversations, and many more. It can also create Geofencing through which you can get an alert message when your kid crosses a specific location. 

iKeyMonitor also sets the screen time to protect your kid’s eyes. It is the only app that offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can download the free app from its official website.

How to Use

  • Free Sign up for the iKeyMonitor account 
  • Provide the existing email id
  • Download the iKeymonitor free
    • You can also choose a subscription according to your preference
  • Install the app as per the instructions
  • Finish the installation and login to the iKeyMonitor dashboard 
  • Start monitoring the target device remotely 


Mobistealth is one of the most popular surveillance apps for hacking a device’s activities without touching it. It can hack all the elements of your phone including call recordings, call logs text messages, Facebook messages, WhatsApp Chats, Skype conversations, Viber Data, and other app information. It can track the location of the target device through GPS. Geofencing is one of the key features of this app. 


The application provides 24×7 full support to keep the records of every activity on the target device. Mobistealth is tamper-proof and is completely undetectable by the user. It is very easy to use and has a 15-day money-back guarantee.

How to Use

  • Sign up for the free version of the Mobistealth app
  • Provide the valid email id
  • Choose the plan and receive the login credentials on your email
  • Download the Mobistealth app and install it on the target device
  • After finishing the installation, login with the given login credentials
  • Start monitoring all the activities through the online dashboard of Mobistealth


Cocospy is one of the most trustworthy hacking apps. It is an undetectable app that works in stealth mode and hacks the data of iPhone remotely and securely.


Cocospy is compatible with all the devices and works excellently as parent control software. It tracks almost all the data of the target device like Messages, Calls logs, Chats, Audios, Videos, Keylogger, contacts, social apps, locations, etc. 

As it is 100% undetectable the user of the target device cannot even guess that their phone is getting spied by the hackers. 

How to Use

  • Create a free account on Cocospy
  • Receive the installation instructions on the given email address
  • Choose the plan as per your requirements
  • Install the app on the target device
  • Complete the setup and start tracking through the Cocospy dashboard  

Final Words

In the above article, we reviewed different apps to hack the phone without touching it. It is important to note that to install any application on an android device, you will need to access the phone once. However, for installing the app on the iPhone, you will need cloud credentials.

Spying or hacking apps are legal in some regions, but mutual consent before hacking the device is advisable. And it is also suggested to follow the rules and regulations of the specific area before purchasing any Spy app for hacking the phone.

Last but not least, using a spy app is a very effective way to hack or spy on someone’s phone to keep them safe and secure from any threat but misusing the apps can turn them into a disaster. 

So, go ahead… and try one of the ways to hack the phone… safely and legally.

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