Editorial Guidelines

The main goal of NEXSPY.com is to provide our readers with objective information. We believe in transparency which is why our editorial guidelines are very harsh and extensive. Our website has been recognized by thousands of readers who use it as the main source of information about everything tracking and technology-related. Here’s how we approach our writing:

When it comes to software reviews, that’s where the harshness of our editorial policy stands out the most. We’ve had hundreds of companies reach out, asking us to review their product in return for discount codes, free accounts, or other incentives. We’ve refused each of those offers without any exceptions.

We test a wide variety of software solutions to provide our readers with the correct information about each one. However, each review consists of different phases and can take up to a month before it’s published. Here’s how we do it:

  • Buying the product independently – as we’ve already mentioned, we do not accept any incentives. We spend our own funds to purchase each product because that’s exactly what consumers do.
  • Extensive testing – we test each product on multiple devices and operating systems to ensure that our whole reader base is covered. We test on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Kindle, etc.
  • Accessibility – accessibility is another important factor for user experience. We always check whether the interface is intuitive and well-organized, to ensure that even the least experienced users can navigate it without any issues. We check:
    • If all features are clearly marked
    • If there are any bugs and glitches
    • If the installation process is simple
    • If it offers good and responsive customer support
    • Is there voice support for visually impaired consumers
  • Features and performance – the software is only as good as the options it comes with. We like tools that offer a vast amount of features that are easy to use and that don’t have any bugs. Some of those features are stealth mode, advanced spying, screen recording, real-time data updates, etc.
  • Customer service – customer service is another important aspect – every reputable company should have a team in place that’s ready to respond to any customer inquiries as soon as possible. We prefer 24/7 customer support access with live chat, or non-stop phone and email support.

If we like the software and think it’s a good value for money, after it’s been tested extensively, we will only then consider working with the provider. That way, we get to keep the boat afloat while simultaneously offering our readers great deals and discounts on truly high-quality software that’s miles in front of its competitors.

Our Relationship With Our Readers

We treat all our readers like they were our clients. We recommend our readers read our articles in full, to get the complete, untainted, and unbiased truth. It’s our company policy to continually update our materials and correct any errors.

Every single company that deals with readers are expected to provide them with the utmost quality content and treat them with the respect that they deserve. Our readers don’t work for us; we work for them. A civil approach to a courteous connection between our readers and us is the company policy at NEXSPY.com.

We’re here for any single e-mail, letter, or complaint that our readers may have. It’s our solemn duty to provide the best content possible, without exception.

General Poster Obligations

Guest posters, content producers, and everyone on our website are obligated to follow a set of rules to participate in our mission.

We’re an honest website, and we strive to provide only the highest quality of content to our respected readers. All of our members must not disclose any sensitive information about our policies, plans, and actions. As stated above, plagiarism is strictly forbidden and will be removed and sanctioned promptly.

The writers and editors are not allowed to use any of the website content for personal gain. Our employees are entirely free to discuss their affiliation activities in public, as long as it does not tarnish the reputation of our website.

General Writing and Editing Rules

We won’t go in-depth when it comes to the ethics of writing content. When you’re posting on our website, you’re required to remember and implement the following rules.

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Honest
  • Strict No Plagiarism Policy
  • Always Be Informative
  • Link Your Sources
  • Mind the Copyright Laws
  • Be Concise, Professional, and Courteous
  • Write Easy to Digest Content

How We Handle Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions

Advertising is possible on our website, but we’re first going to need to determine if the product or service is advertiser-worthy. We have a strict no-shady-business policy, which means that we’re never going to feature a faulty product or service on our website.

Our team will test your product completely independently and we will not accept any freebies before we decide whether your product is worthy of partnership. Only after its quality has been determined and established are you permitted to promote it on our platform. Our rules for promotion include:

  • Independent product testing
  • Thorough research
  • Read customer experiences
  • Write an honest, unpaid, and unbiased Review
  • Look for possible faults or false claims
  • Never be a sleazy salesman
  • Always prioritize integrity over promotion and monetary gain