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With more than 40 powerful features, NEXSPY™ is the most comprehensive parental control and employee monitoring app in the market.

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Manage Phone Calls

Knowing who they’re talking to is always a good call. Use the NEXSPY™ Call Tracker feature to make sure your kids are only talking to the people you approve of.
Call Logs
Monitor detailed call logs of any mobile phone.
VoIP Call Logs
Monitor call logs of many popular VoIP applications.
Address Book
Get all contact information from the target phone.
SMS Messages
Read all sent and received SMS text messages on a phone.
MMS Messages
Remotely and discreetly spy on all MMS messages sent or received from the target phone.
See all incoming and outgoing iMessage’s made on the iPhone that NEXSPY™ is installed on.

Track Text Messages

View all your kid's sent and received text messages. Keep an eye on whom your child is texting to in order to prevent communication with those who can harm your child.

Instant Messaging Apps

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype, and many more, we all are well aware of the problems caused by the extreme popularity of different social networking platforms. We know the importance of tracking the social media activity of your children or even your employees. And that’s why NEXSPY™ has one of the most extensive instant messaging monitoring features in the market.
Facebook Messenger
Read all chats and call logs from the Facebook Messenger app, including group chats.
View all messages, call logs, and multimedia on one of the world’s most popular messengers.
Access all Viber call logs, texts, and sent or received photos.
Access all Skype conversations, call logs, and multimedia files.
Read all incoming and outgoing LINE messages and call logs.
Read all inbox messages and chats on Tinder.
View all incoming and outgoing WeChat messages including multimedia.
Access all outgoing and incoming Telegram conversations.
View all photos uploaded and received or sent direct messages.
Google Hangouts
Read all Google Hangouts incoming and outgoing messages.
Hike Messenger
View, store, and download all Hike messages sent or received.
Kik Messenger
Access all messages sent or received on Kik Messenger.

Track Real-Time Location

Find out where your child is and gain peace of mind, knowing that they’re safe. With NEXSPY™, you'll know precisely where the target phone is at any given time.
Location History
A map view that clearly shows current and historical locations with detailed dates and times when the phone coordinates were recorded.
Geo-Fencing (Location Alert)
Set safe boundaries and monitor your kid's whereabouts and get alerts every time they breach or enter specific zones.
Browser History
Track all web history from a phone’s web browsers.
Monitor what sites interests your children or employees the most with detailed bookmark lists.
Network Connections
See a list of names of all cellular and Wi-Fi networks the phone has ever connected to.

Monitor Internet Activity

NEXSPY's browser monitoring feature makes it a trusted choice for parents trying to figure out what websites are being accessed by their children from their phones.

Capture Keystrokes

If they type it, you’ll see it. That’s the power of the world’s best cell phone keylogger for Android and iPhone. It’s designed to help you stop potentially dangerous interactions. And it’s so easy to use.

With the NEXSPY™ powerful keylogger, you'll be able to monitor everything that your child typed on their phone including WhatsApp, messages, passwords, and more.

Incoming/Outgoing Emails

Monitor your child’s emails to protect them from bullying, online predators, and explicit content. NEXSPY™ provides emails monitoring for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

With NEXSPY™, you can read all received and sent emails from the phone mailboxes including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and many others.
Installed Applications
View the complete list of all installed apps to know more about your child's app preferences.
Application Activity
Monitor all details about the usage of every app being used on your child's phone.
App Screenshots
Remotely take screenshots of applications running to know how your child is using an app.
Monitor all calendar details and appointments plus important details like time and location.
View every note taken on your child's phone and any new notes that are recently added.
Battery Status
Quickly see the battery level of the phone and how certain apps can affect battery drain.

Control Apps & Programs

There is a great number of apps available for smartphones. Some are educational and entertaining, while the others are complete time-wasters and poses a lot of dangers to your child. With NEXSPY™ you can choose what apps your kid is allowed to use and know how they're using them.

View Multimedia Files

The internet exposes children to loads of inappropriate images and videos found all over the web. NEXSPY™ multimedia monitoring feature can be a lifesaver for parents looking to protect their children from this problem.
View all images on a phone, even if they were created before NEXSPY™ was installed.
Watch all videos on your child's phone or download them to view later.
Audio Files
Hear and record all audio and voice memo files stored, created, or sent on the target phone.
SIM Change Notification
Get notified instantly when your child's changing their SIM card on the phone.
Caller ID Alert
Get notified whenever the target phone is in contact with a specific number.
Keyword Alert
Get notified whenever a keyword of your choice is spotted in messages, web searches, or emails.

Stay Vigilant

Alerts is one of NEXSPY™ most powerful features. Used correctly, you’ll save a lot of time and will be less likely to miss out on information that’s important to you.

Completely Hidden

There is no risk involved in using NEXSPY™, thanks to its Stealth Mode. The app runs in the background and allows you to observe your child's phone secretly. NEXSPY™ is like a ghost which vanishes once it is installed. Being a true spy app, it virtually impossible to detect.
Invisibility Option
Hide the app icon entirely from the phone's screen and application list.
Hide Jailbreak
Hide the Cydia icon and all traces of jailbreaking on an iPhone.
Hide Rooting
Hide SuperSU and all traces of rooting on an Android phone.
Easy Installation
NEXSPY™ is not only the most advanced monitoring software but also the easiest to install.
Secure Data Encryption
All data is securely encrypted because your privacy is the most important thing to us.
Remote Command
Control all aspects of the phone conveniently via your own NEXSPY™ cloud portal.
Remote Deactivation
Remotely deactivate NEXSPY™ on the target phone without alerting the phone user.
Remote Update
Keep your NEXSPY™ app version up-to-date with just one click remotely update.
Renew Anytime
Easily renew your NEXSPY™ subscription without interruption and reinstallation.


Just a few extra things that make using NEXSPY™ truly a breeze.

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