10 Best Facebook Messenger Spy Apps Review in 2021

With the advent of innovative technologies, today, smartphones and the internet have become integral parts of everyone’s lives. The use of gadgets, mobile applications, and the internet is essential in everyday living. It is merely because these are used for learning, entertainment, socialization, and communication.  

However, no one can ever rebuff the fact that there are some negative effects which various mobile applications can provide. This could damage social and emotional well-being. This is true for all children, especially for those who are in the emerging stage of growth and development. Likewise, some employees may utilize some sort of mobile app like Facebook Messenger while at work. This affects productivity level towards the achievement of organizational goals.

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Facebook Messenger is one of the social media channels which many people use for communication and getting some pieces of information from the outside world. It has approximately 2.5 billion users who are actively using the app every month. Perhaps you are one of the users who tend to use Facebook Messenger. Using this app is addictive, but it gives lots of good reasons to use it.  

But, in of its numerous advantages, there might be some disadvantages for children at home or employees at work who always use the app. So, to strictly monitor the use of Facebook Messenger, you may utilize some Android monitoring or spy apps. In this review, you will be enlightened about the best spy apps used for monitoring Facebook Messenger. Take a glimpse at the succeeding discussions, and let’s explore together the ideal Facebook spy app that can be used for good.

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How to Spy on Facebook Messenger Chat Without the Target Phone?

Most people use Facebook Messenger chat to stay connected with their family and friends. However, some of them tend to spy on other Facebook accounts because they want to keep track of the messages and activities of their family members and loved ones.  

But how can you spy on Facebook Messenger chat without the target phone? Is there any way on how to monitor kids’ iPhones without personally using them? Well, you can do it even if you’re not a spy guru or an expert one. Here are some of the things that you can do to keep track of your kids’ Facebook Messenger chat:

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Install a Facebook monitoring app or software on the targeted device. If you wish to do surveillance on other Facebook accounts even without the targeted device, installing a tracking app or software on the mobile phone is necessary. There are several kinds of spy apps one can use for spying activities. You can take the following steps in making this spying option:

Apply for a subscription — Make sure to have an internet connection in your place and start utilizing a mobile phone browser. Then, you need to look for the best monitoring app for mobile phones. Once you already have access to the best one for you, then get a license and open your email for the credentials to navigate the portal.  

Access the mobile phone first — It would be impossible to track or spy on a Facebook Messenger chat without the target phone. But you can successfully spy on someone’s account if you have also successfully installed software or a surveillance application. Once you have already installed the app on the target phone, make sure that you activate it afterward.  

Activate dashboard online user ID and password In navigating an electronic portal, it’s important to utilize credentials and have access to the control panel online.  

The Use of Phone Monitoring App for Spying Your Kid’s Activities Online

Some of you are worried enough when it comes to the proper utilization of social media channels by your kids. Queries such as “how can I monitor my child’s phone” and the like are some of the things which you would want to provide answers for their benefits. If you have some queries like these in your mind, then it is good to learn more about the following things:

Social media spying or monitoringInstagram monitoring, Snapchat monitoring, and other spying apps in social media would be possible using web portals. You can even access the logged activities of some social media platforms without the target phone. There’s a possibility that you can get and access text messages, shared images, voice messages, videos, voice video calls, and even chat conversations.  

Remote screenshots — As parents, you can even schedule screenshots on the screen of the targeted mobile phone or device. You can do this remotely utilizing a control panel online.  

Keylogger — Other users can also capture the keystrokes applied on the target mobile phone like message keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, and password keystrokes. Once you already have those keystrokes, then you can successfully spy or monitor the conversation of other people on the social platforms even without having the target mobile phones.

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Real-time recording on another phone’s screen — You can navigate the online dashboard utilizing the controlling features on the screen of the targeted mobile phone. When spying on Facebook Messenger chats, you can also record the targeted device’s screen’s short videos by using the web portal.  

By understanding these things, you may be able to spy or monitor the activities or messages of your kids. Thus, teen phone monitoring is more practical and easier since various spy apps are already available.  

