How to Hack Secret Conversation on Facebook Messenger?

Facebook has become a globally accepted communication platform and there is hardly anyone who does not use this application. If you are planning to keep an eye on your children or your employees, then hacking secret conversation messages can be really helpful. Facebook is also a platform where maximum cybercrimes happen. Many instances of cyberbullying have been reported from the Facebook platform.

Under such circumstances, parents must know the whereabouts of their kids on social media, especially on Facebook. You must have a proper insight into who are the people your kids are meddling with or are they being part of any offensive group?

As parents, if you can monitor the activities of your kids you can keep them away from probable deception and blackmail by strangers. If your kids fall into the trap of any criminal, there is also the possibility of leakage of important data. Now, you can use spying apps or keyloggers to monitor Facebook messenger

How to Find Secret Conversations on Facebook?

Facebook has now introduced the option of secret messages with end to end encryption. End to end encryption ensures the complete protection of your shared messages, photos, and videos from strangers. Usually, nobody can get hold of the messages or any kind of multimedia that one shares through Facebook messenger. But recently spying apps with improved and modern technology offers you the facility to spy on Facebook messages and read across them withstanding the barrier of end to end encryption. NEXSPY is one such application that helps you to hack secret conversations on Facebook messenger


There are two possible ways to view Facebook messages stealthily that have been sent through end to end encryption. The first way is straight. That means you need to have the login credentials of the person – the Facebook id and the Facebook password of the person. So, you can easily log in to the Facebook account and see their messages. However, this is not an easy way because you simply cannot ask for the login credentials of your kids. Firstly, they won’t allow you to have these, and secondly, they will feel a psychological trauma that their parents don’t trust them which is not quite desirable. 

Here comes the role of spying apps or keyloggers that are improvised monitoring software that allows you to access someone’s phone and all of their activities without them knowing about it. Now for those of you who do not know where exactly can you find secret messages on Facebook, here are some steps to follow:-

First, you have to open the Facebook messenger app and you will land up on the home screen. All the active status of the person can be found on this screen.

Now you will also find plenty of conversation here. So, choose any one of the conversations that you like. After you click on a conversation, you can see a chat box opening up on the screen.

On the top right corner of the chatbox, you shall find a button with the “i” Symbol. As you click on that a drop section appears with the name “ Details “. In this section, you will find a tab named “Secret Conversation”.

When you click on the Secret Conversation option, you will find a black colored chat screen to appear on the screen. This screen will display all of the secret messages – both sent and received. 


Hack Secret Conversation in Messenger Using NEXSPY

NEXSPY is one of the leading cell phone trackers in the world that not only provides amazing features to the users but also has truly mesmerizing accessibility. By using the NEXSPY’s features, you can have scrutiny on your kid’s online activities and also observe the online whereabouts of your employees. So, you can keep your kids safe from the glitches of the dark part of the online world and keep your employees working productively always. NEXSPY is equally effective for both Android and iPhone devices. 

NEXSPY dashboard 1

By using NEXSPY you can access the call logs, text messages, current location of any device. Tracking the media files shared, the WhatsApp and Facebook messages is also possible with NEXSPY. All you have to do is buy a NEXSPY premium user license, install the app and you are ready to go. You can view all the data of the target device as per your wish. NEXSPY offers affordable plans for subscription and premium license. NEXSPY has an easy to use interface and even if you are not extremely gadget-friendly, you can easily use NEXSPY without any operational hassles. 

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Track all Facebook Messenger Activities (messages, call, photo)

With NEXSPY, you can now track all the social media messages sent or received on the target device. This applies to all common messaging platforms on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Hike, Skype, and many more.

Facebook messenger demo features

Not only text messages, but NEXSPY also gives the user the option to access the multimedia files like photos, videos, and voice clips sent through these messaging apps. You can also trace the calls made through Facebook and hack Facebook messages. If you are using NEXSPY, nothing of the target device can stay hidden from you

See the Time and Date of Each Conversation

NEXSPY is a unique keylogger app that helps you to access almost every piece of information on the target phone. Not only that, but you can also see the date and time of the conversations in sequential order. So, practically nothing remains hidden from you. 

Access Collected Data Remotely from Your Online Cloud Portal

When you start to use NEXSPY after getting a premium license, you will have to create an operational account that will be your home on NEXSPY. Once you start tracking the information on a target device, you can collect all the data and they remain stored on your cloud portal for you to access any time you feel like. So that is complete ease of use. 

Spy on Facebook Activity even on Android Devices Without Root

If you think that keyloggers are only for rooted devices, then maybe you are yet not aware of the amazing features of NEXSPY. NEXSPY is probably one of the most compatible and capable keyloggers that you will ever encounter. It helps you to spy on Facebook activity on both rooted and unrooted Android devices.

So, are you ready to explore the amazing and affordable features of NEXSPY?

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Why do you Need to Read Someone’s Facebook Messages?

Many people may raise the ethical question that what is the justification behind intruding into someone’s privacy and reading their messages. But monitoring can be a crucial activity when it comes to safeguarding children’s interests and protection or when keeping a close check on your employees. 

To Protect Your Children

In recent days, children need a smartphone as part of their daily life, and as parents, you can hardly deny that. So much of their academic and co-curricular activities are based around the internet and technology and any smartphone, laptop, or smart device is the call of the hour.


Once you hand them the device, it is practically impossible to keep them away from social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. The good part is that the kids remain connected to groups that indeed help them in their studies.

The not so good part of it is they can become part of cybercrimes or be cyberbullied, or get into cyber traps that can ruin their entire lives. As parents, you can have a close look at what they are doing on social media and protect them from probable dangers. 

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To Monitor Your Employees

These days the culture of deceit in the corporate world is very common. Employees cheating the employer or the brand by leaking important information or confidential data is not uncommon. To put an effective stop to all the malpractices, spy software can be really helpful.

The greed for money, power, and promotion can draw people to create a fuss and cause harm to the existing company. If you want to keep the information safe and check whether any of the employees are pairing up with rival companies with dishonest intentions you can use NEXSPY. 

To safeguard the interests of your company and to keep your business running properly, you can use keylogging software like NEXSPY to track the employee’s phones and most importantly look at their Facebook secret messages and check their online activity.  The social media profile gives a good insight into the whereabouts of the employees and allows you to take the reins in hand at the peak hour. 

Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

By using spy app or keyloggers like NEXSPY you can also recover deleted messages from facebook. So, NEXSPY gives you complete access to the phone you are spying upon. Many times, kids also delete certain messages (sent or received) because they do not want parents to view those but using NEXSPY you can even look at those messages and find a clear idea of what your kids or employees are up to.

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