10 Best Child Tracking Apps – Kid Tracker Apps

Smartphones have brought the world to our fingertips. At the same time, it has opened up many threats for the next generation. Today, you cannot keep the kids out of smartphones. They need these handheld devices to check their study materials, play games, and perform many other activities. The problem is that people do not understand the meaning of responsibility at a tender age. As a result, they make a few costly mistakes.

As a responsible parent, you should track the digital activities of your kids. If kids are using smartphones, they may come across many virtual threats. Apart from malware and spyware, many virtual predators look for young people on the internet. Falling in the trap of such predators can lead to terrible consequences. Thus, parents must use the child tracker app free. Using these applications, parents can track the online activities of their kids from a remote location.

The good thing is that there is no shortage of such applications. Many developers have come with premium and free applications that parents can monitor their kids’ phone. However, every application has some pros and cons. Learn about the top 10 phone tracking applications below.

10 Best Phone Tracker Apps for Parents to Monitor Their Kids


Among various applications for monitoring child’s cell phones, you will find NEXSPY as a leading application. One can use this application for tracking both iPhone and Android devices. Installation of this application is a simple process, and the app provides a detailed manual to the users in this regard.

NEXSPY dashboard 1

NEXSPY is a premium application for tracking the activities of the target smartphone device. Using this application has many benefits, as it comes with many exciting features. Parents can track various activities of their kids through this application. Some of the features of the NEXSPY app are discussed in the following section.

Keyword Alert: You can set alerts for specific keywords. Whenever your kids get those keywords on their messenger applications, you will receive an alert on the NEXSPY portal. Parents can track and eliminate potentially harmful programs from their kids’ phones through this application.

GPS Location Tracking: Tracking the GPS location is vital for the parents. When your kid is not at home, you would like to know his live location. Parents can judge potential threats for their kids in this way. Moreover, tracking the location of the kids brings a peaceful mind for the parents.

Social Media Applications: Many phone tracking applications do not allow tracking social media applications. But, NEXSPY is different. Using NEXSPY, you can easily track all types of social media apps on the target device. Some of the applications include Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, iMessage, Skype, Tinder, Kik, Instagram, Hangouts, Viber, etc.

Multimedia Files: NEXSPY gives you access to the multimedia files stored on the target phone. You can check photos and videos stored in the gallery of the device. Thus, parents can easily track the presence of any inappropriate multimedia content at the target device.

Set Restricted Zones: You can set a restricted zone for your kids. Whenever kids cross the restricted zone, you will get an alert on your device. Through such features, parents can ensure optimum safety for their kids.

Location controls demo features

NEXSPY gives you a complete stealth mode, which means you can stay completely hidden. Your kid will not know anything about phone monitoring. For all these features, NEXSPY is one of the leading applications for tracking smartphone activities of kids.

If you are searching for the best phone tracker app without permission, NEXSPY is an excellent option. However, the app has some pros and cons. In the following section, find those pros and cons.


  • Stable and feature-rich tracking application
  • Top-class customer support service
  • User-friendly application with a detailed dashboard
  • Free trial available for the users


  • Jailbreak is mandatory for tracking the iPhone devices
Try NEXSPY risk-free for 3 days
Ensure your peace of mind


FamiSafe is an advanced child tracker application with many unique features. The application can track any Android device. For installing the application on the target device, rooting the Android device is not essential. Without conducting the rooting process, you can run the application on the target device.


There are a few more advantages of using FamiSafe. Before going to the pros and cons, check out the features of the application first.

Real-time Location: Using this application, you can track the real-time location of your kids. Moreover, kids can also share real-time locations with parents if they need help. Through this feature, the application ensures safety for the kids.

Screen-time: You can control the screen-time of kids through this application. Playing games on a smartphone is acceptable unless your kids tend to spend a long time in it. You can track and control the screen-time of kids on a device with FamiSafe.

Application Blocker: Parents can block inappropriate or potentially harmful applications on the devices of kids. For blocking apps, you can visit the FamiSafe dashboard and block apps remotely.

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  • Affordable application
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS
  • Location tracking
  • Application blocking


  • Few features are only available for iOS
  • Average customer support service

Find My Kids

For tracking the GPS location of your kids, you can use this application. However, you should remember that the application can only track your kid’s location when carrying his smartphone device. You can track the real-time location of the kids from a remote location. However, the application does not give you features to tracks phone calls and SMS, multimedia content, social media apps, etc. You can use this application specifically when you need to track the location of your kid.

One of the significant benefits of the application is the application available at zero expenses. You do not need to pay a dime to use this application. Installing the app on the target device is also easy. Moreover, it comes with compatibility for both Android and iOS devices.