Top 10 Facebook Messenger Monitoring Apps

If you wish to spy or monitor someone’s Facebook Messenger account, then you can do so. One of the possible ways on how you can spy on someone’s account is to use the best Facebook spy app that is available on the market. To narrow down your options, below is the list of the top 10 Facebook Messenger monitoring applications:


This is among the most powerful Facebook monitoring applications that are available on the market today. This application offers an easy-to-install or setup solution. With its intuitive and friendly design, any user can easily manage through tabs in viewing data logs.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

Just like other types of spyware, NEXSPY offers some subscription plans. With the availability of subscription plans, you can choose the right one that is apt for your needs. This mobile app is prominently used by many people because of exceptional features like 

  • Live location monitoring/tracking
  • Able to check emails
  • Can view IMs and messages
  • FaceTime Spycam and ambient recording
  • Has notes and calendar entries
  • Offers internet browsing history
  • With an available keylogger
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This mobile monitoring application is used by many people to track and hack a specific Facebook account. This is highly designed for those parents who would like to monitor the activities of their kids online.

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By using mSpy, anyone has the chance to track received and sent messages on Facebook Messenger. Another good thing about this app is that you can even go through the messages which are already removed by the users.  

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This is another sophisticated mobile monitoring application that offers advanced monitoring features on Facebook. Using this spy app makes it possible to access all received and sent messages to and from the users’ messenger account. It also has numerous features that are highly advisable to be used by online users.  


This is one of the phone teen monitoring apps or software that can be used by many people. Using the spy app is simple and easy since you only need to install it on your kids’ mobile phones. By secretly installing this app, you can successfully track and monitor the digital activities of your loved ones. This spy application offers data, location, and voice packages. Aside from that, it’s also 100% well-suited with OS, Android, and iOS devices like Mac computers and iPhone.


If you want to utilize a wide array of monitoring options and functions, then the Hoverwatch app is indeed a perfect option for you. Just like other types of spyware that are available today, you can also go through all messages on messenger, including multimedia files like video, audio, or image files. You can also track, monitor, and even view messages or record calls, including the ones that are being received and sent via Viber or WhatsApp.  


If you want to secretly monitor or spy on the Facebook Messenger of your kids, then CocoSpy is a nice option for you. It is well-known to many users because of its excellent numerous features, giving them the privilege to gain lots of benefits and advantages.


Among the good things about using this mobile spy app is that you can run this application without the target phone user’s knowledge. Not just do parents use this app to monitor the digital activities of their kids strictly, employers can also make use of this application in monitoring the productivity of their employees. This is a perfect tool to successfully know what’s going on in the workplace or even at home.


This is another prominent Facebook spy app for monitoring Facebook messages, providing ideas for Facebook Messenger chats. This app offers more than 35 excellent features for spying. Aside from that, it has an intuitive application interface that helps the users to use it efficiently. The good thing about Spyic is that it works effectively on iPads, iPhones, tablets, and any type of Android phone.  

Highster Mobile

This mobile spy app offers a user-friendly interface; so, it is perfect to be used even by those people who are not tech-savvy. This spy app offers excellent features such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat monitoring, texts, GPS tracker, and others. It is good to be used by both Android and iOS users. The Pro version’s price for Android and iPhone is around $69.99 per month. It includes features for hacking secret conversation on Facebook Messenger. Its basic version would cost up to $29.99 per month, which doesn’t offer similar features to what is being offered in the Pro version.  


One prominent and reliable tool for spying or hack Facebook Messenger chats is the iKeyMonitor spy app. You can do several things, such as reading through SMS messages, tracking specific GPS locations, accessing the history of the internet browser, accessing multimedia files, and monitoring activities on WhatsApp, Hike, Viber, and WeChat. Aside from that, you can track or monitor all pressed keys on the target mobile phones and take a screenshot of them. With free 3-day trials on using this spy, you will know if this mobile application is a good one for you or not.  


Another better Facebook app spy that you can use is Mobistealth. This is prominently used by many people, exclusively for corporate utilization and monitoring of employees’ activities. It offers complete and flexible packages for monitoring social media accounts and channels. So, even if you are in a remote area, you can access and take control over the target mobile phone.  

Conclusion: The Best Facebook Monitoring App

Using the best Facebook Messenger spy app is indeed useful to keep track and monitor all the activities of your family and loved ones. With the best mobile application like NEXSPY, you can successfully and secretly monitor digital activities like chatting, exchanging messages from anyone, and viewing videos of your kids at home.

Facebook messenger demo features

If you want the ideal Facebook spy application that is aptly used for various types of Android phones, then NEXSPY is highly designed for you. Try to learn more and experience the best things and features of this mobile spy app and be able to gain more benefits and advantages out of using it.

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So, what are you waiting for? Pick the best and reliable phone monitoring app that is available on the market. Make sure that it is easy and convenient to use to create a user-friendly app or software without any problems. 

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