Why Your Business Needs an Employee Monitoring Software

How Employees Waste Time at Work

Employees are valuable assets in every company. The overall success of every company largely depends on their dedication and hard work.

However, not all employees have dedicated professionals and unfortunately, there are still many workers that avoid working properly or waste their time when at their workplace.

It is easy for their minds to wander off towards some other things instead of work.

Today, there are lots of distractions everywhere, and using smartphones is one of the top reasons how they waste their valuable time.

Employees surf online with their smartphones, watch videos and read stories, which is good to do in spare time but not good to do when at work.

Numerous hours are lost that way and the company can suffer big problems because of that.

Another way of wasting time at work is through breaking social networking policies.

Most companies have strict policies regarding the use of social networks, but not all workers respect them.

As a matter of fact, many workers completely ignore those policies and use social networking platforms to chat and connect with their friends and people they know.

This is a serious problem because that way they are neglecting their obligations at work and lose track of time.

Finally, employees also waste valuable time by going to places for their own personal reasons.

Of course, employees have a right to be absent for some serious reasons, but many employees use this right to do something just to avoid working on their workplace.

With all these and many more other ways to wasting time at work, employers need something to protect their company interests and prevent their workers from slacking and avoiding their obligations.

One great solution for this problem is through using Employee Monitoring Software with which you can easily control your workers and make your company more successful.

One such software is our NEXSPY, which we have created for employers like you that look to control their workers when they are supposed to be working.

NEXSPY's Employee Monitoring Features

We have worked long and hard to make NEXSPY one of the best spying software you can find on the market.

t is the ultimate solution for your spying needs as it comes with over a dozen great features that you can take advantage of.

With the help of our top quality Employee Monitoring Software, you can easily check out your employees’ phonebook and view their call logs.

You can also check out their exchanged text messages, social networking logs, monitor calendar activities, emails, and online history.

All multimedia files are also easily accessed, and one of the top features is the GPS track location feature with which you can always check out the exact location of your workers.

That way you will always be informed where your workers are located and whether they are at their workplaces.

All in all, NEXSPY is a great solution if you look for an efficient tool to make your business better and to ensure professionalism and dedication of all your employees.

Start Monitoring in Three Easy Steps

In order to take full advantage of our NEXSPY, you need to follow just three very simple and easy steps.

First of all, you need to purchase our Employee Monitoring Software. You have three plans available to choose from:

  • Monthly package which comes with a price of $39
  • Quarterly package with a price of $87
  • Yearly package with a price of $228

As you can see, all packages have very affordable prices so our app will not damage your budget in any way.

We are certain that you will love everything we have to offer and we have no doubts that you will buy our affordable and quality Employee Monitoring Software.

After purchasing NEXSPY, next step is the installation process. This does not take very long and usually, everything is finished within a few minutes.

You just need to install the app on the target phone and that’s it. There are no complicated steps to follow or long forms to fill in.

After the app is installed then you can view all logs and other information you are interested in.

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  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • GPS Tracker
  • SMS
  • Keylogger
  • Wi-Fi
  • Call Logs
  • Web History
  • Photos, videos

​Why You Should Use NEXSPY

There are many reasons why you should use NEXSPY.

First of all, as mentioned before – NEXSPY is one of the most affordable spying apps you can find on the market.

That is very important for many people so that is why we have put such an affordable price on our app.

Next, installation is effortless. Everything is done quickly with just a couple of clicks and touches on the screen.

You are not required to have some extra computer knowledge in order to install the app.

All features are powerful and will deliver you with exactly what you need directly to your online portal.

When it comes to the control portal, you should know that it is very user-friendly so you will have no problems accessing and checking out everything you are interested in.

Satisfaction is definitely guaranteed, and another thing that you should have in mind is that our NEXSPY is a completely invisible application.

It runs in stealth mode, it goes easy on the phone battery and the target user will never know that is being spied on.

In case you have some problem with the app or want to know something more, you can always use our professional 24/7 support and we will be happy to assist you with everything you need.

These were the main reasons for and advantages of why your business needs a top quality Employee Monitoring Software like ours.

With NEXSPY everything will become easy for you and you will know which of your employees are dedicated to their work and which ones are avoiding their duties.

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