How To Get Text Messages From Another Phone Sent To Mine?

Today, everyone has access to cell phone devices. From teenagers to adults, everyone uses a cell phone. With the advent of smartphone devices, communication has become simpler. Nevertheless, people get easy access to the internet through these handheld devices. Hence, people from different age groups like to use the smartphone for gaining information and staying updated.

There are some people who want to check the text messages of another phone. And you may wonder and ask:

Why would someone want to know how to get text messages from another phone sent to mine?

Since teenage kids use a smartphone today, parents remain concerned about their activities on the cell phone. For the kids’ security, parents want to check text messages, browsing history, and other information. Tracking these data helps parents to understand potential threats for the kids.

Teenagers often do not understand the risks of using a smartphone device. Hence, they fall victims to various mischievous activities. If you want to protect your kids from such a dangerous scenario, you need to track their cell phone activities.


So, is it possible to track the cell phone activities of a person? If you know the password for unlocking a phone, you can easily check messages, call lists, and other device details.

However, modern smartphone devices come with top-notch security systems. Apart from password and pattern lock, today’s devices come with a fingerprint lock. Hence, it is difficult to snoop on a smartphone, despite having physical access to the device.

However, there is an option to access text messages, call lists, and other smartphone details. The option is to use the spying apps for accessing data on a cell phone from a remote location.

How to hack someone’s text messages from another phone

Hacking someone’s phone sounds like a complicated process. People with deep technical knowledge in computers and programming can hack cell phones, computers, etc. Can a person without having such strong technical knowledge on coding or programming hack cell phones?

It is possible if you use a robust application for spying on smartphone devices. Many spying applications give you access to information about the target device from a remote location. Using your phone or computer, you can check messages, call logs, browsing activities, and other details of a smartphone device.

SMS Messages demo features

Different spying apps come with different ranges of features. User-friendliness, easy installation, compatibility, and many other features of the spying apps should be taken into consideration before using such apps. So, how to hack a cell phone remotely with spying apps? For using such an application, three things are required. Here in the following section, you can find those things.

  • The spying app needs to be installed on the target device. Hence, you should have physical access to the device.
  • For installing the spying app, the Android phone may need to be rooted. The Target iPhone device may need to be jailbroken. However, these things are not mandatory for a few spying applications.
  • The last thing is that you need an internet connection to access the portal to browse information on the target device.

Using NEXSPY to monitor text messages on someone else’s device

Since plenty of spying applications are available today, users get confused about choosing the right app. If you search for a reliable and user-friendly application for spying on someone’s device, you can opt for NEXSPY.

It is one of the popular applications for remotely spying on iPhone and Android devices. All concerned parents can spy on the cell phone of their kids through this application.

Employers may feel that employees are not working for the interest of the employers. Hence, they can also spy text messages of employees to find the reasons behind the employees’ poor performances.

Reasons to choose NEXSPY

NEXSPY is the answer for those who want to know how to hack a cell phone remotely. This advanced and secured spying application is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Thus, you can easily install the spy app on the target phone.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

For installing the device, Android devices do not need to be rooted. However, rooting the device can fetch a few more advanced spying features from NEXSPY.

For checking text messages and instant messenger applications on the target Android device, rooting is not necessary. If you want to spy on an iPhone with this app, you need to jailbreak the device.

Why should you use the NEXSPY app for spying on text messages of kids and employees? The salient reasons for using this application have been listed in the following section.

Trusted App: NEXSPY is a trustworthy application. People around the world have used it. The application does not compromise the data with any third-party. It maintains safety for the users and target devices.

User-friendly: Using this application is a seamless affair. You only need to have 10 minutes’ access to the target device for installing this application. Steps for installation have been provided on the official website of NEXSPY.

Lightweight App: For installing this application, you do not need to worry about space availability on the target device. This light-weight application can be installed easily without requiring a lot of space on a device.

Not Sluggish: After installing spying apps, the performance of the target devices becomes sluggish. It is a clear sign to detect a spying app on a system. NEXSPY does not cause such issues. It keeps the device flawless in performance.

Remote Update and Deactivation: You can update the application remotely. You do not need to have the target device to update NEXSPY. Nevertheless, you can also deactivate NEXSPY on the target cell phone through the spying portal.

Renew Anytime: Users can renew the NEXSPY application anytime they want. It is not required to delete the app from the target device. You can deactivate the app when it is not needed. When required, you can renew the app again.

Full Access to Texts and Call Lists: With this application, you can get full access to the target device’s texts and call lists. You can also view multimedia messages. You can track video calls too.

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What else can you monitor using NEXSPY?

Apart from accessing text messages of the target device, you can avail of various other features of NEXSPY. Using this hidden android spy app, you can avail the following additional features.

NEXSPY dashboard

Social Media Apps: Users can access social media apps installed on the target device. For accessing the social media accounts of the target phone, you need to know the passwords and usernames. You can access apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Hangout, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Real-time Location: NEXSPY also enables a real-time location tracking feature. You can track the location of the target device anytime from the portal of NEXSPY. Not only real-time location, but you can also track the location history of the cell phone. It helps you to monitor the activities of the person using the phone.

Internet Activities: Parents need to check the internet activities of kids. They do not want the kids to access potentially harmful websites that feature violent and adult content. You can track the browsing history of the target device. Additionally, you can check network connections, bookmarks, etc.

Keystroke: NEXSPY users can monitor the keystrokes on the target device. It helps to crack passwords and PIN.

Along with these highlighted features, you can also check the emails and multimedia messages of the target device. An alert is also sent to you when a SIM card is changed on the target smartphone.

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How to hack text messages without them knowing?

NEXSPY gives you easy hack a phone text messages and messenger apps installed on a device. Messenger applications include Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Google Talk, Telegram, etc. Many parents and employers have found NEXSPY reliable and useful for secretly spying the messages on a smartphone device. In the following section, you can find some reasons to use the NEXSPY app.

  • Using the NEXSPY app, you can remotely spy inbound and outbound text messages of the target cell phone device.
  • Not only the text messages, but users can view the contact lists of the phone. Hence, it is possible to identify the senders and receivers of text messages.
  • NEXSPY helps the users to find the time when messages were sent or received.
  • Apart from plain text messages, NEXSPY also gives access to multimedia messages. Users can remotely download photos and videos attached to a multimedia message.
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There is strict law against hacking in many countries, which has been regarded as an offense under cybercrime. However, rules or legal provisions vary from one country to another country. In many countries, ethical hacking has not been regarded as an offense.

Nevertheless, various security agencies of the state have to use various hacking techniques to identify potential threats. For the wellbeing of citizens, hacking becomes essential for such agencies. You can use NEXSPY for spying for two major reasons.

First of all, employers can use NEXSPY to check the cell phone activities of employees. It helps employers to track the reasons behind the poor performances of some employees. Secondly, parents can use NEXSPY for tracking text messages, location, and internet activities of their teenage kids. For the safety of kids, it is important to monitor their smartphone devices.

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