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You’ve lost your partner/child/spouse who carries an iPhone!

Can you track an iPhone that’s lost?

Can you track iPhone by number only?

In today’s modern world, our lives revolve around our phones and the information they hold. When they go missing, without our calendars, organizers, and apps, our lives quickly lose direction.

If you don’t know already, learn how to track an iPhone by number only, quickly find the cell phone location and regain control.

Most Common Method to Track an iPhone by Phone Number

There are a few different ways to track iPhone by number explored here – so read on!

How to Track an iPhone with uMobix

uMobix is a cell phone tracking app that works on all iOS devices without exception. Particularly popular with parents to assist with parental control or in monitoring the activities of a cheating spouse or partner, once installed, uMobix easily tracks the location of a target mobile phone. 

uMobix is simple to install and set up, then updated data from the target mobile is sent directly to your user account every five minutes. The app uses GPS tracking to find the iPhone’s location in just a few seconds, complete with a map view, coordinates, and an entire history of all the phone's previous sites.

The app also monitors social media, internet browsing history, contacts, and call logs providing a comprehensive picture of the iPhone user’s online activities.

Online GPS Phone Tracker

All smartphones, both Android and iPhone, have inbuilt GPS to locate where your phone is. By toggling various location services’ options on or off in settings, you can decide which apps, if any, have access to your GPS location.

Because of inbuilt GPS, however, our phones are trackable using online GPS phone locators. is a one-time online tracker that can locate your iOS or Android device by entering the telephone number into the search box online. No extra apps or installations are required. You may be charged a fee for using this service. Variations of this service are available.

Alternatively, by installing a spy app on the target device (with the user’s permission), the phone’s GPS location is trackable, reporting to the user with regular updates via an online dashboard or directly to your phone.

Find My for iOS

The Find My app for iOS devices is a handy piece of kit with several ways to locate a missing item. 

  • All your iOS devices can be seen on one map, visually locating any missing item immediately. 
  • Audible alerts are activated to find a misplaced item.
  • Put a lost item into Lost Mode. Tracking is activated, and a ’lost’ message is displayed with the owner’s contact details when it is found.
  • Even if your device is offline, Find My Network can find your device so that Find My can display it on the map.

Track an iPhone from your Web Browser (iCloud)

If you own an iPhone or other Apple device, you will have access to iCloud in a web browser using your Apple user ID (email address or username) and password. The Find My iPhone feature on the iPhone will need to be activated before you can use iCloud to track it; otherwise, the service won’t work.

Once you have logged on to your iCloud account, select the mislaid iPhone from the list entitled All Devices, and if the iPhone can be located, it will appear on the map. The iPhone will show as ‘offline’ if iCloud can’t locate it, but iCloud will display its last known location for up to 24 hours. You can request an email notification if the device is found.

If you are part of Apple’s Family Sharing facility, then you can also use the iCloud accounts of any of the group’s other five members to track down your iPhone similarly. 

Besides your iPhone, iCloud will also track any number of Apple devices linked with your Apple ID under All Devices.

How to Track iPhone by Phone Number Online with GEOfinder Mobi

If you’re looking for a quick and easy iPhone location tracker that will track your device by number only without requiring downloads or requiring access to the target’s device, look no further than

GEOfinder.Mobi is an online one-time tracking service that supports any cell phone model or network and can track iPhones by number only.

From the GEOfinder homepage, enter the phone number of your target iPhone into the search box and click FIND

GEOfinder will immediately notify you of its search and results, then request a fee in exchange for access to the location of any number anywhere in the world. 

GEOfinder will send a completely anonymous, apparently system-generated message to a target iPhone containing a link. Once clicked, the cell’s location is revealed to you. Simple!


Is it illegal to track someone’s phone without them knowing?

The go-to answer is yes! It is illegal to install tracking software and track someone’s phone without their knowledge and consent (it doesn’t refer to your kids).

For example, it is unlawful for a spouse to use tracking information in court against their partner, obtained without permission.  

As with everything, however, there are exceptions. Law enforcement can track someone provided they have the appropriate subpoena or warrant.

How to track my boyfriend’s location by phone number for free?

The native phone app will allow you to track the device by number for free. Register an account using your mobile number and date of birth, and permit the app to access contacts. Select a number to search, and a text invitation will be sent to that phone. Once accepted, its location can be tracked.

Take a look at details of the phone tracker by number app and the developer’s privacy policy here.

How to stop my iPhone from tracking my location, and manage each app’s location tracking?

There is no doubt that the location service is helpful. We use various apps, including Google Maps, to talk us through a journey in place of a SatNav. Useful in locating favorite coffee shops and fuel stations and finding toilets and parking, for example, there is no end to the usefulness of location services. However, there may be times when you just want to go ‘off grid’; no location services, no family sharing, no GPS tracking. You’ll keep hold of your phone for texts, calls, or emergencies if you need it, but you don’t want anyone following your every move.

So, how do you stop a tracking app from tracking you on your iPhone?

Simple! Just turn location services off! 

How? Go to: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Significant Locations; toggle off location services for individual apps, or pause the lot in one go! Turn off ‘Share My Location,’ clear your location history too, and you’re on your own!

How do I find a lost iPhone?

The Find My app is found on all Apple devices which use the latest versions of iOS, iPad OS, or macOS. It’s a comprehensive means of locating a lost iPhone (or other Apple devices) using your usual Apple ID. 

You can also use the Find My app on any device within your Family Sharing group or log into your iCloud on a web browser.

To view your lost iPhone on a map, select the device on the Devices or Items tab of the Find My app and select Directions.

NB: You will need to have the FIND MY service turned on on your iPhone for this to work effectively.

Alternatively, turn on Find My Network, an encrypted and anonymous network of Apple devices that can help you locate yours.


We all want to keep our mobile phones safe! As well as being expensive to replace, they increasingly store vital and confidential information about our personal lives and work that is essential for us to function efficiently. Knowing how to track and trace our phones quickly will save time and worry if we lose or misplace them. Tracking an Android or iPhone by number only is the easiest way to do so.

Additionally, being able to follow the movements of a loved one, such as a child who is carrying a tracked phone, provides priceless peace of mind for concerned parents.

A final word of advice! All mobile phones have a 15-digit unique identifying number called an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). 

Find it and record it

If you lose your phone and cannot track it down in any other way, provided you supply the IMEI number, your network provider can block your iPhone or Android device so that it cannot be accessed or used by anyone else.

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