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  • Advanced and real-time location tracking
  • Create geo-fencing and get alerts on your phone when kids violate the geo-fencing
  • Free of cost


  • Only location tracking app


If you want an advanced parental control app to track kids’ digital activities, Bark can be an option. This application has many unique features. Some of those features are discussed in the following section.

bark parental control app

Risky Behavior: The application is well-equipped with an advanced application that can interpret risky behaviors of kids. If it detects a risky behavior, it will alert the parent with the details of the risky behavior.

Social Media: You can track the social media accounts of your kids with this application. Apart from social media, you can monitor text and other messages on social messenger apps.

Parental Alerts: Using Bark, you can obtain parental alerts. You can set alarms for the screen-time. Whenever screen-time activities cross the limit, you will get an alert. So, you can restrict kid’s use of the smartphone.

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  • Compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Web filter
  • Screen-time monitoring


  • Minimal options for personalization
  • No location history tracking
  • Absence of geo-fencing feature
  • A small trial package with limited options

Life 360

Launched in 2011, Life 360 is one of the best family tracking app. The application is reliable for location tracking of the kids. Parents can use this app to verify the live location of the kids. However, it does not offer other phone tracking features.

The application may seem a little complicated for new users. The installation is a little complicated too. However, using the app is not a great problem when you are well-accustomed to it. Moreover, accuracy is a question with the application. You will find a lack of accuracy in location tracking at times.

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  • Simple and user-friendly app
  • Many location tracking features
  • Free to use


  • Complicated installation
  • Lack of accuracy in location tracking
  • Geo-fencing not available
  • No other phone tracking features

Secure Teen

Both Android and iOS users can use this application to track the location of the target device. Parents use the application for tracking the live locations of their kids. The first thing you notice about the application is simplicity. You can easily install and use this application.

Secure Teen Parental control app

Apart from location tracking, you can use this application to track your kids’ screen time on their smartphones. Parents can create screen-time restrictions and alerts. Whenever kids cross the screen-time limit, parents will get alerts on their devices. So, you can easily manage the digital activities of kids through this app.

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  • Easy to use application
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Advanced location tracking and geo-fencing


  • Complicated installation
  • Customer support service is poor
  • Lack of advanced phone tracking features except the location tracking

Kaspersky Safe Kids

When it comes to talking about security applications and software, Kaspersky is a well-known brand name. So, you can rely on the quality of this application developed by Kaspersky. The application provides excellent experience in tracking the smartphone activities of kids. Parents should use this app for tracking various activities of the kids on their smartphones. Eventually, it will help the parents to protect kids from potential threats.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids is the best family tracking app for those who want a low-budget family tracking application. The tool does not cost a penny, as it is available for free. However, the options or features of the tool are limited. Find some pros and cons of the app below.

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  • Track live location
  • An easy phone call and text message tracking
  • Block potentially harmful websites
  • Free of cost


  • Tracking options and features are limited
  • Customer support service is below average


If you are searching for reliable apps then Qustodio is the answer for all your search. With this app, you can confidently say that it can track my kid phone perfectly. QuStodio is the ideal application for you. Qustodio is a paid application, though it has affordable plans. You will get three types of plans, and the features will get unlocked as per the software plans.

The application has a simple web interface. You can easily browse different features of the application. Some benefits and drawbacks of the application are discussed in the following section.

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  • You can block apps on the target device
  • You can create a browsing filter on the target device
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android
  • The time limit for using a device


  • Cannot bypass VPN filter
  • iOS users will get limited features


If you want an advanced tracking app, MobiCip is an option to consider. The application comes with cross-platform compatibility. You can use this application on different platforms. It also features strong data encryption, which assures excellent data security.

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The overall features of this application are advanced and useful for the parents. However, the application has some limitations too. Find those pros and cons below.


  • Content filter
  • Screen-time control
  • Real-time internet activity monitoring
  • Location tracking


  • A costly application
  • No live customer support service
  • No social media monitoring feature


FamilyTime is another advanced application with many features. You can use this application to track smartphone activities and create screen time for the kids. There are many other benefits of using this application.

The app comes with an affordable trial version. Android device users can easily install and use this application. However, the application is not compatible with the Windows operating system. You can easily find live locations of kids with this app.

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  • Quick live location tracking
  • Screen-time control
  • Geo-fencing


  • Poor customer support
  • Not compatible with Windows devices
  • High price

Final Thoughts: Best tools for tracking a child’s phone or location

If you want an advanced and feature-rich iPhone tracking app for parents, you can use any of the ten applications discussed above. However, every application has benefits and drawbacks. NEXSPY seems to be a more robust application after judging different features, pros, and cons. NEXSPY is affordable and feature-rich. Most importantly, the application has many advanced features for monitoring the target device. From social media accounts to the live location, NEXSPY offers all crucial smartphone tracking features.

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