Facebook Hack? How Someone Can Hack into Your Facebook Account?

Facebook is a vital part of our lives, it is the leading social media platform in the world and it is regularly used for everything – from networking, friendly conversation, and business promotion.

Having said that, if you hack into someone’s Facebook account, you will get an insight into who they really are as a person.

In everyone’s lives, there come some times in which we wonder whether we really know a person, as well as their secrets. Well, in this article, we will show you how to hack a Facebook account without them knowing.

The methods that we have compiled in this article are all great in their own ways, as well as promise discretion that is vital when you are doing something as ethically leaden as hacking.

There are so many ways on how to hack someone’s Facebook. Some of these ways may be done using online websites for free, while some require you to download applications meant for hacking.

But before we get to these ways on how to hack Facebook, let us first discuss what the possible reasons to spy on someone’s Facebook first.

Using a Monitoring App

Bearing in mind the mere fact that the first method is not safe and not reliable, we highly recommend that you opt for a source that’s completely trustworthy.

After all, if you want to hack someone’s Facebook account password, you will need all the trust and discretion possible.

This is the reason why we suggest that you use a spy application to hack into someone’s Facebook account without them knowing it.

Spy applications, more especially the good and reliable ones, have so many essential trusts built-in as they have a very loyal user base; they have a traceable social trail; and come with so many reviews, so you know that they are worthy of your trust. It’s in their best interest to safeguard your own privacy.

If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable spy app for your spying, the one we suggest is NEXSPY. It is one of the best monitoring applications, which allows you to monitor Facebook activities, read SMS messages, emails, phone calls, track satellite address locations, and many more.

NEXSPY dashboard

What’s even better is that it’s compatible with all modern phones and some other gadgets and operating systems, that is why it’s amongst the most famous apps for tracking. A lot of its users have evaluated its effectiveness and functionality.

It is perfect for parents in monitoring the devices of their kids without their knowledge, as well as the employers in monitoring their employees while they use the company tablets or phones remotely.

How to use NEXSPY?

Listed below are the steps that you need to follow if you want to know how to see someone’s private messages on Facebook using NEXSPY.

Sign up

Visit a developer’s website to create an account. Follow the company’s signup instructions and give the correct information to complete the registration process.

Log in to your account

After completing the process, you need to sign in to your account and then fill in all the details of the device you want to track.

Install the application

After you have supplied the details of the mobile or fixed device you wish to track, you need to download the app on it. Usually, such apps work well both on iOS and Android.

Start monitoring

After installing the application, you will need to tap on the “Start monitoring/tracking” option. With your chosen application working secretly in the background, you can monitor everything a person does on their Facebook account.

Facebook messenger demo features
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Some highlight features of NEXSPY

Online control panel

With NEXSPY’s features, you can get access to an online control panel in which you may access each aspect of the target’s phone. This includes their social media accounts like Facebook. You might essentially use Facebook as that person, as well as send messages or post things like them.

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This feature allows you in being able to view all of the keys that the target is pressing on the target phone. That having said, you may be able to know all the passwords that are used by the target, and then use these in hacking into their Facebook account without them knowing it.

Keylogs demo features

Call, message, and internet activity

NEXSPY is the best spy application to use if you want to know how to hack Facebook Messenger. You can actually gain wide-ranging access to all the calls and texts being received and sent, as well as access the history of all the websites being visited on the phone.

GPS tracker

You can track the precise location of the target phone and you may set up a certain perimeter for the phone. In the event that the phone crosses that boundary, you might be able to receive a notification.

The only downside of this method is that you will need to install the application into the target phone by yourself. Nonetheless, you’ll only need to do it once and it will just take you about 5 minutes in doing so, and after that, you can do whatever you want with the target phone’s information.

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The online method

There are some online applications that you can use if you want to hack on someone’s Facebook account without their knowledge.

These applications involve going into a particular website and entering the target’s Facebook username.

The team that operates the site might then do all of the work and generate the password for you in just a matter of minutes.

Social engineering or password guessing

Since you’re just entering the Facebook username and isn’t the one who’s actually hacking the account, there is no way that they can trace that you are the one’s hacking them, and you aren’t legally accountable for it.

It could be beneficial if you want a method where you can learn how to hack secret conversation Facebook messager online. It is also efficient, quick, and it is completely free.

However, the source is totally untrustworthy and unreliable. There is also no social trail for the source as it is anonymous.

The manual method

If you aren’t really into the two methods of hacking someone’s Facebook mentioned above, you might want to opt for the manual method.

This way, you will not have the hassle in downloading an application and installing it on the target’s phone or visiting an unreliable website.

This is a totally legal and legit means of spying on someone’s Facebook account that uses the system built-in by Facebook against itself.

This particular method necessitates you in trying to log in with the target’s Facebook username, as well as selecting the ‘Forgot Password’ option. After this, you may follow the steps in resetting a new password, hence hacking the account.

Even though it is efficient and quick, and is completely free of any charge, you will need the username of the target Facebook user, and even its email address to do this.

You will also need access to the email account of the target. Not only that, but the target may also find out that they have been hacked eventually, if not instantaneously.

Reasons why you hack Someone’s Facebook

Facebook has changed how internet users communicate with each other all over the globe. Statistics say that over 1 million users log in to Facebook per minute. Further, about 80% of all the users use Facebook Messenger to send 150,000 messages each minute.

That is the reason why a lot of people are concerned about their employees’, or their child’s Facebook activity. Nothing is actually surprising in some people’s desire to tracking someone’s Facebook without their knowledge.


It might happen that your children or employees may use the Facebook Messenger app in chatting with strangers for a long period of time that might seem wary.

Moreover, based on statistics, a lot of teenage users posts much confidential information on the internet:

  • 53% of teenagers post their real cellular phone number
  • 71% of teenagers who are active online post their school name
  • 61% of users post their real address
  • 91% of all adolescent users post their own photos

Here are the main reasons why you might need to spy on someone’s Facebook account:

  • Our children on the internet, particularly on Facebook, irresponsibly share personal information. Criminals and fraudsters may use it for cyberbullying, online extortion, illicit purposes or some other fraudulent acts. It is important to check their Facebook messages and profiles.
  • The need to protect company’s confidential information from dishonest employees and competitors. If you are an employer or a business owner, you may use some spyware for this particular purpose.

Next, we are going to discuss the ways on how to hack Facebook. Without further ado, here are the methods on how to hack a Facebook account without their knowledge.

Final thoughts

All of the methods on how to hack someone’s Facebook without them knowing listed above have their own pros and cons.

The most inconspicuous method that you might opt to could be through the Online Method, but that’s ineffective and unreliable at times, so you mustn’t risk it.

Further, the ‘Forgot Password’ or Manual Method is effective, yet it lets the user know that he has been hacked eventually, if not instantaneously.

That having said, the best way to hack into someone’s Facebook account without their knowledge is through NEXSPY.

This is mainly because this is a professional spy application, and it is capable of maintaining your own discretion while being greatly effective as well.

What’s also amazing is that, if you want a way on how to spy on the Facebook Messenger chat for free, you can use the NEXSPY’s free 3-day trial.

A friendly reminder – spying on someone’s Facebook account without his or her permission is illegal. NEXSPY does not support this kind of activity and strongly suggests legal tracking for parents and employers.

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