All you need for a better monitoring experience

See what makes NEXSPY the most comprehensive parental control and employee monitoring solution around



Call Logs

Monitor detailed call logs of any mobile phone

VoIP Call Logs

Monitor call logs of many popular VoIP applications

Address Book

Get all contact information from the target phone

FaceTime SpyCam

Hear and see an iPad’s surroundings using a secretly answered FaceTime call

VoIP Call Recording

Remotely record VoIP calls made using popular VoIP applications

Ambient Recording

Discreetly record the iPad’s surroundings and listen later


SMS Messages

Read all sent and received SMS text messages on any phone

MMS Messages

Remotely and discreetly view all MMS messages sent and received


See all incoming and outgoing iMessage’s made on an iPhone


Read all emails received or sent from the mailbox on the target device


Facebook Messenger

Read all chats and call logs from Facebook Messenger app, including group chats


View all messages, call logs and multimedia on one of the world’s most popular messengers


Access all Skype conversations, call logs and multimedia files


Access all Viber call logs, texts and sent or received photos


Read all incoming and outgoing LINE messages and call logs


View all incoming and outgoing WeChat messages including multimedia


View all photos uploaded and received or sent direct messages


Read all inbox messages and chats on Tinder


Access all outgoing and incoming Telegram conversations

Google Hangouts

Read all Google Hangouts incoming and outgoing messages

Kik Messenger

Access all messages sent or received on Kik Messenger

Hike Messenger

View, store and download all Hike messages sent or received


GPS Tracking

Know precisely where the target is at any given time with accurate location tracking

Location History

Keep track on the target's every step with detailed location history logs


Monitor specific locations with NEXSPY geo-fencing and stay notified about the target all the time


Browser History

Track all browsing history details including visited websites, time and date of each visit


Monitor what sites interests your children or employees the most with detailed bookmark lists

Network Connection

View all Wi-Fi networks the device has ever connected to along with location, date, and timestamps



View and download all the photos saved on the monitored device


Watch videos from the target device and even download them to view later

Audio Files

Listen to and record all audio files stored, created, or sent on the target device


Installed Applications

View the complete list of all installed apps to know more about the target's app preferences

Application Activity

Monitor all details about the usage of every app being used on the target device

App Screenshots

Remotely take screenshots of applications running to know how the target is using an app


Monitor all calendar details and appointments plus important details like time, location, place and meeting notes


View every note taken on the device and any new notes that are added

Battery Status

Quickly see the battery level of the target device and how certain apps installed can affect battery drain



See everything that's being typed on any application in the target device remotely and discretely

Remote SpyCam

Take a photo using the iPad's camera with our SpyCam feature exclusively for iPad

Remote Video Capture

Record a video using the iPad's camera with our Hidden Video Recorder feature exclusively for iPad


SIM Change Alert

Get notified whenever a SIM card is changed on the target device

Caller ID Alert

Get notified whenever the target phone is in contact with a specific number

Keyword Alert

Get notified whenever a keyword of your choice is spotted in messages or emails


Invisibility Option

Choose to hide the software icon entirely from the device's screen and application list

Hide Root Evidence

Hide all traces of rooting on an Android phone including the SuperSU icon

Hide Jailbreak

Hide Cydia and any traces of jailbreaking on an iPhone or iPad

Remote Control

Control all aspects of the target device conveniently via your secure online dashboard

Remote SMS Command

Optional way to send instant commands to the target phone even if is disconnected to the internet

Remote Restart

Remotely restart the device without ever needing to get it physically in your hand

Remote Deactivation

Remotely deactivate NEXSPY on the target device and stops it from uploading data to your account portal

Remote Uninstallation

Remotely uninstall NEXSPY from your account portal while not affecting the target device and remains undetectable

Remote Update

Keep your version of NEXSPY installed on the device up-to-date with one-click remotely and automatically updates


Easy Installation

NEXSPY is not only the most advanced monitoring software but also the easiest to install

Secure Data Encryption

All data is securely encrypted because your privacy and security are the most important things to us

Renew Anytime

Easily renew your NEXSPY subscription without interruptions and the need of reinstallation