How to Hack an iPhone Remotely?

iPhones are not your regular Androids that can be hacked or monitored easily, at least that was the situation just a few years ago. However, although they are built using robust security features including the most secure AES encryption protocol, several spying apps exist that allows one to hack into an iPhone remotely in order to track the phone and its owner’s online activities.

How to hack an iphone remotely free?

NEXSPY: One of the top spying tools to hack an iPhone remotely

iPhones seemed to enjoy a special and elite status among the users for a long time, thanks to a widespread notion that they are an extremely secure lot. No wonder a lot of people still want to pay hefty sums only to have peace of mind knowing they can’t be tracked or hacked, which is the primary USP of any iPhone device.

However, things are not so simple anymore apparently as the market is currently flooded with plenty of iPhone monitoring applications that can be used to hack iDevices successfully. But choosing the right app for your specific requirements can be a hard task, simply because they all are paid software (well, at least the decently capable ones, we are not talking about free craps that don’t do much in reality) and one needs to spend a considerable lot to even test a few of them to figure out the best one.


Nothing to be worried though since we have tested almost every major iPhone spy app extensively for our valuable readers and found NEXSPY to be the most versatile and feature-rich monitoring tool available on the market right now. Keep reading to know how it can help you to spy on any iPhone remotely without letting the target user giving any hint.

NEXSPY: Powerful features that no other spy app offers

If you are looking for a hidden android spy app with the widest list of features, NEXSPY probably isn’t the tool for you. However, if you want an effective iPhone monitoring solution where the developer selected each of its functionalities carefully and made sure they work seamlessly, no other software can beat NEXSPY in terms of efficiency.

NEXSPY dashboard

While what you are allowed to do with the tool might be limited by your preferred subscription plan, it actually does what it is meant to do, which is monitoring iPhones in stealth mode 24×7 remotely, unlike competitors where even if you get some features working, many others either do not work at all or come with lots of glitches.

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Below you will find a glimpse of some of the prominent abilities of NEXSPY and understand why we chose it as our favorite app to hack an iPhone.

Monitoring call logs:

NEXSPY Features’s can track the complete call log of the device you want to hack. You can easily check records of all outgoing and incoming calls, duration of the conversation, date and time when a particular call happened, and other details using this amazing spy tool. 

Tracking and recording VOIP calls:

Thanks to the wide availability of unlimited highspeed data connections for a fixed rate throughout the world, people started doing VOIP calls more than ever lately. Hence it has become crucial for a spy app to monitor calls done through “voice over internet protocol” apart from the conventional calls. With NEXSPY, not only one can get all the details of VOIP calls but also they can further choose to receive recordings of entire conversations and listen to them.

Checking SMS and IM messages:

Each text message sent from the target device or received can be tracked by NEXSP. IM messages are no exception either as you can check chat records and complete texts transacted between users via almost all popular instant messaging platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and more.

SMS Messages demo features

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Ambient listening, viewing, and recording:

If the iOS device is an iPad (it doesn’t work for iPhones), one can choose to listen, view, and record the user surroundings. The target person will have no idea that the device is actually being used to monitor his or her surroundings remotely.

Tracking user location:

This app allows you to track the user’s current location (as well as, get all the previous location history) through its GPS module and internet IP address collectively on a real-time basis. If you are worried about your kid’s safety but don’t want to let them know that they are being monitored, NEXSPY can come in handy in such use cases.

You can also make use of the geofencing feature where one can set a fixed perimeter as a safe zone for the user and get instantly alerted through text messages whenever the zone is breached.

Location controls demo features

Saving copies of each email sent and received: If the iPhone is being used to send and receive emails, NEXSPY can save copies of each of them in the cloud server for you to check.

Checking browser and download history:

Chances are you don’t want your children to visit any harmful website or download any image, video, or other content that is not appropriate for them, then this feature will be very helpful. You can easily keep track of their browsing habit and take necessary steps whenever you find anything they are supposed to not access online.

Monitoring calendar events:

People use the phone’s calendar feature to mark any special occasion or even they are interested in, and parents may want to know if their children are planning anything suspicious before it happens. 

Logging keystrokes:

This is the best Keyloggers for iPhone, and extremely useful for spying on an iPhone. Whatever the user types on the keyboard of the device, will be logged and sent to your online dashboard, allowing you to know every password of every account accessed from the phone.

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How to hack an iPhone remotely: A step-by-step guide using NEXSPY

To hack an iOS device using NEXSPY, you need three things initially – A premium subscription to NEXSPY, physical access to the device you want to monitor, and a maximum of 10 minutes in your hand to install the app on the phone.

Assuming you got your hands on the target iPhone, let’s now go through the process without wasting any more time

Step 1: Sign up and login to the online dashboard

You should use your primary or work email to initiate the sign-up process since all necessary information will be sent to it and you will be required to communicate with the customer service using the same id if any need arises.

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Now, use the delivered credentials to log in at from your favorite browser. It’s best to use an updated browser for a better experience and security. Inside the account, you can customize the app’s tracking behavior as per your requirements and access all additional information, including the user guide, subscription details, and more

Step 2: The installation process

The device you want to hack needs to be jailbroken, which is a pre-requisite condition for the NEXSPY to work for an iPhone. Jailbreaking an iPhone isn’t a very complicated and lengthy process and you can get lots of online information on how to do it. The phone needs to have an active data connection through either mobile internet or Wi-Fi. Now, below is the exact method you must follow accordingly to be able to hack an iPhone remotely.

Tap on the Cydia, and follow this activity sequence from there as described – Edit > Add > type this URL > Add Source > Return to Cydia > Tap on “” >  Utilities > System Core > Install > Confirm > Restart SpringBoard. Once restarted, the activation screen should appear.

Sometimes, an activation screen can be missing, and in such case, tap on the Phone Monitor. In case you don’t a “phone monitor,” dialing *# and the license would bring the activation screen on the display.

Put your license number here and select OK.

You can choose YES if you want the icon to be visible, otherwise press NO and it will stay hidden.

Now, choose Configure, and here you can toggle options to set the “visibility” of the icon according to your preference. For example, tapping on the “Phone Monitor” option will hide the NEXSPY icon. Similarly, if you tap on the Cydia, it will be hidden as well. And likewise, you can hide the Jailbreak icon by tapping on it.

Finally, pressing on the Home button will finish the process and you will exit the setup.

If you have followed so far as explained, then you have successfully completed the installation procedure.

Step 3: Access your online account to view all the information being monitored 

As the installation process has been carried out, you can now get back to the cloud dashboard you logged in the first step. Please give the tool a few moments before it starts sending monitored data to the server – it can take a bit longer sometimes depending on the phone’s internet speed.

How to hack into an iPhone from a computer?

You need to get the iTunes login details in order to hack an iPhone using any PC. First login to iTunes account on the target phone and do the app installation (check above for the full step-by-step method). Once finished, you can use your dashboard from the PC to view all the data remotely.

iPhone text message hack

Log in to your exclusive NEXSPY account from a PC or smartphone and look for the “messages” tab inside. Click on it and there you will see every text message of the target iPhone.

iPhone passcode hack software

One way to bypass iPhone passcode without restoring is by using iMyFone Fixppo, which is an iOS repair tool. It can fix several issues related to iOS, and it can recover your iPhone passcode. You should note that it requires synchronization of your iPhone with the computer. 

One of the essential features of this program includes fixing general iOS problems, which consist of iPad stuck in recovery mode, and iPhone black screen, among many others. The program will even work with the latest iPhone operating systems, and it can assist in updating your iPhone to the newest version. This operation of this program is straightforward, and new users of iOS can also use it without any complication.

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