How To Remotely Hack A Samsung Phone?

Samsung is one of the most powerful brands in the field of telecommunication. It is the leader of digital technologies that sells billions of mobile phones in a year.  The Samsung brand got more success after releasing its Galaxy series in 2009. Since then, Samsung has never looked back and still continues to offer innovative technology in its smartphones. Galaxy S8 and S9 Plus are the most popular series among kids nowadays. Your kids love to own these series for their most unique features.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic when social distancing has become mandatory for everyone, almost all the activities are performed online. Even regular academic works of the kids are also going on online. Employees are also completing their tasks remotely through online access to the documents. They are spending more time with their Samsung cell phones and perform lots of online activities including their regular tasks.

Excessive use of Samsung cell phones by your kids is sometimes very dangerous and can even be life-threatening. Your kids may face cyberbullying. Besides, sexual predators can enter their life without your knowledge.

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Employers too have some genuine concern about misuse of cell phones by their employees. Excessive use of Samsung cell phones can distract their employees from their work. Besides, there are high chances of confidential information of the company getting leaked.

So, what is the solution to these problems?

A fully featured parental control app or hacking app provides full protection. Through this app, you can remotely monitor the online activities of the target Samsung phone and control its usage also.  

In today’s article, we will discuss some of the methods through which we can remotely hack a Samsung phone

Hacking a Samsung phone with a Lock App

This app can be used when you and your kid both have the Samsung cell phone with you. The app is specially designed for the Samsung user that provides a complete monitoring solution for your kids.

For using this app, you have to download this app on both the Samsung phone and Sync with each other. After syncing the app start using the app. You can see all the messages, sent or received, by the target Samsung phone owner. This app also helps to read the deleted messages of the phone. This app will allow you to fetch only text messages from the device. 

Removing Samsung lock with Android Device Manager

You can also remotely hack a Samsung cell phone by enabling Android Device Manager (ADM). You can easily unlock the Samsung phone by accessing the google account of the device and then through the device manager you can unlock the system remotely.


Once you activate the ADM you can easily unlock the device and provide full protection to the data of a kid’s Samsung cell phone. You can erase all the data remotely if you find any suspicious activities by any intruder or predator on your kid’s cell phone. 

The ADM is compatible with devices having Android 4.4 and above. 

Hacking A Samsung phone with NEXSPY?

NEXSPY is one of the most powerful android spy apps to hack a phone. It can remotely access all the online activities of the target Samsung cell phone. It works so stealthily that the owner of the target Samsung phone can never guess its presence in their cell phone. NEXSPY remotely monitors all the activities of the target Samsung cell phone such as call logs, messages, chat history, etc. with a web control panel without touching the Samsung phone.

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NEXSPY is one of the most popular apps because of its following powerful features:

Track Calls and Text Messages

NEXSPY keeps track of all the incoming and outgoing calls. Sometimes, it also records calls for security purposes. NEXSPY also monitors all the text messages, MMS of chat history of social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Tinder, etc

Location Tracker

NEXSPY is one of the best location trackers. It tracks the location of the target Samsung phone through GPS. It also keeps the location history of the Samsung cell phone in the google account with the device. 

Location controls demo features

Geo-fencing is also one of the excellent features offered by NEXSPY. It creates virtual fencing to maintain security. When the target Samsung cell phone crosses the specified boundary it gives an alert. This feature is very useful, especially for parents to protect their kids from any danger.

Browsing History

NEXSPY monitors and keeps a record of web browsing. Keeping a history of browsing data is very important for the parents to monitor their kids’ online activities such as the types of sites their kids are browsing, creating a bookmark of the specific sites, etc. It also monitors the different network connections to which the target Samsung cell phone is connected.

Monitor Social Media Activities

With the help of NEXSPY, you can also monitor social media activities such as Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, WhatsApp chat history, dialed or received video calls, exchange photos on a different social media platform, and much more activities. NEXSPY also keeps a record of conversations done through Skype, Telegram, etc.

Limit Browsing Time

NEXSPY also provides you to set the browsing or viewing limit on your kid’s Samsung phone to protect your kids from any health issues. This is very helpful for the kids as the excessive use of cell phones may cause them various physical and psychological issues.

Call Alert

Through NEXSPY you can get an alert notification whenever a specific contact number is dialed or received on the target phone device. When the user dials the specified number through the target phone or receive any text messages or call from that number an alert notification is sent to the email address provided by you. 

Keyword Alert

This feature of NEXSPY is very useful if you are monitoring the target device for a special purpose. NEXSPY immediately issues an alert if a specific keyword is typed or browsed on the website. Besides, it also monitors a single keypress on the Samsung cell phone keyboard.  

Change of SIM Alert 

NEXSPY also gives an alert notification if the target Samsung cell phone changes or removes the SIM from the target device.

All of the above features of the NEXSPY make it a highly powerful hidden spy app for android among all. The best thing about NEXSPY is that it works so stealthily, that the owner of the target device can never know that someone is hacking their phone’s activities. All these spying activities are done remotely without touching the Samsung phone.


NEXSPY is a versatile app. It perfectly works on the Samsung phone and hacks every activity of the target Samsung phone easily without touching it physically.

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Installation of NEXSPY

One-time physical access is required to install the NEXSPY app on the Samsung phone. You can easily install it on both rooted or unrooted devices. Some special features are available only on unrooted Android devices. You can easily install the NEXSPY app through the following steps:

Visit the official page of the NEXSPY and purchase the license. A three-day free trial version is also available to check the features of the NEXSPY before purchasing the license.

Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days
Ensure your peace of mind

Provide a working email address to receive login credentials

Download the NEXSPY app and install it on the target Samsung phone

After completing the installation, login into the NEXSPY account with the login credentials received on the email address provided by you

Open the dashboard and choose the option through Menu

Start monitoring every activity of the Samsung cell phone and save the data into the dashboard.

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Spying the Samsung phone or hacking all the activities of the Samsung cellphone is illegal in many countries. Some countries allow hacking of phones under specific conditions. For instance, you can hack the cellphone of the kids after due permission in case it is concerned with their safety.

However, it is always recommended to have mutual consent before using NEXSPY on any Samsung cellphone and also follow the regional laws of the country. NEXSPY is the best method to spy on any target Samsung phone and monitor every online activity of the target phone. 

Final Words

In the current pandemic situation, online working is the only solution to continue many important activities. Business related activities of the employees and the academic activities of the students are being performed online across the world. 

Apart from academic activities, kids are also involved in other online activities as they have to be at home for keeping social distancing.  In such a situation, you as a parent have to keep an eye on your kid’s online activities.  But it is not always possible to monitor every online activity of your kid’s Samsung cell phone.

NEXSPY provides you full control over your kid’s Samsung cell phone, so you can get every detail of your kid’s cyber activities and protect them from any unwanted danger. It works so stealthily that your kids will never get to know about its presence on their phones and you will be able to have full control of their social media activities at all times.

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